Sat.Jun 12, 2021 - Fri.Jun 18, 2021

Cloud's Trillion Dollars 2030 Potential

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

“Thanks in part to cloud, Moderna was able to deliver the first clinical batch of its vaccine candidate (mRNA-1273) to the US National Institute of Health for phase one trials just 42 days after the initial sequencing of the virus,” wrote the authors of a recent McKinsey article, - Cloud’s trillion dollar prize is up for grabs.

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Management Musings: Episode 8 – My Draft Manifesto

Dan Pontefract

In Episode 8 of “Management Musings,” I’m asking for your assistance. I’m hoping to gather feedback from you on a draft version of my manifesto.… … The post Management Musings: Episode 8 – My Draft Manifesto appeared first on Pontefract Group.

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Exploring Exploration

Clark Quinn

Learning, I suggest, is action and reflection. And instruction should be designed action and guided reflection.) What that action typically ends up being is some sort of exploration (aka experimentation). Thus, in my mind, exploration is a critical concept for learning.

How Omni-Channel Publishing Makes Your Job Easier


Learning content doesn’t just live in an instructor-led training (ILT) , virtual instructor-led training (v ILT) , or eLearning bubble anymore. If you’re developing content, you have to deliver lots of different experiences to different audiences.

Leveraging Cloud Computing to Enhance the Nation’s Cybersecurity

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

There’s clearly an urgent need to significantly improve the security and resilience of IT systems and applications in light of the growing threat of cyberattacks, which FBI director Christopher Wray recently compared to addressing the challenge of global terrorism following the 9/11 attack.

we don’t need no stinking jobs

Harold Jarche

Last month I wrote that if you are wondering why work is not getting done as desired, then focus on the system. As we see people returning to offices and workplaces (hopefully post-pandemic) we should reflect on what this past year of remote working has really accomplished.

Update on my events

Clark Quinn

In January I posted about my upcoming webinars (now past), workshops, etc. As things open up again (yay, vaccines), some upcoming events will be happening live! And, of course, virtual. In fact, one starts next week! So I thought it time to update you on the things I’ll be doing.