Creating a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation for Enterprise 2.0 and internal social media

Trends in the Living Networks

To be frank, I think ROI calculations for social initiatives are in most cases a waste of time, because so many of the benefits and costs are unknowable before the initiative. Chapter 16 of my report Implementing Enterprise 2.0 One of the resources I provide in the chapter is a table to help make ROI calculations. If so, also have a look at the free chapters from Implementing Enterprise 2.0 Return on Investment for Enterprise 2.0

To Really Drive Enterprise 2.0 Forward We Need A Behaviour Change

Dan Pontefract

Dropping Enterprise 2.0 / Social Anything tools into the company theater is not going to guarantee your employees/leaders are collaborating and it’s certainly not going to drive reciprocity. Enterprise 2.0 The technologists are happy discussing Enterprise 2.0 / Social Anything features, gizmo’s and futuristic trends … but they forget about the behaviours that are needed to actually make the software more effective in the first place.


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Dion Hinchcliffe’s Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0

Jay Cross

A thriving social network is the backbone of social learning in the enterprise. Hinchcliffe, a respected interpreter of all things enterprise 2.0, today announced an alliance with Socialtext and Asuret called Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0. Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0 The new service promises the moon: Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0 Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0 There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Enterprise 2.0.

If I Were CEO, I’d Mandate Enterprise 2.0

Dan Pontefract

If I were a CEO, I’d mandate Enterprise 2.0 For those that are looking for a little more proof, I present to you three studies/surveys (of many) that can help one in their understanding of why Enterprise 2.0 One facet of Enterprise 2.0, In a comment to a blog post entitled “ The Holy Trinity: Leadership Framework, Learning 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0 “ I stated “ Networks don’t need org charts, but org charts need networks ”.

How the Client Experience Defines the New ROI of Social Business – Finally, A New KPI in the Making

Luis Suarez

How the Client Experience Defines the New ROI of Social Business. “I remember when things were just getting started with Enterprise 2.0, then Social Business, how we were all trying to prove the business value of social technologies and even our very existence as 2.0 That’s just one example of many of how we can aim higher to strike a balanced, measurable set of outcomes to prove the ROI of Social Business.

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Open Spaces, Open Minds Redux (An Open 2.0 Culture)

Dan Pontefract

Enterprise 2.0, Social Learning, Learnerprise , whatever you want to call it, clearly articulates that an open 2.0 Our organizations need to embrace the open culture, Enterprise 2.0, If the C-Suite is looking for ROI, let’s not prove it by return on investment, but by return on intelligence. Culture enterprise 2.0 Tags: 2.0

You Need To Launch An Internal 2.0 Adoption Council

Dan Pontefract

The intention of the group though remains the same, although I would argue slightly augmented due to the meteoric rise of Enterprise 2.0 I tend to agree with Nenshad Bardoliwalla and a recent blog post entitled “ Is Enterprise 2.0 It is not that Enteprise 2.0 The 2.0 That 2.0 Hence, why I think every organization requires a cross-functional 2.0 The 2.0 and yes – I’m happy to be a member of an External 2.0

Making social media happen in government: case study of NSW Department of Education

Trends in the Living Networks

Barriers to engagement include loss of control, staff performance, ROI, brand reputation, security, and poor understanding. Enterprise 2.0 Social media Social networks Web 2.0I’m at the launch meeting of the social media community of practice set up by Institute of Public Administration NSW (IPAA).

The future of Chief Marketing Officers and leadership

Trends in the Living Networks

The low rating of finance skills seems to be a significant oversight, given the increased corporate emphasis on measurability and ROI in marketing. Enterprise 2.0 Last week I attended a breakfast organized by IBM for a small group of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and influencers, hosted by its Australian CMO Mark Willson. IBM had recently launched its global CMO study , showing what CMOs are thinking about marketing today and in the future.

