Patterns & significance

Dave Snowden

Another with a colleague frustrated by people talking about the validity of statistical patterns for low volume datasets and not realising that simple visualisation can enable an intelligent person who make sufficient sense to act. Taleb's best book ​Fooled by Randomness has multiple examples of the danger of removing human judgement from the equation.

Pattern Learning and the Brain

Eide Neurolearning

The brain is a pattern-recognition machine, after all, and when focused properly, it can quickly deepen a person’s grasp of a principle, new studies suggest. Expertise at pattern recognition is a very different brain-based process than expertise at rule-based learning or a motor skill.

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Share Best Practices - Patterns

Tony Karrer

Dodged that bullet. :) Patterns and Knowledge Work I understand the concern that when you share best practices, you may come out with very different results. Making sense generates cues and allows one to recognize patterns, both in the nature of the problem and response.

Capture Examples

Tony Karrer

The primary reasons for doing the eLearning Tour was that it is hard to see examples of what is being done by fellow eLearning professionals and get a sense of the patterns that exist. And while I believe that I gave a flavor of what's happening out there through the tour, my gut tells me that it would be helpful to capture more examples. So first question – after participating or viewing the videos for the event: Is it helpful to capture examples?

Pattern Recognition as Skill

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Responding to John Martin : "However I am not sure that it (pattern recognition) is an innate feature as opposed to a learned skill." Because these connections are sensitive to input, they will reflect patterns in that input. This is not a conscious act; it is not the same as saying we are looking for patterns. After a certain period of time, this process results in a base of pre-existing patterns of connectivity in the mind.

Manufacturing: Where the Jobless Recovery Is Most Evident

Andy McAfee

Unfortunately for job seekers, I expect that pattern to resume in the very near future. The historical pattern is very clear and very regular here, and I see no reason it won’t repeat itself.

Toward a Pattern Language for Enterprise 2.0 : Andrew McAfee’s Blog

Andy McAfee

Andrew McAfee’s Blog The Business Impact of IT Home Home RSS Search Toward a Pattern Language for Enterprise 2.0 June 10 2009 Comments to this post A Pattern Language , published in 1979 by Christopher Alexander and his colleagues, was a landmark book in architecture that also became a landmark in other fields like computer science ; one review called it “The decade’s best candidate for a permanently important book.&# First is a set of patterns where 2.0

Scaling the Heights of Language, its Learning, and its Teaching

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Complexity theory - scientists seek patterns and relations within systems. In complex systems you have systems made up of components which interact, and give rise to patterns at other levels of complexity. The example of a murmuration is an example of complexity.

Intervening in a complex domain

Dave Snowden

I've been teaching how to intervene in a complex system for years, developing and then using the ABIDE perspective question for example. As he talked I started to see a pattern here which matched some other things we teach on the accreditation courses.

A Playbook for Improving Customer Journeys

Adaptive Path

Well, it’s a little easier when you know what to look for, what the patterns of success are. From a wealth of work in this space, we’ve found some common patterns that have emerged when we travel from current-state experience maps to bringing about future-state experiences.

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Patterns of Business Innovation in China and India

John Hagel

From a strategist’s viewpoint, though, what I miss in such coverage is any deep analysis of the patterns of business innovation that might help to explain the explosive growth in both economies or the implications for Western companies.

leadership is learning

Harold Jarche

This fundamental shift in focus is a prime example of the major organizational change required from both our education systems to our management models, as we transition into a networked creative economy. Leaders have to set an example by initiating change and themselves learning by doing.

Why Do We Need Data Science when We’ve Had Statistics for Centuries?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

This year, for example, NYU is offering two new degrees, - a general Master in Data Science , and a more domain-specific Master in Applied Urban Science and Informatics. . Unlike database querying, which asks What data satisfies this pattern (query)?

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Metacognition, Math, and the Brain

Eide Neurolearning

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon found that students solving 'regular' problems based on an example showed overlapping, but distinct patterns of brain activation when 'exception' problems were presented.

Learning Without Training

Jay Cross

Here are a few examples of learning before and after instituting the learning infrastructure we call a Workscape. My next post on this topic will discuss how to shift from the traditional pattern to the network model.

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Retailers and Customers

John Hagel

Almost a decade ago, I detected an intriguing pattern regarding the unbundling and rebundling of firms (purchase unfortunately required). Of course, the pace and trajectory of unbundling (and related rebundling) differs across industries and geographies – the patterns are complex and fractal.

The social enterprise?

George Siemens

We need better analytics that can reveal patterns and connections in information abundance that we may have missed. We need technologies that can automatically detect and raise the profile of interesting patterns within an information stream. An event collapses the information trail into a state of patterns that seem obvious. Next week, I’ll be at the Social Business Forum. I’m looking forward to meeting up again with the innovative folks at Open Knowledge.

Fragmented, fractal and fertile

Dave Snowden

In a modern day environment this is even more important as the sheet volume of unfulfilled promised futures has created a deeply negative pattern of expectation. We can see two separate but fairly open patterns on the left and a very dense pattern on the right.

Boundaries as domain shadows

Dave Snowden

The reason for that is a lot of techniques, for example a sprint within Scrum, are boundary transitions rather than domain techniques. Then within the shadow areas themselves: Complicated to complex is a shift from linear to parallel experiments for example.

On the Three or Four Problems of Connectivism

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This paradox, first posed by Socrates (Plato, 2002), can be applied to connectivism as follows: How do you recognize a pattern if you do not already know that a specific configuration of connections is a pattern? if a concept consists of a specific pattern of associations, how can it be explained that the concept develops but the pattern of associations remains the same? Internally, we can appear to examples of self-organization. For example, consider J.J.

