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My Interview With Paul Jarvis, Author Of “Company Of One”

Dan Pontefract

I recently left the corporate world. After working roughly 20 years in mega-large companies with revenues in the billions I am now a company of one. It’s me and only … Continue reading "My Interview With Paul Jarvis, Author Of “Company Of One”". The post My Interview With Paul Jarvis, Author Of “Company Of One” appeared first on Dan Pontefract. Business capitalism Culture Company Of One Paul Jarvis

Despite Their Huge Upside Potential, Why Do Most Platforms Fail?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

systems thinking and training

Harold Jarche

Boeing 737 MAX. I read an article in New Republic entitled Crash Course by Maureen Tkacic, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, which describes how “ Boeing’s managerial revolution created the 737 MAX disaster” — resulting in plane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

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#1 September 2019 NineShift Story: What’s Odd About This Picture?

Nine Shift

What would many, if not most, Americans feel is odd about this picture in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark? The photo appeared this month in a major American newspaper.

Tools for LXD?

Clark Quinn

I’ve been thinking on LXD for a while now, not least because I’ve an upcoming workshop at DevLearn in Lost Wages in October. And one of the things I’ve been thinking about are the tools we use for LXD.

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An Easy Way To Fix The Business Roundtable’s Toothless Purpose Statement

Dan Pontefract

Shareholder Primacy Is Dead. Long Live Shareholder Primacy! The highly influential US-based Business Roundtable recently announced an update to its “Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation.” Much has been … Continue reading "An Easy Way To Fix The Business Roundtable’s Toothless Purpose Statement". The post An Easy Way To Fix The Business Roundtable’s Toothless Purpose Statement appeared first on Dan Pontefract. Purpose The Purpose Effect Business Roundtable purpose


range & inefficiency

Harold Jarche

An innovation system should preserve range and inefficiency, concludes the book Range—Why generalists triumph in a specialized world , by David Epstein. Focusing deep yields efficiencies and incremental innovation. But a broad base of learning and experience can produce radical innovation.

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Lost stories

Doc Searls

Webinar Recording: Is Your Content Keeping Up with the Learning Experience?


the right side of history

Harold Jarche

Why is Greta Thunberg so triggering for certain men? “Because of what she represents. In an age when democracy is under assault, she hints at the emergence of a new kind of power, a convergence of youth, popular protest and irrefutable science.

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#2 Vote: Is America in Decline?

Nine Shift

Is the U.S. in decline? We want your opinion. And any comments about why, or how. At the start of every new economic age, every country basically starts all over in a “new game” of economic prosperity. Exactly 100 years ago, Great Britain was the world’s superpower, but lost that status to the United States. Are we seeing the same thing today? . Hit "Comments" below this post and tell us what you think


Practical Ways to Blend Instructor-Led Training with Online Learning


Blended learning, which is a mode of training that combines online learning with live, instructor-led training, can be very effective. It drives skills acquisition and knowledge retention 1 , and it decreases the cost of training.

Webinar Recording Link: Is Your Content Keeping Up with the Learning Experience?


New (Free) E-Book: Leading Systems Change Will Supercharge Your Facilitation Skills

Beth Kanter

My colleagues, Heather McLeod Grant and Adene Sacks, have just published a new workbook called “ Leading Systems Change.”

#5 Automaker Finally Wakes Up

Nine Shift

The world’s second largest automaker, Volkswagen, finally woke up to the 21 st Century. In an announcement made this month , we finally get a decent response to transportation in the 21 st century from a car company. The company has said it will transition to make only electric vehicles in the future. It is a big gamble, especially in the U.S. where charging stations are few and far between.

#4 Get your child in Harvard in just 14 days!

Nine Shift

That's all the famous star Felicity Huffman is spending in jail for bribing and cheating to get her child into college. She was sentenced this month. We can skeptical say that parents have always bought college for their kids, but the bigger story is the credibility of higher education amidst the breakdown of higher education in meeting the needs of this century. Higher ed is a huge failure. Only 55%, or half, of students, are graduated. So we waste half of what is spent on college. The U.S.

Report: Insights from the Google AI Impact Challenge

Beth Kanter

AI4Good is a somewhat new field that sits at the intersection of big tech companies and the world’s biggest problems.