Enterprise 2.0, Where Art Thou?

Luis Suarez

Pretty much like for Enterprise 2.0 , since I still feel we are only now just getting started with it and its role in transforming organisations from the inside out. . Almost 10 years ago, Andy McAfee coined the term Enterprise 2.0 , as most of you folks out there would probably still remember. Remember Web 2.0 Let’s have a look into Andy’s original definition for Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 You just can’t be 2.0

Reflecting on the State of Enterprise 2.0 as an Organizational Culture Change Agent

Dan Pontefract

I promised not to utilize the moniker 2.0 in 2014 but how else can I reflect back on the state of Enterprise 2.0 After partaking in the June, 2011 Enterprise 2.0 My sadness wasn’t aimed at Andrew or the brilliance of his prescient Enterprise 2.0 observations and subsequent book … it rested on those outside of Andrew hijacking the term Enterprise 2.0 I mean c’mon, there once was a 2010 Enterprise 2.0 I know.


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Tabula Rasa, Enterprise 2.0 & Induction

Dan Pontefract

With the advent of Enterprise 2.0 technologies, we now can utilize social networks, discussions forums, wikis, blogs, micro-blogs, video sites, and all sorts of user generated content to augment (or hopefully replace) the formal training induction class and create a richer, more connected experience. By tapping into the collective intelligence of the organization through Enterprise 2.0 It’s another great example, in my opinion, of how Enterprise 2.0

Putting Enterprise 2.0 into Context

Andy McAfee

Three recent posts have done a great job of showing where we are in the spread of Enterprise 2.0 – the use of emergent social software platforms by companies to get work done. The first is Laurie Buczek’s “ The Big Failure of Enterprise 2.0 I know Laurie, and know that she’s been working tirelessly in the trenches for several years to bring 2.0 The old guys at the MTA weren’t and aren’t Enterprise 2.0

The Holy Trinity: Leadership Framework, Learning 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0

Dan Pontefract

are busy trying to synchronize existing investments with new instances of 2.0 As I’ve written about previously, I believe that an organization needs not only an internal 2.0 Adoption Council , they need a cross-functional team (the Enterprise 2.0 Org Structure ) to help ensure all the various pieces of a 2.0 That is, an updated leadership framework, coupled with the integration of Learning 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 Implement “Learning 2.0”.

Live the Dream First of Learning & Enterprise 2.0

Dan Pontefract

The relative success of Learning 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0 We all can dream the dream of a successful Learning 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 In summary, you most likely will be tied to existing ways in which your organization operates when rolling out any Learning 2.0 or Enterprise 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 Append wikis & blogs to some of your ILT classroom courses. and Enterprise 2.0 learning 2.0

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Enterprise 2.0: The Prodigal.

Martijn Linssen

why not both Home About Contact Wednesday, 10 November 2010 Enterprise 2.0: Following the Enterprise 2.0 conference on Twitter via its hashtag #e2conf , I noticed a strange phenomenon: most tweets werent about Enterprise 2.0, I wondered what Dachis definition was going to do to Andrew McAfees, and now it seems, the time has come to pass the verdict Rewind the clock to May 2006; Andrew McAfee defines E2.0 : Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 Has Arrived

Tony Karrer

Great article by Dion Hinchcliffe - The State of Enterprise 2.0. Increasing evidence abounds that Enterprise 2.0 adoption has begun in earnest with a typical example being Wells Fargo taking the plunge , having rolled out Enterprise 2.0 In these and other ways, such as the growing collection of success stories , Enterprise 2.0 Dion then talks about some Lessons Learned: Lesson #1: Enterprise 2.0 Lesson #3: Enterprise 2.0

Cisco - Enterprise 2.0

Tony Karrer

I don't know how I missed this, but thanks to Bill Ives for covering it on the FastForward blog - More Web 2.0 Stories, Part One: Cisco Goes All Out on Enterprise 2.0 points us to: Mike Gotta - Cisco: Learning Internally Before Delivering Externally and Money's Cisco's display of strength [Martin] De Beer a year ago set up an internal wiki called I-Zone that has so far generated 400 business ideas.

