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Mostly harmless

Dave Snowden

I was asked this evening via LinkedIn to comment on the Baldridge Performance Excellence Program and I replied with the title of this post. I’m not sure why I was asked as there is nothing exceptional about it and it has little or no connection with complexity theory.


Dan Pontefract

Watch Dan Pontefract read an excerpt of his 4th book, LEAD. There are 9 practical yet super helpful leadership lessons from Dan’s 4th… The post DAN READS! LESSON #5: Embrace Change – LEAD. EXCERPT appeared first on Pontefract Group. leadership Lead.

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Unpacking collaboration and cooperation?

Clark Quinn

My colleague, Harold Jarche ( the PKM guy), has maintained that cooperation is of more value than collaboration. And for good reason, because cooperation comes from internal motivation instead of external direction.

The AI Factory: A New Kind of Digital Operating Model

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

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Self-destructive tendencies

Dave Snowden

One of the most painful ever scenes for anyone of a progressive mindset is the People’s front of Judea from Monty Pythons Life of Brian which came out in 1979. I think it is my favorite of the Monty Python films.

sensemaking in uncertainty

Harold Jarche

When the pandemic broke out, the situation was generally chaotic and the best response was to act firmly, such as establish a lock-down as soon as possible. “In the chaotic domain, a leader’s immediate job is not to discover patterns but to stanch the bleeding.

Personal Learning: Taking Ownership of Learning Online: Part One

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Note: this is an unedited audio transcript generated by the Google sound recorder app on my Pixel 4. In the future I may edit it (or if you want to, feel free). For now, I provide it as is for your enjoyment.

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Rules of engagement

Dave Snowden

I got a little angry in a Slack group a day or so ago at an attempt to manipulate what was possible, second time round with the individual in question which other participants might not have realised.

six months later

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. Dr. Dipshikha Ghosh — “ A 28yo woman died of post-covid myocarditis today.

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Being There: What Presence Means in a Digital World.

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This is an unedited automated transcript produced by my Pixel 4 from this presentation: [link] Hi everyone. I'm Stephen Downs and I bring you greetings from my home office in Castleman, Ontario, Canada. Thank you for taking the time to watch my presentation today.

WebEx 158

How Healthcare Companies Can Improve Training Efficiency with an LMS


Healthcare companies in the U.S. are in varying degrees of financial distress as a result of COVID-19. One reason for this is because many healthcare organizations are unable to perform elective medical procedures. Hospitals, for example, have taken a huge financial hit because of this. “A

What is the locus of change?

Dave Snowden

This is the first in what will be an occasional series of posts in which I want to examine, in the context of change the role of the individual, that individual’s identity as part of society and the affordances provided thereof.

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an exploratory

Harold Jarche

On 30 September I will be participating in a series of exploratory sessions with Dave Snowden — learning & sense-making in uncertainty and continuous flux and I have discussed some of the concepts previously in sensemaking in uncertainty.

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Top Tools for Learning 2020

Jane Hart

The Top Tools for Learning 2020 was compiled by Jane Hart from the results of the 14th Annual Learning Tools Survey, and released on 1 September 2020. For general information about the survey and this website, visit the About page. For observations and infographics of this year’s list, see Analysis 2020. Modern Workplace Learning

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Necessary ambiguity

Dave Snowden

One of my best memories from the year I turned my back on Diabetes is the walk I did after a fresh snowfall in the sunshine on the Camarthen Fan as the year was coming to its end. The photographs used here come from that walk in which I linked on the tops finally returning the to car in the twilight.

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Analysis of the Top Tools for Learning 2020

Jane Hart

The survey took place at an unprecedented time following a period of lockdown where remote working and remote education was the norm, so the list(s) provide a unique look into how learning is being enabled and supported in these times. Here are my observations on this year’s list(s) together with some infographics that visualise the […]. Modern Workplace Learning