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The Three Types of AI: Artificial, Authentic, and Augmented Intelligence

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

“The history of work - particularly since the Industrial Revolution - is the history of people outsourcing their labor to machines,” notes a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, - AI Should Augment Human Intelligence, Not Replace It , - by National University of Singapore professor David De Cremer and chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov.

Types 263

????? ??? ??????, M????, ??????????: some thoughts around trying to translate Cynefin into Greek

Dave Snowden

Unless this is the first time you have stumbled across this blog by accident, you might have come across the idea of “the Wiki”.

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There's No One Thing Called Ethics

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I wrote this in OLDaily today: There's a lesson here anyone interested in the ethics of AI or education or whatever should heed. There are no simple solutions, because there will never be unanimous agreement on highly contested issues.


Harold Jarche

In 2013 I wrote that work is already a game. Adding badges or other extrinsic motivators to professional learning only detracts from the real game. Gamification also creates incentives that, when removed, may result in going back to previous behaviours.

My ‘Man on the Moon’ Project

Clark Quinn

There have been a variety of proposals for the next ‘man on the moon’ project since JFK first inspired us. This includes going to Mars, infrastructure revitalization, and more. And I’m sympathetic to them. I’d like us to commit to manufacturing and installing solar panels over all parking lots, both to stimulate jobs and the economy, and transform our energy infrastructure, for instance.

Pleaches, Liggers & the ‘C’ words

Dave Snowden

Two interesting sets of interactions on social media triggered today’s post. One was a distinction made between cutting down a tree and trimming a hedge. That one came from a tweet by Sonja in which she said “ I liked the analogy of hedge trimming vs tree felling.

4 Amazing Benefits of Play

KCC Business Psychology

4 Amazing Benefits of Play. Summertime is here! Are you ready for a break? The wonderful truth is that taking a break and making time for play and fun actually creates lots of benefits in other areas of your life.

At the Complexity turn …

Dave Snowden

We live, as the Chinese curse tells us, in interesting times; and those times, to paraphrase Lincoln require us to both think anew and act anew. As ever any radical change is “ piled high with difficulty ” to extend the Lincoln quote. It was true in 1862 and it is true today.