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Favorite 2009 posts on Informal Learning Blog

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

O n web2logo , you click a logo and find out about a Web 2.0 I have been struggling to put together a matrix of with Web 2.0 There are too many subdivisions of the Web 2.0 The ROI of Enterprise 2.0 M any a corporation misses massive opportunities by demanding to know “Where’s the ROI?” in cases where ROI is an inappropriate and misleading indicator. To others, ROI is a way to coax people to make the business case for a proposal.

Good Posts from Last Week

Tony Karrer

Determining the ROI of Enterprise 2.0 | Enterprise Web 2.0 | , April 15, 2009 The Web: Design for Active Learning , April 17, 2009 The (changed) information cycle , April 17, 2009 3 Things to Consider When Building Your E-Learning Courses , April 14, 2009 Effective knowledge sharing , April 15, 2009 conversation matters: What Do We Get From Conversation That We Can't Get Any Other Way?

Forgiveness - damned if you don't

Martijn Linssen

Whatever image you formed in your heart and mind ages ago, does it ROI having it there? Subscribe Top Posts Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt Enterprise 2.0: Real Profitability Part I: The Big Three and Four Enterprise microblogging: measuring true value "is. Enterprise microblogging should be pay-per-use In retrospect 2000-2010: omphaloskepsis ruled The evident relationship between solar and ice? Enterprise 2.0:

Learning With and From Others: Restructuring Budgets for Social Learning

Dan Pontefract

Add to this the rising inferno (and demand) of social media, informal learning, and anything to do with a 2.0 Given the meteoric rise of social media in the consumer space, it was only a matter of time before various 2.0 Andrew McAfee of MIT recognized this dilemma and argued there was a place for it inside a company and coined it Enterprise 2.0, But where things have really gotten interesting of late is that many social media and thus Enterprise 2.0

Social Customer Service - proving you failed?

Martijn Linssen

And on second thoughts, of course your product can break down and people complain about it, but if it ROIs to dig out an entirely new channel to approach them, arent your existing ones lacking beyond recognition? Subscribe Top Posts Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt Enterprise 2.0: Real Profitability Part I: The Big Three and Four Enterprise microblogging: measuring true value "is. Enterprise 1.0 - The Dysfunctional Family? (S)R

In retrospect 2000-2010: omphaloskepsis ruled

Martijn Linssen

Navel-gazing is a frequently used term here in NL to label people who arent too preoccupied with the world around them, putting it nicely The conversation with Thierry started with customer service, me stating that @tdebaillon Theres an inverse relationship between product margin and customer service - as illogical as that sounds More sarcastically, I added that bad products seem to ROI best, at which Thierry replied @MartijnLinssen @mijori23 Not the best, but the more short-term profitable.

Social shifts the focus from Presales to Aftersales

Martijn Linssen

is dead, just like CustServ 1.0 - better invest in Custserv 2.0 than Marketing 2.0! Lets equally agree on the fact that there are a Marketing 2.0 and CustomerService 2.0 While a vast part of the social evangelists was either desperately trying to frantically avoid the topic of ROI or looking very hard for business cases justifying Marketing 2.0, for what it is, and invest in CustomerService 2.0; Enterprise 1.0 - The Dysfunctional Family? (S)R

The False Promise of "Adopt now, and all will adapt"

Martijn Linssen

No matter how large a company or even enterprise is, people all across it will understand each other if theyre in the same ballpark, and share a business vocabulary for processes, activities, rules and exceptions. There are a lot of simple tools out there that will give every employee a voice in this, maximising your ROI. Subscribe Top Posts Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt Enterprise 2.0: Enterprise 1.0 - The Dysfunctional Family? (S)R

What’s Your Purpose?

Luis Suarez

I know that headline may well be both a bit too provocative and rather pessimistic at best, but I guess we can’t deny there are far too many reasons out there as to why that may be happening, as Dion Hinchcliffe himself wrote, quite nicely, over 6 years ago, in a rather insightful article titled: ’ 14 Reasons Why Enterprise 2.0 Now, this is not, at all, at this point in time, about trying to figure out the ROI of Social Business. Frankly, to be 2.0 Hippie 2.0

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Klout. Nail. Coffin. Who cares?