The Enterprise 2.0 Recovery Plan

Andy McAfee

Photo of Andrew McAfee Home Blog About RSS Andrew McAfees Blog The Business Impact of IT Tweet The Enterprise 2.0 I wouldn’t know, for example, what major enterprise systems needed to be deployed, integrated, consolidated, upgraded, etc. In other words, Enterprise 2.0 Another is to ‘widen the flow’ so that job descriptions include ‘enterprise-level helpfulness / collaboration.’ How would I know if Enterprise 2.0

[berkman] Berkman lunch: Andrew McAfee on Enterprise 2.0

David Weinberger

Andrew McAfee, the Enterprise 2.0 “The huge shift&# is that the 2.0 To answer these questions, Andrew points to what a knowledge worker’s view of the enterprise is, from the inside. But 2.0 Strong ties: Wikis, Google Docs, etc. Example: VistaPrint Wiki: 18 months, 280 registered users, 12,000 topics, 77,000 page edits. Another example: The 16 US intelligence agencies have installed 2.0 Is this Web 2.0 Web 2.0

Social Learning Tools Should Not be Separate from Enterprise 2.0

Tony Karrer

Instead of looking at providing tightly coupled Social Learning Tools, they should instead be looking at how their offering can integrate or leverage Enterprise 2.0 John Ambrose in Social Learning Will Fill Enterprise 2.0’s It’s finding content that can fill the empty drums of enterprise 2.0 I agree with John that rolling out an empty Wiki or other enterprise 2.0 Web 2.0

Is craigslist or eHarmony the Right Model for Enterprise 2.0?

Andy McAfee

Photo of Andrew McAfee Home Blog About RSS Andrew McAfees Blog The Business Impact of IT Tweet Is craigslist or eHarmony the Right Model for Enterprise 2.0? As I’ve written before , I believe that the new crop of digital tools for building, maintaining, and exploiting social networks are both novel and powerful for individuals and enterprises alike. “So this is Facebook meets eHarmony for the enterprise?&# So can we have both in the enterprise?

Wikis and Learning – 60 Resources

Tony Karrer

I’m involved in several discussions around how to use Wikis as part of learning solutions. So, of course, I went to eLearning Learning and I looked at Wiki , Collaborative Learning with Wikis , Wikis and eLearning 2.0 , Wikis Corporate eLearning , Social Learning with Wikis , Wiki Security and a few others. Here’s some of what I found: Why a Wiki?

Wiki 161

If I Were CEO, I’d Mandate Enterprise 2.0

Dan Pontefract

If I were a CEO, I’d mandate Enterprise 2.0 For those that are looking for a little more proof, I present to you three studies/surveys (of many) that can help one in their understanding of why Enterprise 2.0 One facet of Enterprise 2.0, In a comment to a blog post entitled “ The Holy Trinity: Leadership Framework, Learning 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0 “ I stated “ Networks don’t need org charts, but org charts need networks ”.

Wiki Owner

Tony Karrer

Stewart Mader points us to Sarah Denman's look at the four groups most likely to be involved in a wiki or other enterprise 2.0 Sharepoint) 57% Peer Coaching/Teaching 52% Media sharing (images, videos) 48% Collaborative Spaces - Wikis 47% Blogs 45% Learning Systems for Social Learning (LMS/LCMS) 42% Social Networks 41% Employee Profiles 33% Content Ratings and Reviews 13% Twitter and Mobile Content 12% So I'm not 100% sure I get the disconnect.

Wiki 100

IT & HR: Should They Merge?

