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mapping stories

Harold Jarche

This past week I have been reading interview transcripts for a client. After reading several of these 20-page documents it became clear what was able to hold my attention — stories, especially first person accounts. I also remember the stories much better than the general discussions or advice given. One of the simplest definitions of storytelling is by Jonathan Gottschall in The Storytelling Animal — Story = Character + Predicament + Attempted Extrication.

PKM 174

Cultural Comment Shift

Clark Quinn

I’ve been blogging now for over a decade, and one thing has changed. The phenomena is that we’re seeing a cultural comment shift; comments are now coming from shared platforms, not directly on the site. And while I try not to care, I’m finding it interesting to reflect on the implications of that, in a small way. When I started, people would comment right on the blog. It still happens, but not in the way it used to.


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Impact of AI on Government - Opportunities and Challenges

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A few weeks ago I wrote about Leveraging AI to Transform Government based on a 2018 report by the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center for the Business of Government. The report illustrates how government is using AI by describing four use cases being pursued by different agencies. In 2019, the Partnership and IBM collaborated on two additional reports, Assessing the Impact of AI on the Work of Government , and Building Trust, Managing Risks.

Holiday Card


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workplace learning — yesterday, today, tomorrow

Harold Jarche

Ten years ago — workplace learning in 10 years — I wrote that in 2019 much of the workforce will be distributed in time & space as well as in engagement. I also projected that work and learning will continue to blend while stand-up training will be challenged by the ever-present back channel. I predicted that the concept of personal knowledge mastery will have permeated much of the workplace. This last prediction has gained momentum in the past few years.

PKM 168

At Root an Evanescence

Doc Searls

A Route of Evanescence, With a revolving Wheel –. A Resonance of Emerald. A Rush of Cochineal –. And every Blossom on the Bush. Adjusts it’s tumbled Head –. The Mail from Tunis – probably, An easy Morning’s Ride –. Emily Dickinson. ( via The Poetry Foundation ).

Close the Retail Skills Gap with an Online Learning Platform


Retail skills are critical to the success of both a retail worker and a company, but many people lack these skills. This has created a skills gap in the retail sector. The NRF Foundation acknowledged the retail skills gap and launched a training and credentialing initiative designed to provide individuals with the skills they need to obtain retail jobs.

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The Quest for Capabilities

Edge Perspectives

At the Center for the Edge, we’re launching a new research effort and we would welcome suggestions and ideas. Redefining work. This research effort is an extension of our most recent research on the untapped opportunity that all institutions have to redefine work and deliver far more value to their stakeholders and the institution itself.

3 Ways a Nonprofit LMS Can Drive Member Engagement


Many nonprofits choose an online learning platform when seeking a training solution. A flat-fee LMS can provide cost-effective training for an organization’s members, staff, and volunteers, but its benefits don’t stop there. A nonprofit LMS also helps organizational leaders unify geographically separated membership and boost the effectiveness of the training tools that are already being offered. Additionally, an eLearning system can promote member engagement.