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5 reasons to think differently about learning management in the modern workplace

Jane Hart

Whilst there might good reason to have some sort of LMS to track and manage your compliance and other mandatory training, here are some reasons to think differently about learning management. Social learning

Blockchain Killer-Apps

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A killer app is an IT application whose value is simple to explain, its use is fairly intuitive, and the application turns out to be so useful that it helps propel the success of a product or service.

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a foundation for the future of work

Harold Jarche

So what is the future of work and how can we best learn how to adapt to a post-industrial, network economy? There is no shortage of future skills prescribed by various think-tanks and organizations. The World Economic Forum (2016) identified 10 work skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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You Can Now Pre-Order OPEN to THINK, Dan Pontefract’s Next Book, Releasing September 11

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: I am excited, delighted and proud to let you know my third book is now available for pre-orders. OPEN to THINK: Slow Down, Think Creatively, Dan's Related Posts: Full Book Jacket Cover Released for The Purpose Effect. Coming September 27, An Addendum to The Purpose Effect. Download Chapter 1 for Free – Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged… Free Download of Chapter 1 – The Purpose Effect .

MWL Newsletter No 54

Jane Hart

Posts, articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) for the week 25 February – 3 March 2018. Social learning

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The meta-program

Clark Quinn

A couple of weeks ago, I posited what I thought might make the basis for a sustainable degree program. That is, one that prepares students for a world with increasing change.

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Lock Him Up !

Nine Shift

Notice that the majority of efforts to help boys involve paying adults, not providing resources for troubled boys. . When my brother was in high school, he stole some bikes. Appearing before the judge, the judge said "Don't do that again." My brother never did.

retrieving gender balance

Harold Jarche

In honour of international women’s day , I am sharing this chapter from Life in Perpetual Beta 2.0 , part of the perpetual beta series. It is a synthesis of several previously published blog posts, one of which raised the ire of several readers. Power & Media.

Memories of Dinas Bran

Dave Snowden

Thanks to the combination of Storm Emma and the global warming induced icy blast from Siberia I am stuck for a day in the Royal Hotel in Llangollen. Its one of those hotels that has a sense of decayed Victorian elegance about it, with the emphasis on decayed.

Activity or Application?

Clark Quinn

I’m a fan of Michael Allen’s, not only because he knows his stuff and he’s a very good person, but also because he has a knack for making things accessible.

Why School Shooters Target Schools

Nine Shift

Until someone does better research, here's the evidence for why school shooters target schools. These young men have been humiliated and embarrassed in school. They have been punished in school. And their entire careers and future have been taken away from them by teachers and the schools. .

Digital Transformation

Euen Semple

I heard recently that in response to their “emissions scandal” VW have unleashed a new set of rules on “proper legal and ethical behaviour” on their staff. The irony of those who created the culture that caused the problems in the first place being the ones to issue the rules is staggering. It’s the same with Digital Transformation. The biggest challenge is that the transition to a new world is in the hands of the old.

Fear Not

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: To the dreamer who fears the shadow of failure, step into the light of certain imperfections. Dan Pontefract. Dan's Related Posts: Musings On Collaboration, Cooperation and Coordination. Metaphors on Mission. In Victim. Flat Army Dedication. Let’s Stop Penalizing the Dreamers. Thanks for reading. visit the original at [link]. poetry poem

vanity fare

Harold Jarche

There are many rankings and listings published for most industries and fields. There are also industry prizes, like the Academy Awards or the BAFTA film awards. With some you even have to pay to submit your application. I work in several fields and from time to time get listed as an influencer in some category. Too often these awards and rankings have no published criteria, so they appear from the outside, to be nothing more than a popularity contest.

Between the stimulus and the response

Euen Semple

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." " Viktor E. Frankl. I try to write as clearly and unambiguously in my posts as I can, but sometimes the comments that people leave really come out of left field and appear to have little to do with my original post.


Helping people to catch up

Euen Semple

One of the challenges of my work has always been balancing clients' need to anticipate the big technology driven changes that will impact their business with sometimes really basic questions about how to use Twitter! Even those involved in "digital" can be unclear why. They focus on the practicalities and get busy building things or doing stuff - often simply because other companies around them are.

Clever people

Euen Semple

I am really early for my first meeting this morning and so am sitting in a Pret A Manger on Finsbury Square. I know I shouldn't be earwigging but it's hard not to listen to the group of men sitting at the table next to me. Essex lads from their accents, discussing what sound like office fit-outs. Their conversation reminds me yet again of the amazing amount of expertise there is these days.