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we are dependent on human connection

Harold Jarche

What we do not know. Our networks are great places for serendipitous connections. But they are not safe places to have deeper conversations or to expose our points of view, I noted last year in coffee, communities, and condescension. The difference between an open social network (e.g.

How to Support the Widespread Adoption of AI

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

“Artificial intelligence is reshaping business - though not at the blistering pace many assume,” notes Building the AI-Powered Organization , an article in Harvard Business Review by McKinsey partners Tim Fountaine , Brian McCarthy , and Tamim Saleh in its opening sentence.

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Endorsements, rigor, & scrutability

Clark Quinn

I was recently asked to endorse two totally separate things. And it made me reflect on just what my principles for such an action might be. So here’s an gentrified version of my first thoughts on my principles for endorsements: First, my reputation is based on rigor in thought, and integrity in action. Thus, anyone I’d endorse both has to be scrutable both in quality of design and in effectiveness in execution. So, to establish those, I need to do several things.

Design 119

Rubber necking life

Euen Semple

One consequence of driving every day is that I am seeing, and being affected by, many more road traffic incidents. Yesterday I was stuck for nearly an hour and a half when they closed the M25 after a bad crash. What is it about car crashes that holds such a morbid fascination? Why do people slow down so much to “rubber neck” that they block up the other side of motorways? Even though I really hate the idea of people being hurt I still get a strange thrill passing an incident.



Harold Jarche

Crooked Broker Capitalists. Dave Pollard (2007) showed that in a ‘crooked broker society’, an Exploiter oppresses a Desperate Supplier. This unbalanced relationship is reinforced by a Procurer who in turn gouges an Addicted Buyer.

PKM 249

Trade Association Software: Do You Need a Built-In LMS or Best-of-Breed Software?


A learning management system (LMS) provides a great deal of value for an association. Some of the benefits of an LMS for associations include on-demand training, course variety, collaborative learning opportunities, tools to create SME training, and cost savings.

cracking the chambers

Harold Jarche

Thi Nguyen, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Utah Valley University describes two related but distinct phenomena of collective human behaviour — bubbles and chambers. An epistemic bubble is what happens when insiders aren’t exposed to people from the opposite side.

3 Tips for Creating the Perfect eLearning Video for Your Onboarding Program


Onboarding is one of the most critical types of employee training. According to a study mentioned by Work Institute, a structured onboarding program increases the likelihood of retaining new hires for at least 3 years by 60 percent.