Sat.Feb 06, 2021 - Fri.Feb 12, 2021

Ten IT Predictions for the Post-Pandemic New Normal

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

If not the myths person, then…?

Clark Quinn

There’s a potential belief that I’m the ‘ myths ‘ guy, and I’ve both principled and practical reasons to try to counter that. Here’s my thinking. And, as always, the text. I’ve a dilemma.


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Wherein lies coherence?

Dave Snowden

Things are building nicely for our Exploratory next week looking at the connections between sense-making, complexity, and network theory. It starts next week and runs through to the 10th March which will a lot of time for discussion and thinking.

subject matter networks

Harold Jarche

We live in a networked world. Is it even possible for one person to have sufficient expertise to understand a complex situation such as this pandemic? So do we rely on one subject matter expert or rather a subject matter network ?

What are you doing right now to redesign your place of work before employees return to the building?

Dan Pontefract

The pandemic has certainly taught us one thing about organizations: we don’t need as much physical space for work to happen. We’re currently witnessing the… The post What are you doing right now to redesign your place of work before employees return to the building?

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On the Indieweb

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I'm going to take Daniel Goldsmith's excellent post Praxis and the Indieweb as a point of departure for this post. Like Goldsmith, I am a fan of the Indieweb, or at least, the concept of the Indieweb. And I've been involved, at least around the periphery, in its development for many years.

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Geomorph: potamology 1 of2

Dave Snowden

I’ve been meaning to start a series of posts looking at ideas of flow as they relate to sense-making and that idea has morphed (sic) into creating a series of posts looking at geomorphology as a metaphor, and exemplar in the field.

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MWL Benchmarking Survey

Jane Hart

How modern is your organisation’s approach to workplace learning? In this final survey of this section we ask you which of the activities described on the Roles & Responsibilities page you have already implemented, are planning on implementing, or are not yet planning to implement. You can use this survey to benchmark your organisation’s L&D activities […]. Modern Workplace Learning

Survey 100

Why the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl

Doc Searls

I think there are more reasons to believe in the Bucs than the Chiefs today: better offensive line, better defense, Brady’s unequaled Super Bowl experience, etc. But the Chiefs are favored by 3.5


Rosy fingered dawn …

Dave Snowden

The opening quote in the title is one of the best-known of Homer’s epithets, although in this case the picture does not include the wine dark sea but was instead is taken from our bedroom window early this morning.

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connect, challenge, create

Harold Jarche

Education won’t counter populism — changing education might. Slovakia’s president, Zuzana Caputova, was elected in March 2019, and surprisingly showed a way out of the populist quagmire that many countries find themselves in.

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How eLearning Authoring Tool dominKnow Enhances the TOPYX LMS Content Offering


A learning management system (LMS) and an LMS content provider go hand in hand. An LMS enables companies to deliver online learning to employees, members, volunteers, etc.,

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Looking back at the Acorn Study; Part 4.2: Individual, collective, other

Dave Snowden

Without further ado, let’s pick up where we left off last week! We ended the post on a series of questions, which we can now start to follow up on, and let’s start from one that focused on an outlier: Do people who have positive expectations from business see responsibility differently?

Study 130

the moral minority

Harold Jarche

The elites in charge of organizations and institutions like to think they take into account the opinions of experts, but as this pandemic has shown, that is often not the case. The pandemic response in many countries is political, not guided by the best public health knowledge.