Martijn Linssen

In the end its pretty simple, if our numbers dont prove out and help companies drive some value in terms or ROI or happier customers than well be replaced with something else. and a bit 2.0 Subscribe Top Posts Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt Enterprise 2.0: Real Profitability Part I: The Big Three and Four Enterprise microblogging: measuring true value "is. Enterprise 1.0 - The Dysfunctional Family? (S)R Enterprise 2.0:

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: The product-to-service.

Martijn Linssen

It's really hard to measure it all, and it doesn't help that SAP and Oracle offer what i call "future lock-in": the money spent on it all runs in the millions and all that won't even start to pay back or ROI well within years from now. Subscribe Top Posts Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt Enterprise 2.0: Real Profitability Part I: The Big Three and Four Enterprise microblogging: measuring true value "is.

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Failure is the means to the.

Martijn Linssen

Take a look at any enterprise collection of middle management, and youll see a sad example of optimising that paradigm. No, really, what is the ROI of avoiding to fail? Subscribe Top Posts Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt Enterprise 2.0: Real Profitability Part I: The Big Three and Four Enterprise microblogging: measuring true value "is. Enterprise 1.0 - The Dysfunctional Family? (S)R Enterprise 2.0:

Social Business Forum Highlights – Social Business on the Shoulders of Giants

Luis Suarez

Welcome to the 2.0 sharing further insights which mimic, almost too close, plenty of the main thinking behind Social Business from all along, even for Social Computing and Enterprise 2.0. Here is the embedded code of Andrew’s slide deck, so you can have a look into it right away as well: Socialising the Enterprise: it’s also about the process – Andrew Gilboy.

Social Business in 2013 – An Opportunity (Open Business)

Luis Suarez

In previous blog entries I have reflected on the fact of how I keep seeing how more and more businesses seem to stagnate in their adoption efforts of becoming a Socially Integrated Enterprise after the first or second year of deploying social technologies behind the firewall (Never mind the external side for a minute… More on that one later on…). Have you noticed how little we see nowadays in writing that awkward, old, now obsolete, conversation about the ROI of Social Media?

Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt

Martijn Linssen

Oh my the implications involved, the political consequence, the loss of face - versus money saved, gained, invested and ROI-ed. Gawd it seems like we release our energy en masse during Summer and Autumn / Fall Luis prepared his post a while ago but got positively kicked in the chins by my other Tweet : Todays enterprises are employed by Millennials and GenX, and run by BabyBoomers - and the gap will widen even more So, once again, it all comes together. Enterprise 2.0:

Quotes from 2010

Harold Jarche

My Little Enterprise 2.0 Henry Mintzberg : “In a word, corporate America is sick.” – “A viable economy needs to be led by explorers, not exploiters.” – “The Problem Is Enterprise, Not Economics” via @jonhusband. charlesjennings “ROI on social learning? Tweet I found many quotes this past year, especially via Twitter. Here are most of them, all together (this way I’ll be able to find them all when I want to use them). NetworkLearning.

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Social (hiccup) CRM tools

Martijn Linssen

As always, tweets were exchanged as a result and there was some destruction but also a lot of construction First, some disclosure : as an Enterprise Integration Architect and a linguist I believe in natural diversity and detest the idea of one-size-fits-all. op 7/16/2010 02:26:00 AM Labels: 2.0 , application development , EAI , Integration , SCRM , social media , supply chain 8reacties: Mike Fraietta said. Enterprise 1.0 - The Dysfunctional Family? (S)R Enterprise 2.0:

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Interesting Information via eLearning Learning

