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The Real Business of Blockchain

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Personalized and adaptive learning

Clark Quinn

For reasons that are unclear even to me, I was thinking about personalized versus adaptive learning. They’re similar in some ways, but also different. And a way to distinguish them occurred to me.

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Why I Wrote LEAD. CARE. WIN.

Dan Pontefract

Five years ago, I was coming off the stage from a keynote in the US when a woman approached me. She was mid-to-late 30’s and… The post Why I Wrote LEAD. appeared first on Pontefract Group. leadership Lead.

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when training is the wrong solution

Harold Jarche

Training is too often the proverbial hammer in search of nails. It’s an easy check mark to show that action has been taken, assuming that improving individual skills is the core issue that needs to be addressed. But training does not improve diversity.


Dave Snowden

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3 LMS Social Learning Tools to Connect Your Dispersed Workforce


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused social isolation on a global scale, including in the workplace. Many employees no longer feel safe talking to one another, even when six feet apart and wearing face masks. Out of concern for their health and the health of their loved ones, some workers are opting to be as isolated as possible while at work. Others are working from home and participating in remote training , either out of choice or workplace mandate, and are experiencing isolation as a result.

My Music Playlist In Honour Of Eddie Van Halen

Dan Pontefract

I guess I was a closet Van Halen fan. The news of Eddie Van Halen’s passing this week shook me more than I thought it… The post My Music Playlist In Honour Of Eddie Van Halen appeared first on Pontefract Group. Music Dan's Music Playlist Eddie Van Halen music

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supporting workplace performance

Harold Jarche

Many workplace performance issues cannot be solved through training, such as: Poor communications. Unclear expectations (such as policies & guidelines). Inadequate resources. Unclear performance measures. Rewards and consequences are not directly linked to the desired performance.

3 Ways to Make eLearning More Learner-Centric (and Why it Matters)


The majority of companies offer employee training of some type, but not all training is geared toward individual learners. The fact that 33 percent of employees are disengaged at work makes this evident as quality, personalized employee training can contribute to greater levels of overall engagement. Learners are more likely to be engaged with training that is designed with their needs in mind and isn’t one-size-fits-all.

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