Trending Sources is a failed exercise in misdirection

Doc Searls

The Internet is one thing. It is comprised of everything it connects. By nature it is as neutral as gravity. It favors nothing and is not partial to anything. Yes, there are exceptions to that rule, in the way Net access is provisioned, but the basic nature of the Net — as a free, open and neutral shared space in the world — is by now obvious to pretty much everybody who doesn’t have an interest in limiting it in some way.

New Leadership Model: An Exercise in Bifurcation

Dan Pontefract

My thinking, learning, and writing tends to fall into the theoretical camps that propose how technology, leadership and learning can (or should) converge to improve the health, productivity and culture of an organization. Isolating any of them does none of us any good.

Can a 5-minute exercise double your productivity? | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Can a 5-minute exercise double your productivity? I having a company mission statement and all those sorts of things aren’t crap as long as you really take those exercises seriously and embed that worthwhile cause into your routines. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter.

Real learning – let’s not confuse it with completing templated exercises

Charles Jennings

I read a piece written by Kate Graham of e2train on Thursday and it started me thinking about the ‘real learning versus managed learning’ debate. I found I disagreed with Kate’s view on a number of points, and stand on the other side of the fence from her argument for a number of reasons.

Designing Learning is a Probabilistic Exercise

Clark Quinn

At the Guild’s recent mLearnCon, I was having a conversation in which I was reminded that designing performance interventions is a probabilistic exercise, and it occurred to me that we’re often not up front enough about it. And we need to be. When we start our design process with a performance vision , we have an idea of what ideal performance would be.

Workshop Exercise Design - Help Needed

Tony Karrer

I've just posted Identify Knowledge Work Tasks - Workshop Exercise which describes a workshop exercise that I'm considering using in several different workshops. giving me thoughts on the exercise itself. The last time I posted something like this it was a HUGE help and I significantly redesigned the exercise which probably saved me a lot of grief. Please help: Identify Knowledge Work Tasks - Workshop Exercise

Exercising the right to talk rubbish

Euen Semple

Following on from yesterday''s post about standing up to bullies it occurred to me that bullying can be more subtle and widespread than we assume. And we all give in to it. Every time we put someone down for talking rubbish it is a small act of bullying. It makes them feel small and us feel more powerful. This happens all the time at work. That pervasive tone of disapproval so cultivated by managers who see their job as saving their organisations from people who talk rubbish.

Blogging as an Exercise of the Brain

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Yes, there is one other such activity in my life - physical exercise. I started exercising regularly while living in Manhattan around 1980. I then discovered that jogging on a treadmill did not bother my knees, so I was able to continue exercising. In addition, I have included weight training in my exercise regime. So, for almost thirty years now, I have been been exercising five days a week on average. Regular exercise is a critical part of staying healthy.

Workshop Exercise Design - Help Needed

Clark Quinn

I've just posted Identify Knowledge Work Tasks - Workshop Exercise which describes a workshop exercise that I'm considering using in several different workshops. giving me thoughts on the exercise itself. The last time I posted something like this it was a HUGE help and I significantly redesigned the exercise which probably saved me a lot of grief. Please help: Identify Knowledge Work Tasks - Workshop Exercise

Cynefin courses in 2015 - new thinking, practical exercises and great company

Dave Snowden

Cynefin, Complexity, Narrative and Sense-making in 2015. As 2014 closes with a full-to-capacity series of CSM courses in London, we’re delighted to announce the first Cynefin and Sense-Making courses of 2015. We start the year with courses in Zurich, Auckalnd and London. Later in the year we plan to have more on the East Coast of North America, Asia and South America. Zurich: 27 - 30 January 2015. Auckland: 4 - 7 May 2015. London: 8 - 11 June 2015. Why take these courses?

Help! Testing a network mapping exercise | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Testing a network mapping exercise Published by Nancy White at 2:31 pm under knowledge sharing , networks I often use a variety of paper networking mapping exercises in my face to face workshops.

A consciousness raising exercise

Mind Hacks

I’ve just discovered the fantastic Conscious Entities blog that is full of wonderfully insightful discussions about the science and philosophy of consciousness.

The most contagious marketing memes of 2012

Ross Dawson

Contagious Magazine has just launched its annual Most Contagious 2011, “reviewing the most innovative exercises in branding, technology, and popular culture,” taking a marketer’s perspective on what has succeeded this year.

Does ‘brain training’ work?

Mind Hacks

You’ve probably heard of “brain training exercises” – puzzles, tasks and drills which claim to keep you mentally agile. A major finding of the review is the poverty of the supporting evidence for these supposedly scientific exercises.

Workshop Bank

Harold Jarche

He liked my use of the equilateral triangles collaboration exercise and it is now posted. In perusing Nick’s site, there are at least two new exercises I plan to try out. If you conduct workshops, finding activities that relate to your themes can be a challenge.

humility is the new smart

Harold Jarche

The book explores each of these four skills in depth and provides exercises and questions for reflection. In Humility is the New Smart , the authors put forth a new mental model and management framework, based on extensive research on what the ‘smart machine age’ (SMA) will look like. “We

the neo-generalist

Harold Jarche

It is about people who can specialise as the context requires it but whose personal preferences lie in the area of polymathic generalism, where they are able to exercise their curiosity and pursue diverse interests by choice, through the confluence of both preference and context.”

Sample 124

New Book: Aha! 75 Ways to Work Smarter

Jay Cross

Each technique is backed with a practical exercise. My new book, Aha!, is for all those people we’ve made responsible for their own learning. This is the missing manual.

How to Be a Wizard at Tech Training Design and Delivery

Beth Kanter

The 2016 session took all of the trainers’ lessons learned from the previous session and improved upon the presentation and exercises. Using a content interaction exercise grid to prepare varied interactive exercises (a blank grid is included with the session handouts).

The Virtuous Cycle of Existing Theory and Big Data

Andy McAfee

I was expecting to see lots of the words that appear there, but not such large clusters related to sports, exercise, and getting outdoors. In recent decades a ton of research has led to the conclusion that while some aspects of our personalities change over time, others are remarkably stable.

Data 124

real learning is not abstract

Harold Jarche

More importantly, however, was this: The exercise had taught me how to approach a contrary opinion with patience and respect, with curiosity and an intent to learn, with kindness and humanity.” Are we entering an era that heralds ‘The End of Reflection’, as this NY Times article suggests? “Mr.


Euen Semple

In it she describes an exercise in which she visited the same seat in the same cafe every day and wrote about what she saw. A pointless exercise. I saw reading her pointless writing as an even more pointless exercise. I am currently reading Natalie Goldberg''s The True Secret of Writing. No more meaning or purpose than that. She reproduces each day''s writing in the book. At first I wanted to skip this section - to rush ahead to the next bit of instruction.

How I use social media | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

I figured it would be good to exercise my memory a bit and unearth some of the key stories that led me to to my social media use today, and perhaps surface some of my patterns.

Experiential Leadership Development

Beth Kanter

While the trip was a rich and deep experience, I using this post to reflect on the instructional design of the exercises and small group facilitation techniques. The design included the following structure to allow for full group and small group dialogue, interaction, and exercises.

a gold-standard study on brain training

Mind Hacks

A new trial shows the benefits of online ‘brain training’ exercises including improvements in everyday tasks, such as shopping, cooking and managing home finances. A team led by Clive Ballard of King’s College London recruited people to a trial of online “brain training” exercises.

Does ‘brain training’ work?

Mind Hacks

You’ve probably heard of “brain training exercises” – puzzles, tasks and drills which claim to keep you mentally agile. A major finding of the review is the poverty of the supporting evidence for these supposedly scientific exercises.

Trainer’s Notebook: Online Interaction Tools To Engage Your Audience in the Room and Beyond

Beth Kanter

In Hartford, I had challenge of a large number of participants, a “master class” type set up, and but a room and time constraints that limited the amount of full group interactive exercises. I experimented with using the polls as part of the opening exercise in the workshop.

leadership archetypes

Harold Jarche

In the exercise I asked the participants to identify three archetypes they would take with them while changing their organization from a hierarchical to a more networked management structure. Ubiquitous digital networks are extending our capacity to listen and speak with others.

A New Language for Movement

Adaptive Path

The workshop evolves from physically acting out each binary, experimenting with various combinations of the binaries to create efforts, and then actually using the efforts in something that resembles a really really weird bodystorming exercise.

Fostering connections by letting go

Harold Jarche

“ As CEOs ratchet up the level of openness within their organisations, they are developing collaborative environments where employees are encouraged to speak up, exercise personal initiative, connect with fellow collaborators, and innovate.

What Improvisation Can Teach Social Change Leaders

Beth Kanter

He lead us on a series of improvisation exercises designed to teach important skills for networked leaders: empathy, awareness, celebrating failure, being open to change and more. David’s improv exercises were designed to help us stretch this muscle and apply to our social change work.

Why you need to take a Google Analytics approach to measuring learning


To see why, let''s do a simple but revealing exercise. Tying Metrics to Business Results That''s a pretty telling exercise, but how do we connect these metrics to business results?

Trainer’s Tip: Your Room Set Up Can Make or Break the Learning Experience

Beth Kanter

I had designed the leadership workshop on resilience to include a lot of solo and peer reflection time and small group work and some small amounts of presentation and context to do the exercises.

Why and How Your #Nonprofit Needs To Bust the Culture of Sitting at Work

Beth Kanter

Some experts warn that too much standing can also create health problems. And, if you think you can avoid the health dangers of sitting for prolonged periods because you exercise at the gym every morning, think again. Chris Messina hacked a piano for a standing desk.

9 ways to improve workplace learning

Harold Jarche

The workshop provides examples and exercises to cover more than courses. Training, and education, are often solutions looking for a problem. But good training and education can have a huge impact on behaviour and performance. Remember that great teacher who inspired you?

Finding the right person within your organization

Dion Hinchcliffe

Understanding who knows what inside today’s modern organizations can be an exercise in frustration, especially when you’re trying to get things accomplished in tight timelines. Social software that delivers insight into the community can help by making it easier to find the right person.

How To Incorporate More Movement Into Your Nonprofit Training

Beth Kanter

Incorporating movement isn’t just about stretch breaks, think about ways that participants can do discussions and small group exercises while moving or walking around. I’ve also done this during a session as part of a small group exercise. Photo: Americans for the Arts.

How a little bit of data ruined my morning run

David Weinberger

Since I was 21 years old, I’ve gone through long stretches where I have “run” outside for exercise — in quotation marks because I am passed by people who are running so slowly that I feel bad for them until I remember that they passed me. I’ve tried lots of other sorts of exercise, and I haven’t stuck with any of them. Doing a countable exercise is like watching a clock tick.

NetWorkShop Sackville

Harold Jarche

A simple exercise will reveal the diversity and reach of the participants’ personal networks and provide insight into how personal networks affect performance. “I’ve become convinced that understanding how networks work is an essential 21st century literacy. &# ~ Howard Rheingold.

the printed word at electric speed

Harold Jarche

But those who exercise power through markets can often throw off their job titles and not worry about their formal qualifications, as long as they deliver the goods (and services). In tribal organizations, influence often comes through kinship. It still does with certain royal families.