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Cynefin as of St Davids Day 2019 (1 of 3)

Dave Snowden

An email came in yesterday from our new CEO Marion asking if I could explain why I had changed simple to obvious within the Cynefin framework, why I called it simple in the first place, had I thought of any other words and did it change anything to do with the dynamics.

Is Blockchain Now Transitioning to a More Mundane and Useful Era?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Blockchain was created around a decade ago as the public, distributed ledger for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

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Purpose-Driven Companies Outperform The Financial Markets By 42 Percent

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: It seems that purpose is starting to pay off. In DDI’s 2018 Global Leadership Forecast results, the research firm highlights several financial advantages to organizations that.

learning as disservice

Harold Jarche

It is time to revive an insightful comment by a friend and inspiration, David Jonassen — as his Wikipedia entry says, Dave wrote about “learning with media, not from it” “Every amateur epistemologist knows that knowledge cannot be managed.

Patience is virtue of necessity

Dave Snowden

Around five years ago I spent a difficult and unplanned night in Toronto airport. I didn’t enjoy it but in part survived by using the experience as an opportunity to study crisis management as a sort of amateur in situ ethnographer.

3 Simple Ways to Embed Learning in the Flow of Work


Sometimes we struggle to get started because the problem seems too big. While embedding learning in the flow of work may have some challenges for your team, here are some simple ways to get started.

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Video: The Importance Of The Little Things

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: In this episode, Dan discusses “the little things” of leadership, and their importance to an employee’s day, engagement and morale. Dan's Related Posts: Podcast: Time After Time, The Importance Of Time.

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Thoughts on strategy from Training 19

Clark Quinn

So last week I was the strategy track coach for the Training 19 conference. An experiment ! That meant that I picked the sessions from a list of those who put their session proposals up for ‘strategy’, and could choose to open and/or close the track. I chose both.

Trainer’s Notebook: Using Posters To Spark Learning

Beth Kanter

Photo by Equal Rights Advocates. Before I get to the topic of using posters to make your workshops or meeting more interactive (and fun), I want to wish you a Happy International Women’s Day!

How Much Do the Best LMS Systems Cost?


When selecting a learning management system organizations must take several factors into account – features, accessibility, integrations and content, all of which vary widely from one LMS to the next. However, one point of interest to every organization is cost, which can also vary widely.

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3 Growth Strategies for Retail Companies in a Strong Economy


3 Growth Strategies for Retail Companies in a Strong Economy. The retail industry is thriving. Bolstered by a strong labor market, growth in disposable personal income, and elevated consumer confidence, 2018 experienced strong retail sales,” wrote a contributor to Deloitte.

3 Foundational Business Platforms Every National or Regional Retail Company Needs


With the global move toward digital shopping, all retail companies need key tech systems in place and functioning together. Without these systems, it is difficult for retail companies to gain a competitive advantage and become industry leaders. Business Performance Retail Training