Dan Pontefract

Enterprise 2.0 = Work 2.0 = Learning 2.0. Furthermore, through various wikis, intranet sites, job aids, videos, etc. Enterprise 2.0 = Work 2.0 = Learning 2.0. The heart of this blog often centers round the hypothesis that Enterprise 2.0 without Work 2.0 without Learning 2.0 Learning is shifting towards a combined formal, informal and social structure but it requires Enterprise 2.0 Work 2.0 (the

The Social C-Suite

Dan Pontefract

If we were to borrow from Winston Churchill, it seems we’re nearing the ‘end of the beginning’ of social in the enterprise, both internally and externally. In fact the report suggested social technologies in the organization demonstrated “improved communications and collaboration within and across enterprises.” C-Suite enterprise 2.0 Originally published to CLO Magazine. The Social C-Suite. By Dan Pontefract.

Learning is Lurking (Part 2 of 2)

Dan Pontefract

Is it really about the number of followers an individual has or the number of times an individual posts comments to websites, wikis and discussion forums? Culture enterprise 2.0 For those of you who caught the first instalment , yes, the order has been changed this time around. As much as I believe that lurkers are in fact learning while they lurk, there is something to be said about those who need to lurk a little more. Let me explain.

Why microblogging has moved to the heart of enterprise social initiatives

Trends in the Living Networks

When I wrote Implementing Enterprise 2.0 in January 2009, I included in the “Tools” section Wikis, Blogs, Social Networks, RSS and Syndication, Social Bookmarking, and Microblogging. IBM’s broad-based social platform Connections and platforms that began with specific tools such as wikis and blogs and have now shifted to broader social suites, such as SocialText , Jive , Telligent all include microblogging, while Cisco has introduced Jabber.

The Ability to Lead Remote Employees Will Become the Next 2.0 Skill

Dan Pontefract

I believe there are some compelling reasons why this is going to snowball quite soon, as mentioned below, but more importantly there are some Enterprise and Learning 2.0 What has this got to do with Enterprise 2.0 and Learning 2.0? Do you have a wiki or alternate platform that allows this? Embracing the cultural change components of Enterprise and Learning 2.0 Culture Uncategorized learning 2.0 enterprise 2.0

Skills 159

Australian government releases Government 2.0 Primer

Trends in the Living Networks

The Australian government is gaining momentum in its Government 2.0 initiatives, marked today by the launch by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) of a handy Government 2.0 The Report of the Australian Government 2.0 Although the Taskforce chairman Nicholas Gruen had earlier noted that Australian Government 2.0 The primer is exactly what it says, a compact guide to Government 2.0 It has three main sections: * Government 2.0

How Wikipedia Works and Wikis in the Enterprise - HBS

Tony Karrer

Great article - How Wikipedia Works (or Doesn't) that looks at Andrew McAfee's experiences around the " Enterprise 2.0 " article and Wikipedia 's Articles for Deletion process. At the bottom of the article, the author interviews Andrew about the use of Wikis in the enterprise. But an encyclopedia is only one of the things you can build with wiki technology. The new way is to use a Wiki and just click the edit button.

Wiki 100

I Know It When I See It

Andy McAfee

Photo of Andrew McAfee Home Blog About RSS Andrew McAfees Blog The Business Impact of IT Tweet I Know It When I See It by Andrew McAfee on January 27, 2009 More and more often these days I get asked “Does [offering X] from [vendor Y] qualify as an Enterprise 2.0 Smaller companies and startups often say that the established vendors “just don’t get it&# and that the new features they’ve incorporated – blogs, wikis, discussion forums, tags, etc.

A Window Into The Org

Dan Pontefract

Through the introduction of Web 2.0 This is a zany example of course, but the point is as we continue to introduce new Web, Learning, Enteprise 2.0 tools and applications into the enterprise, we arbitrarily do so without giving thought to what the experience is like for the employee, and what the overall time commitment is in terms of that same employee merely trying to keep up. Organizations need to start thinking about a single window into the org: call it Intranet 2.0

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Cloud Field. The social way.

