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“… save his own fame and gratification.”

Dave Snowden

A reminder that his blog is my personal opinion and is not an official statement from Cognitive Edge, its staff, partners or network. There really is only one subject to talk about in our disunited & troubled kingdom today; and the various historical precedents are scary.

Blinded by the buzzword!

Clark Quinn

With any industry, a large quantity of buzzwords exist, and Learning & Development isn’t any different. Likewise, plusses and minuses accrue. It’s helpful to know the buzzword as well as the real meaning behind it, but how do you do this? Buzzwords can become vernacular.

The (Updated) Purpose of the US Corporation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Issues 173

co-learning is better than marketing

Harold Jarche

Work is learning, and learning is the work. Marketing, for the most part, is about learning.

Cynefin & perception

Dave Snowden

Various social media feeds link me daily to discussions about the use of the Cynefin Framework. Sometimes I take part, more frequently not. The last thing I want is to be too precious about its use and to a degree abuse.

Top 10 Learning Tools for 2019

Clark Quinn

It’s time again for Jane Hart’s Top Learning Tools Survey , so it’s time for my personal list (and for you to submit yours). Here goes! WordPress: my first learning tool is this blog. Here’s where I lay out my ideas.

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#1 August story. Why You Hate Your Kids

Nine Shift

Generational conflict dominated the news in August. This month prominent politicians around the world verbally attacked and even threatened the life of this 16 year old girl. And it raises the question: why do older people hate young people right now?

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My/Our research …

Dave Snowden

I’ve long pointed out to over enthusiastic proponents of ‘story telling’ that the phrase has a double meaning in English and the most dominant one is to tell a story.

Right and wrong

Euen Semple

The internet is full of people projecting their sense of right and wrong onto others. Each of them so convinced that they are right and the others are wrong. But they can't all be right! We cling so desperately to the need to be right. To know what right is. To feel that we are doing the right thing. We do this out of a need to feel in control, because feeling out of control is terrifying. But we are never in control.

#2 August story. 2.7 Million Smart Boys Missing From College This Month

Nine Shift

As millions of college students came on campus again this month, some 2.7 million smart, really smart, boys were missing. The Department of Education will tell you that, but they won’t give you a reason. Schools and colleges won’t provide a reason either. But we will. It is gender bias.

The Great Trivializer

Doc Searls

Last night I watched The Great Hack a second time. It’s a great documentary, maybe even a classic. (A A classic in literature, I learned on this Radio Open Source podcast , is a work that “can only be re-read.” ” If that’s so, then perhaps a classic movie is one that can only be re-watched.*).

Coherent heterogeneity 1 of 2)

Dave Snowden

One of my discoveries this year was Dora’s Dairy just outside Swindon. It sells raw milk without the destruction of pasteurisation or homogenisation. Aside from the taste, there are multiple health benefits: natural enzymes to help digestion, useful bacteria and a whole bunch of vitamins.

System 177

Being in the world

Euen Semple

When we were young my parents always took us on trips. Visits to interesting places, holidays around the UK, and when I was older motorcycling day trips around the highlands on the back of my Dad’s bike. We have carried this tradition on with our own family and will almost always “go somewhere” at the weekends. When we got into walking and hiking in a big way this took us into the wonderful mountainous areas of the UK but also into enticing footpaths both locally and around the country.


#3 August story. Pause and listen to "Woodstock" again

Nine Shift

You are not too busy for 3 minutes to listen to the song, reflect and reinforce that sense of awe, and mission, that is our profession of lifelong learning. The 50 th anniversary of Woodstock this month was not about music, it was about values.

Change 130

What You Don't Know About LMS Software Could Hurt Your Bottom Line


LMS software doesn’t just train your workforce, it can also reduce the cost of hiring and improve worker engagement and employee retention. If you’re not using an LMS, or if you aren’t aware of how your current learning management system can improve key business metrics, your bottom line may suffer.

Bias or heuristic?

Dave Snowden

One of the points made in our recent retreat on decision making is that the phrase cognitive bias could be misleading. In practice biases are in the main (unless they are pathological) a form of heuristic, a way of reducing energy consumption.

Flags of convenience

Euen Semple

Over the years I have carried out my work under various "flags of convenience". Knowledge Management, Social Media, Digital, Learning, Communication, Marketing, and more. But from my first encounter back in 1994 with the ability to reach out with a question on a bulletin board and get back wonderfully helpful answers, it's been the same thing. I think of it as "joined up writing".

4 Ways to Make Your Management Skills More Effective

Online Personality Tests

A good leader provides constant motivation to his team to help them maintain excellence and quality in results. A good leader always looks for ways to improve efficiency and quality, especially if this can be done by simplifying processes or without increasing an employee’s workload.

How an LMS Can Help Your Company Meet Its Business Goals This Year


Businesses that set measurable goals achieve more than those that don’t, according to a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine. 1 “Goals help you stay focused and they can prevent your business from becoming stagnant,” stated The Balance.

Adding aesthetics to culture

Dave Snowden

Many years ago now I worked with anthropologist Beth Meriam to design an approach to cultural mapping using SenseMaker®. The underlying paper can be read here. It has been the basis of many a project since then with several variations.

Coherent heterogeneity (2 of 2)

Dave Snowden

In yesterday’s post I said: as you increase variety within the system to the point where it becomes heterogeneous, it matters that the differences are capable of coherence.