Tony Karrer

As an example, I can see that eLearning 2.0 relates closely to the concepts Learning 2.0 , eLearning Tools , Corporate eLearning , Personal Learning , and Enterprise 2.0 ; the Tools Odeo , CollectiveX , Bea Pages , Apache Roller , and Dogear ; and the Companies NexLearn , Awareness Networks , Element K , and Mzinga. Learning Next Learning Visions Learnlets Mobile Learning The Learning Circuits Blog Will at Work Learning Work 2.0

Web 2.0 and Change Present Challenges to Many Learning Executives

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Web 2.0 Jay Cross is a champion of informal learning (and author of the definitive book on the topic), Web 2.0, One of the things that Andrew McAfee, principal research scientist at the Center for Digital Business in the MIT Sloan School of Management, says when he talks about Enterprise 2.0 However, the technology, specifically Web 2.0, But those organizations that have jumped on board and are working with (Web 2.0

The Evolving Social Organization

Harold Jarche

Simplicity and the Enterprise. To compensate for its complicated processes, the enterprise attempts to shift to another paradigm, and tries to become a learning organization, putting significant effort into training. Complexity and the new Enterprise. This lack of understanding, as well as some existing, but minor, efficiency improvements in tweaking the old system, are the major barriers to adopting Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise social learning.

[from gminks] Social Learning Measurement : eLearning Technology

Tony Karrer

eLearning Technology Tony Karrers eLearning Blog on e-Learning Trends eLearning 2.0 eLearning Solutions Enterprise 2.0 I like what Kevin Jones talked about in Objection #13: How Do You Measure ROI? Rachel Happe suggested some measurements of ROI. Whats interesting to me is that with eLearning 2.0 In your article, I fear that we are looking at eLearning 2.0

First Time Visitor Guide

Tony Karrer

Topics eLearning 2.0 Starting Point: What is eLearning 2.0? eLearning 2.0 - An Immediate, Important Shift eLearning 1.0, and 2.0 Learning Trends Point To and Shape eLearning 2.0 eLearning 2.0 Presentation - ASTD OC eLearning 2.0 Presentation - ISPI Los Angeles Introduction to Wikis, Blogs, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking and RSS Practical Suggestions: Web 2.0 and eLearning 2.0 Other Topic Pages eLearning Trends eLearning 2.0

Communities and Networks Connection Hotlists

Nancy White

Social Media ROI: Measuring the unmeasurable? Circling Around To Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 for an Enterprise of One – Part Two - Content Monitoring - Portals and KM , March 10, 2009. Social media ROI - a calculator for not for profit campaigns - FreshNetworks , March 25, 2009. Response to “SharePoint 2007: Gateway Drug to Enterprise Social Tools&# - Michael Sampson - Currents , March 15, 2009. McKinsey on Making Enterprise 2.0

2012?s Top articles on Working Smarter

Jay Cross

Working Smarter Daily points to ideas from design thinking, network optimization, brain science, user experience design, learning theory, organizational development, social business, technology, collaboration, web 2.0 Web 2.0 Creating a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation for Enterprise 2.0

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Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

Last week I presented a session at ASTD TechKnowledge entitled eLearning 2.0 - Applications and Implications. It could just as easily have been called Web 2.0 I discussed my experience from Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 I've not really seen good examples of business cases (future ROI) for using these tools. Spending or Wasting Time on Web 2.0 Web 2.0 eLearning Trends Enterprise 2.0

eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology

Tony Karrer

eLearning Technology Tony Karrers eLearning Blog on e-Learning Trends eLearning 2.0 eLearning Solutions Enterprise 2.0

Cost 115

Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

Jay Cross

Technology, be it web 2.0 A framework for social learning in the enterprise 129. Learning Communities in the Extended Enterprise 145. ROI is in the mind of the beholder 159. Network Era Productivity: Not Your Father’s ROI 194. Traditional ROI 195. Andrew McAfee’s Characteristics of Enterprise 2.0 248. Instructional Design 2.0. We just cut the price of the eBook to $12. eBook , $12. Paper, $24.

eBook 136