Reactivating Learning

Clark Quinn

At a neural level, we’re generating patterns of activation in conjunction, which strengthens the relationships between these patterns, increasing the likelihood that they’ll get activated when relevant. Recontextualization : here we’re showing another example. A good example, with a challenging situation that the learner recognizes, a clear goal, and cognitive annotation showing the underlying thinking, will serve to strengthen the learning.

Management in Networks

Harold Jarche

Managers must actively listen, continuously question the changing work context, help to see patterns and make sense of them, and then suggest new practices and build consensus with networked workers. Be an Example – Social networks shine a spotlight on dysfunctional managers.

Social innovation labs, initial thoughts

Dave Snowden

But then as success was reported (I am using that word with care) imitators emerged and have a growing number of examples of that modern disease, the industrialisation of an artisan capability through commoditisation into a set of simplistic recipes.

Emergence / Recognition

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Emergence Alan Levine writes, "I am looking for a metaphor or a real example of something maybe complex or just larger/valuable that does not arise solely from adding up many small components. For example: “Look out” is a warning, but neither “Look” nor “out” contain any element of a warning.

Global Trends and Business Strategy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

But, meeting these demands and hopefully unleashing an age of prosperity will only be possible in an economy based on sustainable production and consumption patterns. McKinsey recently published an article on the long-term trends that are reshaping the business environment.

If Your Enterprise Social Network Is a Ghost Town It’s Probably Due To Your Corporate Culture

Dan Pontefract

They’re windowless and the carpets look as though designers around the world have colluded with one another to see who can come up with the most bizarre patterns possible.

learn like a gamer

Harold Jarche

Personal computers are just one example. They learn from these mistakes and look for patterns. For example, my PKM framework was developed from the necessity to develop skills to be competitive in the consulting market. Learning is the new literacy.

Connectivism as Epistemology

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

For example, I responded to criticisms from Heli Nurmi several times in this fashion. But the sort of environments that create learning vary greatly - the sort of environment that produces a modern information-age knowledge-worker for example varies greatly from one which would produce a skilled bow-maker in the middle ages. Additionally, networks exhibit patterns or regularities. In my own work I often use examples like 'facves on a TV screen' or on the surface of Mars.

A return to constraints

Dave Snowden

Tethers which provide a backstop, like a tow rope for example which has the slack taken up before it applies. Think of a salt marsh to contrast with the sea wall if you want an example. I’m getting increasingly excited about the work I am doing on constraints.

Network Era Skills

Harold Jarche

For example, just adding finished reports to a knowledge base does not help others understand how that report was developed. People can see the flow of sense-making in small bits that over time become patterns.

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Experimentation: chocolate cakes and communicators | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

What gets us moving beyond our customary habits and patterns? And one such example was the way – en route, by bicycle, to shop for the ingredients for the chocolate guinness cake – every single person I passed greeted me: warmly, genuinely, smilingly.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Promises and Limits

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For example, I recently traveled to a Latin America city I had not been to before. These are concrete examples of operational, data-driven decision making that have been built into automated authentication and fraud detection processes. .

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Harnessing the True Potential of Internet of Things Technology

John Hagel

What are some examples? An increasing amount of IoT technology is being deployed to monitor utilization of key inputs (for example, fuel or electricity) into large scale facilities like manufacturing plants or office buildings and adjusting these inputs in real-time to enhance efficiency. Well, what if you offered to charge the customer based on usage of the product, rather than requiring them to make large upfront payments for the product regardless of usage patterns down the road?

Pushing and Pulling Tacit Knowledge

Harold Jarche

I often refer to Ross Dawson’s five ways of adding value to information, to introduce sense-making (my examples/descriptions follow): Filtering (separating signal from noise, based on some criteria). Synthesis (describing patterns, trends or flows in large amounts of information).

PKM 128

network management update

Harold Jarche

Managers must actively listen, continuously question the changing work context, help to see patterns and make sense of them, and then suggest new practices and build consensus with networked workers. Be an Example – Social networks shine a spotlight on dysfunctional managers.

A Slow Community Movement? | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

The Federation of Damanhur, for example, meets the kinds of observations that the “slow movement&# champions. A good community manager must be able to skip around, see patterns, scan the whole and then discern if and where to intervene in the system.

The Disruption Debate - What's Missing?

John Hagel

One of the issues with a case study approach is that it obscures the more fundamental and systemic trends and patterns that are playing out around us. But there’s one key difference that helps to explain a sustained and increasing pattern of disruption today.   For example, can we predict where and when specific disruptions will play out?

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Engaging Knowledge Artisans

Harold Jarche

For example, working and learning out loud in online social networks significantly change the flow of knowledge and influence power structures. Pattern sensing becomes all important.

PKM 107

5 uncertainties that will shape the future of wearable technology

Ross Dawson

Now that wearables are in the market there are major uncertainties around the acceptance of interfaces that are a step beyond what we are used, for example using smaller screens for smartwatches, wearing glasses that are (initially) difficult to make stylish, or adopting contact lenses as an information interface. The potential of wearables is to amplify our senses, for example isolating conversations in noisy bars, seeing details at a distance, or detecting ingredients in foods.

always something to learn

Harold Jarche

Consciousness concerns itself only with the most meaningful mental constructions and is ever hungry to build new patterns over existing architectures. These three examples show only a small part of the wonders of human memory and learning.