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How Will Covid-19 Transform Urban Life?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In Why America’s Richest Cities Keep Getting Richer , a 2017 article in The Atlantic , urban studies professor and author Richard Florida wrote: “The most important and innovative industries and the most talented, most ambitious, and wealthiest people are converging as never before in a relative handful of leading superstar cities that are knowledge and tech hubs.

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Announcing Three Free Virtual Book Launch Events for LEAD. CARE. WIN.

Dan Pontefract

Given the chances of a face-to-face book and speaking tour in 2020 for LEAD. is as likely as me growing a full head of hair again, I am … Continue reading "Announcing Three Free Virtual Book Launch Events for LEAD. WIN.". The post Announcing Three Free Virtual Book Launch Events for LEAD. appeared first on Dan Pontefract. leadership Lead.


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Myths, publishers, and confusion

Clark Quinn

On twitter the other day, I was asked how I could on one hand rail against myths, and on the other work with orgs who either sell or promote DiSC and MBTI. The problem, it appears, was a perception that I’m deeply involved with orgs that perpetuate the problem. I thought I’d try to clarify all this, and make sense of myths, publishers and confusion. The dialog started as a reaction to an article I pointed to on twitter.

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Misadventures in Content Production: Why “Rapid” Tool Aren’t Really Rapid


Let’s be honest — so-called “rapid” authoring tools aren’t really rapid at all. What you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG,) or “rapid” tools, apply styles that are hard-coded into the content, which means that the writing and designing are coupled together. Authors can write the content while controlling the heading color, font size, paragraph spacing, table shading and more, right within the tool itself. This should save time, right? In fact, it does just the opposite.


Harold Jarche

For the next few weeks I will be taking a break from blogging. I will still post my fortnightly Friday’s Finds but I will focus my writing on some offline projects and take some time off to reflect. In the meantime, if you are craving something to read, there are over 3,000 posts on this site. Check out my book reviews and synopses to add to your own reading lists. These topics may be of interest: Leadership. Complexity. Innovation. See you after my blog hiatus. PS: Happy Canada Day! “I

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An audio blog post

Doc Searls

I’m trying something new here, speaking instead of writing. Here it is: [link]. I recorded it last night while walking twelve thousand steps, briskly, on the deck of my house. Think of it as a kind of voice mail to readers. The topic I cover is one I’ve written about here; but I’m not going to provide any links—at least not yet. That’s because I want to see if what I’m trying to say comes across better in speaking than in writing.

An L&D Challenge?

Clark Quinn

A colleague and friend posted about masks, and I weighed in. He suggested that it’s really a learning issue. I’m not sure I agree, but I thought it might be interesting to explore. So here’s an L&D challenge to consider. First, masks make sense , scientifically. They reduce the chance that someone might contaminate someone else.

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Audio blog #2

Doc Searls

[link]. Yesterday’s audio blog post (again, not a podcast—I already do two of those ) had 81 visits during that day and another couple dozen this morning. It also got one response on Facebook, a few on Twitter and a couple by email and other channels. Two responses were to the substance of the post, and one addressed the issue of recording while walking. Which I admit was an issue.

3 Surprising Ways eLearning Fosters Workplace Diversity and Inclusivity


Diversity in the workplace matters. It’s important that companies both hire diverse employees and nurture a diverse company culture that supports those employees. When companies recruit and retain a diverse pool of people, it brings about different benefits to the company as well as its employees,” according to 6Q.