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A Historical Perspective on the Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A few months ago, the magazine strategy+business (s+b) published a roundtable discussion between s+b editor-in-chief Art Kleiner , economic historian Carlota Perez , and PwC UK partner Leo Johnson. The discussion was centered on Perez’s theory of technology revolutions and economic cycles.

cum hoc ergo propter hoc

Dave Snowden

The fact that a rooster crows at sunrise does not mean it causes the sunset, the fact that you find sick people in a hospital does not mean that the hospital makes people sick. Of course it might, but you can’t draw the conclusion from the observation.

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Never Under-Estimate the Immune System

John Hagel

Every large and successful institution has an immune system – a collection of individuals who are prepared to mobilize at the slightest sign of any “outside” ideas or people in order to ensure that these foreign bodies are neutralized and that the existing institution survives intact and can continue on course.

Conceptual Clarity

Clark Quinn

Ok, so I can be a bit of a pedant. Blame it on my academic background, but I believe conceptual clarity is important ! If we play fast and loose with terminology, we can be be convinced of something without truly understanding it. Ultimately, we can waste money chasing unwarranted directions, and worse, perhaps even do wrong by our learners. Where do the problems arise? Sometimes, it’s easy to ride a bizbuzz bandwagon. Hey, the topic is hot, and it sounds good.

Scientific Credibility and The Kardashian Index

Mind Hacks

. The Kardashian index is a semi-humorous metric invented to the reveal how much trust you should put in a scientist with a public image.

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MWL Newsletter No 42

Jane Hart

News and articles about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the week 26 November – 2 December 2017. Social learning

Innovation on the cusp: symbiosis

Dave Snowden

Teaching intelligent people with real world problems is always one of the great pleasures of life and also a chance to develop and refine both theory and practice.

Bad and dead air

Doc Searls

That was yesterday. Hard to tell from just looking at it, but that’s a 180° shot, panning from east to west across California’s South Coast, most of which is masked by smoke from the Thomas Fire. We weren’t in the smoke then, but we are now, so there’s not much to shoot.

Light Rail Heavy Force Now

Nine Shift

Here's the latest light rail news: 1.Los Angeles. An extension of the Gold line in Los Angeles was announced last week. Another 12 miles. Another 6 stops. Another step forward for the car city becoming a train city. 2.Chicago.


Grappling or ranting?

Euen Semple

What I loved about the early days of blogging was the sense of a bunch of smart people grappling with life — the good and the bad. Trying to understand it, working out what to do about it, and reaching out to others to help, or be helped. Grappling is still there in the various social networks that have largely superseded blogging, but there is also a lot more ranting. Righteous indignation, aggressive statements of how people should or shouldn't behave, blanket condemnation, witch hunts.

13 years and a day (well months)

Dave Snowden

Flying into Saskatoon from Calgary today was a sentimental journey. The last time I was here was just after I left IBM and I had my then teenage daughter with me; it was also summer! Today it is starting to snow and the temperature is well below zero.

Is Another Recession Coming in 2020 ?

Nine Shift

Our predictions stop at 01/01/2020 but our questions continue. There was a recession from 1920 through 1921. It lasted 18 months from peak (before business contracted) to trough (when business started expanding again.).

The World is Passing the U.S. By - - Japanese Example

Nine Shift

Here's a shocker: A Japanese train company apologized to its customers for being 20 seconds off schedule. . The train left the station 20 seconds early. . Here's my favorite Japanese high speed train facts: *The average Japanese train is 54 seconds behind schedule (seconds).

Looking in the mirror of the internet.

Euen Semple

It is well known that situations or other people that really press our buttons, that induce righteous indignation or rage, are reflections of things we don't like about ourselves. Faced with our shadow side, and aspects of our character that we have buried deep, we panic and lash out. If these triggers didn't matter to us we would simply shrug our shoulders and let them go. When we don't it is worth paying attention.


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Nine Shift

"It was incredible, life moving," said Andy Hornbgarger of R ochester, NY. Enlightening and entertaining," said another. And since it was in Portland, one ventured to comment "I'd miss a cannabis cafe to hear Draves' speak." . Thanks to the 188 people who attended the all-new "NineShift for 2018" presentation in Portland last month. . DO NOT MISS THE REPLAY A free 55 minute webinar on December 14, 2017 at 2 pm ET/1 pm CT. Sign up here. .