open source workers

Harold Jarche

Openness enables knowledge-sharing, which fosters innovation through a diversity of ideas. Trust emerges in networks that are open and transparent. This is how open source software is developed. There are lessons to learn for open source work.

Open Source Strategic Planning

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Since the concept of working in Networks is can be hard to explain to newcomers, learning from case studies, stories, and examples can be illuminating. Paul Connolly, who has been a guest blogger on this blog before , covered the session on Open Source Strategic Planning.

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Open Source Assessment

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This has come up in a couple of places lately, and I'd like to get the concept down on paper (as it were) so people has a sense of what I mean when I talk about 'open source assessment'. The conversation comes up in the context of open educational resources (OERs). When posed the question in Winnipeg regarding what I thought the ideal open online course would look like, my eventual response was that it would not look like a course at all, just the assessment.

Open source for learning costs less

Harold Jarche

In my 2009 predictions for eLearn Magazine I said that “ There will be an increased interest in open source software as well as tools and methods that enable online collaboration. &# Ryan Cameron took me to task on open source in the comments: Open source is not, actually, free. My research and experience over the years shows open source, especially in training and education, to be significantly cheaper.

My Moodle Test


Home > Learning Technologies , Standards > My Moodle Test My Moodle Test October 9th, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment Talk has been heating up lately regarding the use of open source versus proprietary systems for learning. For example, if you check out Michael Hanley’s blog , you’ll see that he’s dedicated most of his recent posts to this subject. Sophia Peters provides another interesting post entitled Deciding Between Open Source and Proprietary Software?

Becoming a 21st Century Digital Tinkerer

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Recombinant innovations, remixes and mashups are all examples of creating new contexts. . Examples of entrepreneurial learning can be found all around us. In the paper, JSB discusses several such concrete examples, including: . The Open Source Movement.

leadership is helping make the network smarter

Harold Jarche

Effective networks are diverse and open. They are in service to the network, to help keep it resilient through transparency, diversity of ideas, and openness. Here is a recent example of making the network smarter.

Online Newspaper Software

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Drupal & Hosted Drupal Newspapers Running on Drupal This is a demo site showcasing newspapers running on Drupal, a popular open source content management system. Example: Reboot. Here's another example, which is better. Another example. Here's an example. No examples of customer websites provided. Open Source Props Open source software available from Sourceforge ; PHP and MySQL; not updated since 2008.

platform capitalism and the post-job economy

Harold Jarche

Consider open source software versus software as a service. Über is an excellent example of platform capitalism that turns labour into an easily replaceable commodity. open source workers.

Developmental robotics: the cute baby robot who will grow up to be just like you

Ross Dawson

An example of this is the iCub , a humanoid baby robot that can learn, emulating human cognition and development. All the source files and more can be downloaded from the RobotCub site.

The Blockchain and Open Innovation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Then in the 1990s, the open Internet protocol, - TCP/IP , - was widely embraced by the general IT marketplace, making it possible to interconnect systems and applications from any vendors. For example, it allows securities to be settled in minutes instead of days.

A new way to work

Harold Jarche

For example, the open source model has shown that software can be developed faster and cheaper (and many would say better) without a corporate, hierarchical structure.

owning your data

Harold Jarche

For example, this website is built on WordPress software and is hosted with a third-party. WordPress is open source (OS). Open source software is released under a variety of licenses such as the GPL. For example, I have used Twitter since late 2007.

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Learning quicker by failing safely

Harold Jarche

My discussions with Jeff over several years provide me with an excellent example of how organizations can deal with complexity and manage to grow and be sustainable. I attended the Community Forest International planning session yesterday.

learn like a gamer

Harold Jarche

Personal computers are just one example. They might set up their own online community using open source software and their own servers. For example, my PKM framework was developed from the necessity to develop skills to be competitive in the consulting market.

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Knowledge is the network

David Weinberger

D3 makes it easy for developers to display data interactively on Web pages (the examples are eye-popping), and the author, mbostock , made it available for free to everyone. I forked yesterday for the first time. I’m pretty thrilled. Not about the few lines of code that I posted.

Reflections on Linux and Mainframes

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Seamless support of open source tools and software, including Apache Spark , Node.js , MongoDB , MariaDB , PostgreSQL , Chef and Docker. Many welcomed IBM’s strong support of Linux and open source in general.

MOOCs will ultimately play a transformational role

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

As the name ''Massive Open Online Course'' suggests, MOOCs are available to everyone, requiring only an Internet connection (now 40 per cent of the world’s population, according to the International Telecommunications Union). As evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of people registering for courses like Stanford AI (artificial intelligence), there is significant demand for open access to higher education content.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Great New PaperVision Examples - 3D in Your Browser

Mark Oehlert

» February 28, 2008 Great New PaperVision Examples - 3D in Your Browser Ive blogged before about e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Small Basket of Virtual World Items | Main | Using GMail and Thunderbird.thoughts?

Is Blockchain Ready to “Cross the Chasm”? Lessons from the Internet

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A few years later, the Web’s open standards, - HTML , HTTP , URLs , - made it possible for any PC connected to the Internet to access information on any web server anywhere in the world. Earlier this year, IBM conducted the largest study to date on the state of adoption of blockchain.

On cryptocurrencies, blockchain and all that

Doc Searls

It was released as open-source software in 2009. “An open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality, which facilitates online contractual agreements.

