Why microblogging has moved to the heart of enterprise social initiatives

Trends in the Living Networks

Of all the social media platforms microblogging is the most akin to conversation,” he said. When I wrote Implementing Enterprise 2.0 in January 2009, I included in the “Tools” section Wikis, Blogs, Social Networks, RSS and Syndication, Social Bookmarking, and Microblogging. Intriguingly, I am hearing that some companies are using Twitter as a free enterprise microblogging platform, using protected accounts. Enterprise 2.0

Should Knowledge Workers have E2.0 Ratings, Part 3

Andy McAfee

Ratings, Part 3 by Andrew McAfee on November 21, 2008 My previous two posts on measuring knowledge workers’ participation in Enterprise 2.0 Instead, the organization’s leaders can guide Enterprise 2.0 One other problem with measuring high level outcomes like innovativeness and productivity is that they’re typically measured at the level of the group or the entire enterprise. In this way, Enterprise 2.0