Sat.Dec 12, 2020 - Fri.Dec 18, 2020

Why Business Transformation Efforts Often Fail

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A 2019 study found that the average digitization level across all industry sectors was only around 25% of their ultimate potential. But, t he pandemic has now made the case for accelerating the digital transformations firms and economies were forced to make to help them cope with the crisis.

ligne de fuite: 1 of 3

Dave Snowden

Anyone starting to get interested in complexity theory will sooner or later come across various common biological metaphors or examples. Boids algorithm which approximates the flocking behaviour of birds is a classic.


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Thank You To The Clients Who Hired Me In 2020

Dan Pontefract

A short video of thanks to the organizations that hired the Pontefract Group and me (Dan Pontefract) for culture assessments, consultative work, workshops, keynotes, and… The post Thank You To The Clients Who Hired Me In 2020 appeared first on Pontefract Group.

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Five trends for 2021

Clark Quinn

As frequently happens, I get asked for my predictions. And, of course, I have reservations. Here’s a video that provides the qualifications, and five trends for 2021 that I’d expect, or like, to see.

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Be the hawk

Doc Searls

On Quora the question went, If you went from an IQ of 135+ to 100, how would it feel? Here’s how I answered :::: I went through that as a kid, and it was no fun. In Kindergarten, my IQ score was at the top of the bell curve, and they put me in the smart kid class.

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Mycorrhiza & scaffolding 2 of 2

Dave Snowden

In my earlier post I reprised my earlier work on the role of informal networks with a view to updating and extending that today, keeping with the metaphor of mycorrhiza. In the meantime Valdis has made a first post in his work and ideas.

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What's Next for MOOCs

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Hi, I'm Stephen Downes videoing in from Casselman in Ontario, Canada. My talk today is called What's Next for MOOCs. Now that might be a bit of a surprise for you because you probably read last year or maybe the year before or five years ago, that moocs are dead.

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a global clown show

Harold Jarche

In 2007 I was concerned that Facebook was selling personal data. That same year I asked if there could be a public alternative to Facebook By 2010 I had left the platform.

Valdis’ Response to Dave’s Recent Posts

Dave Snowden

Initially Dave and I each wrote a post around what see as important to discuss in the upcoming Exploratory. Part of what we are doing here is sense-making and now I am going to make sense of what David wrote and start a conversation on those topics. Social and Organizational Network Analysis (SNA/ONA). Reading through Dave’s first post I noticed his comments on SNA/ONA. Dave and I were first exposed to SNA/ONA at IBM in the 1990s. He was an internal IBM manager.

Institutional Support for Personal Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Unedited Automated Transcript, December 14,2020 All right, um, so hello everyone.

Social shell games

Doc Searls

If you listen to Episode 49: Parler, Ownership, and Open Source of the latest Reality 2.0 podcast, you’ll learn that I was blindsided at first by the topic of Parler , which has lately become a thing. But I caught up fast, even getting a Parler account not long after the show ended.

5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Social Distancing

KCC Business Psychology

5 Ways to Happily Celebrate the Holidays in a Socially Distanced Season. With the challenges and losses we’ve faced this year, gearing up for happy holidays may feel more overwhelming than usual. Some of our traditions may be altered or impossible this year.

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4 Essential Features for Your Next Remote Training Platform


Choosing the best possible remote training platform for your company can be a challenge because there is such a large variety of options on the market.

The Top 3 Benefits of AI for Fundraisers

Beth Kanter

Allison Fine and I originally published this blog post on the Candid Blog here. Please join us on January 13, 2021, for a free webinar on AI & generosity to explore these issues further. Register for the webinar. We are often asked, “What’s the next big thing?”

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Bone Weary

Dave Snowden

I don’t know about the rest of you but at the moment if anyone asks me how I am feeling bone weary seems an apt description, or running on empty to use another phrase lined to the banner picture and there has been a fair amount of bottle emptying going on in the house since the whole COVID thing started too many months ago.

How to Create Culturally Responsive eLearning Courses Using an LMS


Workplaces that make it a priority to nurture cultural diversity reap benefits such as better productivity and employee performance, as well as incredible opportunities for professional and personal development.