Futurist conversations: Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard on Open vs Closed Systems

Ross Dawson

Continuing our series of conversations between friend and fellow futurist Gerd Leonhard and myself, here are some discursive thoughts on open versus closed systems. Open systems are faster, more viral, have more innovation, and are more fun to work in.

cities and the future of work

Harold Jarche

The market form, the third form of organization to take hold, enables people to excel at openly competitive, free, and fair economic exchanges. Consider, for example, ideas about our needing a new social compact, or social contract, or national covenant.

holistic technology

Harold Jarche

For example, the open source community is based on ensuring that code is transparent and is open to forking (changing the direction of development). I first came across the work of Ursula Franklin through her CBC Massey Lecture series on The Real World of Technology.

Global distributed organizations can attract the most talented in the world

Ross Dawson

Forbes has a nice story about the history of WordPress and the role the open-source software plays in the for-profit business Automattic. As a legacy of its open-source roots its 120 employees are spread across 26 countries and six continents. This mirrors the meritocracy that makes Open Source great and treats people on the quality of their ideas and their work whether they’re in San Francisco or Argentina. (Or

Open as in commons, not garden

Harold Jarche

I have been a proponent of the open web and open source software for the past decade and more. In the meantime, I will try to set an example and remove myself from as many walled gardens as possible. Once again, it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.

The Smart Worker : shares what s/he learns

Jane Hart

These are not just trivial materials, but valuable performance support resources, for example: How-to materials at sites like Wiki How – “ the world’s collaborative how-to manua l&# – that provide clear steps on how to do something, e.g. How to add a movie to an iPad.

Learning as Artifact Creation

George Siemens

Here’s an example: Education over the past several centuries has been defined by the centrality of the instructor and the actions of a learner in relationship to what the instructor knows. The gates were opened and everyone was a content creator and everything was subject to user creation. If I lecture on the development of open learning and open source technologies, I’m presenting my voice, my priorities, my values.

Thoughts on privacy

Doc Searls

White opens with this sentence: “On any person who desires such queer prizes, New York will bestow the gift of loneliness and the gift of privacy.” Clothing, for example, is a privacy technology. Just today an executive with a giant company whose name we all know told me about visiting “click farms” in India , which he calls “just one example of fraud on a massive scale that nobody in the industry wants to talk about.”

The Role of Open Educational Resources in Personal Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Presented to the Best Practices in Upgrading Online,Calgary, via Adobe Connect, March 29, 2011 The very first thing I want to do is to counter thedisclaimer that frightened me as this session opened, it was very loud, andsaid all kinds of things about how this was all private and cannot be shared.You can share this presentation all you want. I do want to talk about the role of open educationalresources in personal learning. What does it mean to say thatour network is open?

The Emergence of a Digital Money Ecosystem

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Moreover, since all the key technologies of the Web came from the research and academic community, they were available to anyone free of charge, including open source implementations of many of the key software components. As far as I know, no standards or open source reference platforms have yet emerged that all vendors are willing to embrace for their basic wallet functions, which they can then complement with their unique proprietary enhancements.

Explore your blind spot (free ebook)

Mind Hacks

In the ebook I talk about how it provides a great example of the way consciousness is constructed despite ‘missing’ information. I’ve written this book as an experiment in ebook publishing, and as a test-bed for what I think could be a good format for presenting open-source guides to the myriad interesting phenomena of psychology. I’ve written an ebook called ‘Explore your blind spot’ It’s about, er, exploring your blind spot!

eBook 41

Etiquette for sharing

Harold Jarche

There are now many to choose from, including open source and full-service analytics. utm_source=feedburner … I use Google Analytics on this site and understand why people want to see their social media traffic. Many people like to share things online.

a new business ideology

Harold Jarche

Examples might be offering to provide political support to someone. Businesses that are open, transparent, and cooperative are more resilient because they rely on people, not processes. Decentralized organizations are not yet the norm but we have many examples now.

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a suit

Harold Jarche

For example, I once developed a Request for Proposals with a large group distributed across several time zones. The collaborative, networked enterprise saw its birth in open source software projects. Tweet What is so different about working online?

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gamers, artists, and citizens

Harold Jarche

Personal computers are just one example. They might set up their own online community using open source software and their own servers. Gamers. Learning is the new literacy. We buy new ones every few years. Operating systems change.

it’s all about our data

Harold Jarche

For example, we see many people willing to drive for a company like Uber in order to increase cash-flow. Control of data is the new source of power in the network era. We can use open source models to shut off the lights of big data.

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Scaling knowledge

Harold Jarche

People who participate in structures like open source software projects can join and connect to others at will. Designers of these open organizational structures understand that in complex un-order, loose hierarchies and strong networks are best.

network learning cities

Harold Jarche

The market form, the third form of organization to take hold, enables people to excel at openly competitive, free, and fair economic exchanges. Athens: simplicity, civic engagement, open competition not for personal glory.

A Lexicon of Sustainability

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

We asked people to develop a lexicon around food sources We started with the word ''sustainability''. The best example when we look at food is the ''cow to pickup truck indes'' - the value of a grass-fed cow compared to a truck. People talk about GMOs as privatizing seeds, etc - vbut that didn''t happen here; he open-sourced the seeds. There''s an initiative to tag a fish so you know where and how it was sourced. All resources open sourced and free.

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