Martijn Linssen

The social way to the future Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid Thats the definition from the wiki and its pretty fine if you ask me. Therefore, Private Cloud has now been invented (no definition available from the wiki!) The social way to the future 2010-06-26T17:07:00+02:00 Martijn Linssen 2.0|adapt|adopt|Cloud Enterprise 2.0:

In retrospect 2000-2010: omphaloskepsis ruled

Martijn Linssen

why not both Home About Contact Thursday, 6 January 2011 In retrospect 2000-2010: omphaloskepsis ruled [Image courtesy of Ben Efros ] A conversation with Thierry de Baillon , a perfectly timed tweet from Brian Kenney and an absolutely great post by Vinnie Marchandani force me to write another post today I best start with the wiki link to Omphaloskepsis - one down, two to go. Subscribe Top Posts Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt Enterprise 2.0:

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Wanna new job? How about CEO at SocialText?

Mark Oehlert

Ross is the founder of Social Text , "the first wiki company and leading provider of Enterprise 2.0 It is time for Socialtext to be taken to the next level,and for that, I want to openly recruit the CEO 2.0 " ( click for more ) Now that, is recruiting 2.0. books futures Web 2.0

Why #VRM is Fools' Gold

Martijn Linssen

Heres the definition of VRM according to Wiki: The goal of VRM is to improve the relationship between the demand-side and the supply-side of markets by providing new and better ways for the former to relate to the latter. Face it VRM is as bad an idea as was ESB: Enterprise Service Bus. Over the years Ive seen that definition on the wiki twist and turn from outrageous Gartner lie to anonymous Integration anachronism. Enterprise 1.0 - The Dysfunctional Family? (S)R

Wiki 133

Data From The Edge

Andy McAfee

Alcoa put in place Traction Software’s wiki tool to reduce the amount of time spent on compliance activities. OSISoft adopted Socialtext’s Enterprise 2.0 Here are graphs (reproduced here with permission) showing what happened to performance over time at a single unit at each company: Performance improvement following Enterprise 2.0 Performance improvement following Enterprise 2.0

Data 205

The Hare, the Tortoise and the Jackass of Social HR

Dan Pontefract

To those social business, collaboration, HR technology and Enterprise 2.0 “Get these collaboration tools into your organization as quickly as possible because your employees need to start blogging and creating wiki’s,” says several hundred vendors today. I tweeted a joke hashtag last week. dpontefract: I’m proposing a new hashtag … #e20socbizhrtechedtechentswfutureofworktchat … that just about covers it.

Steve Denning Nails It on Forbes: Paradigm Shift in Leadership and Management

Dan Pontefract

Fred Reichheld et al) and Leadership in a Wiki World (Rod Collins), The Elastic Organization (2012) by Nicholas Vitalari and Haydn Shaughnessy; The End of Competitive Advantage (2013) by Rita McGrath; Flat Army (2013) by Dan Pontefract: The Connected Organization (2013) by Dave Gray ; Enterprise Software Delivery (2013) by Alan Brown and Reinventing Giants (2013) Bill Fischer et al. Photo courtesy of Forbes / Steve Denning.

Hot topics in Working Smarter for the past 12 months

Jay Cross

The Org Structure of Enterprise 2.0 - Dan Pontefract , April 18, 2010. Culture Change or Enterprise 2.0 Wikis and Learning – 60 Resources - Tony Karrer , July 13, 2010. Working Smarter Daily can point to more than today’s hot topics. It will provide pointers to what’s proved important over longer periods of time. Push the CHANGE EDITION button to select a range of dates.

Performance Support

Clark Quinn

Jay tells us: Performance support is blossoming in organizations today under the label of Web 2.0. That’s how we use Google and corporate wikis and instant messenger. Jay does speak to this in his post, but I'm not sure that the adoption of Enterprise 2.0 He later asks: Overall, what are corporate blogs, feeds, aggregators, wikis, mash-ups, locator systems, collaboration environments, and widgets, if not performance support?

