AI and Public Policy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The report is organized into three main sections: Section I described the key research trends influencing AI’s future; Section II examined the key economic sectors that are most likely to be impacted by AI; and Section III looked into issues surrounding AI and public policy.

“Flexible Security”: A Sensible Social Policy for our Digital Age

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Or, do we also need social policies to promote job creation and assist workers who’ve lost their jobs? One of the Foreign Affairs articles, - The Next Safety Net: Social Policy for a Digital Age by Nicolas Colin and Bruno Palier , - offers some answers to these questions. “As

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Insights into effective social media policies

Ross Dawson

Last week I was part of a panel on the SkyBusiness Technology Behind Business program discussing corporate social media policies, comprised of Peter Williams of Deloitte, Adrienne Unkovitch of Workplace Guardian, and myself. Social media policy is not different from HR or other policies.

Two Examples of Nonprofit Social Media That Will Make You Smile (and learn a best practice or two)

Beth Kanter

Today I’m seeking out examples of how nonprofits use cute dogs, cats, or babies in their social media to feel good, but also extract a social media best practice or two so it doesn’t feel like a “waste of time.” Social Media Policy Storytelling Strategy Tips

How Fun and Creativity Can Shape Your Own Social Computing Guidelines and Policy

Luis Suarez

I remember the day when IBM was first facing that very same issue , on whether to put together a social computing policy and guidelines or not. which explains quite nicely their own social media policy that they are using: Fun stuff, eh?

HTLGI2013 Quack Policy

Dave Snowden

There is a lot of nonsense in so called evidence based policy but it will be be countered by libertarian (my judgement) nonsense in response. Looking at one piece of evidence based policy. Minimum alcohol pricing is considered as a perfect example of evidence based policy.

A Nonprofit’s Legal Counsel Is The Social Media Manager’s Best Friend!

Beth Kanter

The session will focus on exploring how nonprofits are expanding their efforts to influence public policy through social channels and understanding the legal issues and how to evaluate the work. (I’ll That’s why it is good to have an going relationship and a policy group.

The (slightly) surprising truth about family-friendly workplaces.

Dan Pink

The (slightly) surprising truth about family-friendly workplaces Do family-friendly policies like childcare subsidies and job sharing increase productivity and profits? It has had this policy for quite sometime. Comment Policy: First time comments are moderated. Dan Pink.

Does giving teachers bonuses improve student performance.

Dan Pink

One of the hottest ideas in education policy these days is tying teacher pay to student performance on standardized tests. Folks pull out the old college example to defend school choice, charters, etc., It was fed by a policy that had nothing to do with education. Dan Pink.

Sign of the day: Should you take that elevator? | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Alastair Dryburgh of London sends this glorious example of emotionally intelligent signage , which he spotted next to the elevators (aka, the lifts) at the Tate Modern. Comment Policy: First time comments are moderated. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan.

4 diverse emotionally intelligent signs | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

4 diverse emotionally intelligent signs Each week PinkBlog readers send us lots of examples of emotionally intelligent signage they’ve spotted in their communities. Comment Policy: First time comments are moderated. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan.

Corporate Social Media Policies

Tony Karrer

I've posted before a list of Corporate Policies on Web 2.0 Corporate Access that shows that a significant number of corporate policies are to shut down access to the tools. Do we have IBM or client examples of stats, use cases or any other stories that address these concerns? There's a very interesting set of questions in the post Happy New Year! AND do you have opinions about social media governance? This is by an IBM employee, Jen Okimoto, who works in the domain of Web 2.0

[berkman] Karim Lakhani on disclosure policies and innovation

David Weinberger

Karim Lakhani of Harvard Business School (and a Berkman associate, and a member of the Harvard Institute for Quantititative Social Science ) is giving a talk called “How disclosure policies impact search in open innovation, atopic he has researched with Kevin Boudreau of the London Business School.

Emotionally intelligent Tuesday ? Part 1 | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Emotionally intelligent Tuesday — Part 1 Kurt sends these examples of some emotionally intelligent advertisements, which he saw on the Little Chief Honeybee blog. Comment Policy: First time comments are moderated. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan.

Can signs turn (road) rage into rapture? | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Dirk Van Staeyen of Belgium sends these examples of emotionally intelligent signage along with a brief explanation: “I drove home from holiday today and came across these signs (in the Netherlands) on a stretch of highway where roadworks were in progress. Dan Pink. Contact.

Emotionally intelligent signage in Green Bay Packer country | Daniel.

Dan Pink

Emotionally intelligent signage in Green Bay Packer country Rod Johnson sends this example of emotionally intelligent, which he spotted “while driving up to the Wild Rice Restaurant in Bayfield, Wisconsin.”. Comment Policy: First time comments are moderated. Dan Pink. Contact.

Notes About Mobile, Digital Trends, and Social Media Leadership from Knight Digital Media Center Workshop

Beth Kanter

There were 2o people in the dining party, and AppleBee’s policy is to add the 18% tip automatically to any parties over 6. The bill was divided up and Alois Bell wrote on her receipt, “I give God 10% why do you get 18%?”

AI, Automation and the US Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

On December 20, the White House released Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Economy , a new report that investigates how AI will likely transform job markets over time, and recommends policy responses to address AI’s impact on the US economy.

Emotionally intelligent magnet (and road rage antidote) | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Emotionally intelligent magnet (and road rage antidote) Patrick Burns sends this example of an emotionally intelligent magnet, which cyclists can use inform bad drivers of their sins. Comment Policy: First time comments are moderated. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan.

Policy Change for the Better: Eligibility Requirements for Accommodations on the SAT

Eide Neurolearning

For example the case of Jenkins vs. the National Board of Medical Examiners Although 3rd year medical student Kirk Jenkins had a nearly life-long diagnosis of dyslexia and appropriately received time accommodations for the ACT and MCAT, the National Board of Medical Examiners declined his request for accommodations.

Social media for privacy officers

Harold Jarche

The presentation includes examples and links to social media policies. Tweet This morning I am presenting to the Council of Chief Privacy Officers in Montreal. My subject is social media in the enterprise and particularly why they are good for business.

Transforming Nonprofit Staff Into Champions on Social

Beth Kanter

Nonprofit Examples. Here’s a few examples: 1. You can find a few more examples from the list of resources compiled by Farra Trompeter from Big Duck. Here’s some tips on how to write or revise a social media policy that empowers your employees.

transparency sets the stage for trust to develop

Harold Jarche

The policy was so successful, says Porter, that it “gave us a huge competitive advantage in the marketplace; this in turn allowed us to serve a much higher quality of food and take lower margins on it.”‘ Business value increases with transparency.

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A Novel Approach for Measuring the True Impact of the Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For example, it discovered that left turns caused the trucks to spend longer periods in standing traffic and increased the chances of an accident. Examples abound, especially with the rise of the Internet and online applications in the 1990s.

Global Arbitrage and the Productivity Puzzle

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

These managerial elites have effectively controlled the major means of production in their economies as well as key policy planning institutions in government.

Complexity and Public Administration

Dave Snowden

Thomas will be teaching our newest course - Cynefin & Policy with Tony Quinlan in Ottawa on Oct 2-3. So what is applying complexity thinking to public policy really all about? It is often easier to see things through the discussion of a specific example.


Dave Snowden

Let’s take for example the impressive market dominance Apple achieved before they became a powerful and dominant player in the mobile telecoms market.

How Mitt made himself the Invisible Man

David Weinberger

It took the tweetstream ( Ana Marie Cox , for example. Even if you don’t much like Obama’s policy proposals, Obama doesn’t have to convince us that he is real, and that his policy comes from his substance as a person.

The Competitive Value of Data: From Analytics to Machine Learning

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The article noted that regulators, policy makers and academics in Europe and the US are increasingly concerned that the vast data assets of digital giants could become a competitive barrier to startups and innovation.

Coherent Implications

Clark Quinn

Team members should be asking questions of the internal and external communities (as appropriate, and policies about what’s allowed to be discussed, even if it’s just “don’t be an idiot”are fair enough), and answering them in turn.

Thoughts on privacy

Doc Searls

Clothing, for example, is a privacy technology. We have loosed three things into the digital world that we (by which I mean everybody) do not yet fully comprehend, much less deal with (through policy, tech or whatever). Just today an executive with a giant company whose name we all know told me about visiting “click farms” in India , which he calls “just one example of fraud on a massive scale that nobody in the industry wants to talk about.”

The Great Decoupling of the US Economy

Andy McAfee

So far, explanations for this unhappy phenomenon include tax and policy changes, and the effects of globalization and offshoring.

Entrepreneurship and Job Creation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

What we heard at those roundtables was nothing short of remarkable - and critically important from the standpoint of potential policy solutions. In 2011, for example, 47.5 Our immigration policies are insane”; .

How Your Organization’s CEO Can Use Social Media for Thought Leadership

Beth Kanter

Many nonprofit CEOs use their social media profiles to extend the reach of their thought leadership and connect with professional colleagues, media, and policy makers. Rich Huddleston Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, is an example.

Irrational? Decisions and decision making in context

Mind Hacks

He goes on to take a swipe at ‘Nudges’, the idea that you can base policies around various phenomena from the psychology of decision making.

Irrational? Decisions and decision making in context

Mind Hacks

He goes on to take a swipe at ‘Nudges’, the idea that you can base policies around various phenomena from the psychology of decision making.

Nine Tricky Questions And Nine Honest Answers Regarding Purpose

Dan Pontefract

For example, there are very few realtors who set out to become realtors in their teens. Many airlines, for example, have low engagement scores particularly of flight attendants. LSTN and gDiapers are two others examples that I highlight in The Purpose Effect.

Learning is too important to be left to the professionals

Harold Jarche

Will executives continue to allow learning policy to reside in a separate department or some sub-department of HR for much longer? I doubt it; especially if the military, which is either training for war or engaged in one, is an example.

Human-AI Decision Systems

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In the past two decades we’ve seen a number of examples where the combination of humans and machines make better decisions that either one on its own. Sabermetrics , - the use of statistics in baseball to project a player’s performance and career, - is one such prominent example.

[2b2k] 13 reasons why the Britannica failed on paper

David Weinberger

It was very slow to update — 15 editions since 1768 — even with its “continuous revision” policy. For example, underlining in it or even correcting errors via marginalia would get you thrown out of the library. In the straight-up match between paper and Web, the Encyclopedia Britannica lost. This was as close to a sure thing as we get outside of the realm of macro physics and Meryl Streep movies.