FAQ 107

The Collaboration Curve

Dan Pontefract

Now that I’m on a mission to merge the terms Social Business and Enterprise 2.0 We can include such opportunities as wikis, blogs, micro-blogging, user-generated videos and webinars, discussion forums, virtual worlds, mentoring, coaching, chalk talks, etc. and rephrase as Collaboration , I thought it would be a good time to introduce “ The Collaboration Curve ”. .

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Why customer service can't.

Martijn Linssen

Wikis definition suits me: Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase In the ideal situation , a product is that good that it doesnt need WOM , or simply publicity, and will sell itself - meaning no customer will ever have to rely on before-purchase service of your product. Subscribe Top Posts Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt Enterprise 2.0: Enterprise 1.0 - The Dysfunctional Family? (S)R

Quick Wins

Clark Quinn

Here's the gist of his thinking: As I become more and more convinced that implementing next-gen/Web 2.0 I agree with Mark that there are fairly sizable organizational culture aspects to enterprise adoption of enterprise 2.0 / web 2.0 / eLearning 2.0. And, when you look at adoption patterns - a lot of what makes adoption of Web 2.0 Mark - there's a reason that Andrew McAfee talks about these things being emergent ( Enterprise 2.0:

FAQ 100

Standalone LMS is Still Dead (rebutting & agreeing w/ Dave Wilkins)

Dan Pontefract

Many organizations have a legacy LMS but they also may have an intranet, wiki, blog system, video portal, discussion forum, ERP, evaluation/assessment/survey application, records management, content/document management system, network shares, micro-blog service, skills inventory, employee profile system, instant messaging service, certification tracking, idea sharing application, or they are thinking about implementing these tools in the near future. Put another way, the Enterprise 2.0

Working Smarter in Social Business

Jay Cross

This takes more than access to social networks, blogs, and wikis. The corporate learning function is only now sticking its toe in the enterprise 2.0 If you’re not plugged in and running fast at work, you’re falling behind. Continuous improvement. Business people face more and more novel situations every day. You have to be learning continuously to deal with the onslaught of unfamiliar, complex problems.

FAQ 131

Twitter's accidental path to monetisation

Martijn Linssen

Subscribe Top Posts Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt Enterprise 2.0: Real Profitability Part I: The Big Three and Four Enterprise microblogging: measuring true value "is. Enterprise microblogging should be pay-per-use In retrospect 2000-2010: omphaloskepsis ruled The evident relationship between solar and ice? Old meets new world: enterprise UX The real cause of Global Warming: the Vatican Integration: your place or mine?

Spending or Wasting Time on Web 2.0 Tools?

Tony Karrer

I just read a couple interesting posts: The Pursuit of Busyness - by Andrew McAfee and The Enterprise 2.0 Hawthorne Effect and Enterprise 2.0's Andrew McAfee raises an interesting dilemma about the use of Web 2.0 Joe summarizes this concern wonderfully - That is, won't employees spending time on the Web checking out Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0-related tools and sites be perceived as not spending enough time at their "real” jobs?

Learning With and From Others: Restructuring Budgets for Social Learning

Dan Pontefract

Add to this the rising inferno (and demand) of social media, informal learning, and anything to do with a 2.0 Given the meteoric rise of social media in the consumer space, it was only a matter of time before various 2.0 Andrew McAfee of MIT recognized this dilemma and argued there was a place for it inside a company and coined it Enterprise 2.0, But where things have really gotten interesting of late is that many social media and thus Enterprise 2.0

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Advertising - paying for our.

Martijn Linssen

Ads - no wiki definition needed this time I think I recommended TweetCaster to Thijs Muis the other day, for Android, and the first thing he said after installing it was: @ MartijnLinssen has ads! Tweet op 1/28/2011 11:09:00 AM Labels: 1.0 , 2.0 , change , growth , social media , trust , Twitter Advertising - paying for our free(mium) world for how long? Subscribe Top Posts Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt Enterprise 2.0: Enterprise 2.0: