Sat.Sep 07, 2019 - Fri.Sep 13, 2019

… from little acorns grow

Dave Snowden

Last week I was in Nairobi ase the keynote at a panel discussion on Behavioural Insights for Environment Impact for UNEP sandwiched between two pretty hellish flights. Jules was also on the panel and had done the work to set the event up.

The State of AI in the Enterprise

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A few months ago, Babson College professor Tom Davenport gave a talk on the state of AI in the enterprise at the annual conference of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy. His talk was based on two recent US surveys conducted by Deloitte, the first one in 2017 followed by a second in 2018.

Data 235

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Working with you

Clark Quinn

I was talking with my better half, who’s now working at a nursery. Over time, she has related stories of folks coming to ask for assistance. And the variety is both interesting and instructive. There’s a vast difference of how people can be working with you.

Course 179

adding value with teams

Harold Jarche

In working collaboratively & learning cooperatively I noted that team collaboration requires the transparent sharing of knowledge — using enterprise social networks and other technologies — so that everyone on a team knows what is going on and why. Decisions, and why they were made, are shared.

The Canadian Government and Cryptocurrency

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This is the result of a quick survey I did today on the Canadian governments' stance on cryptocurrency, responding to an internal request. This is a policy-neutal document; that is, I don't advocate one way or another for any of the items described below.

ILT is not Dead


Organizations continue to focus on implementing new and innovative ways to implement digital learning. While this trend continues to grow, statistics are showing that instructor-led training (ILT) is not dead. In fact, according to the 2019 Brandon Hall Study , ILT remains the primary form of learning delivery in organizations – a whopping 94%, as opposed to eLearning at 77%. For years, learning experts have been predicting that ILT will slowly phase out. So why hasn’t it?

Craft and commercial?

Clark Quinn

Occasionally I try to look at the broader swings we see (in a variety of things). In learning technology, there’s been a gross pendulum swing, and maybe smaller ones. I think we’ve swung between craft and commercial approaches to design, and I’m hoping we’re on a return swing.

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Higher Education and Rich People

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The fallout from the Jeffrey Epstein scandal continues to roil. Ethan Zuckerman has left the Media Lab.

How Businesses Can Use LMS Systems to Sharpen Critical Thinking Skills in the Workplace


Critical thinking skills shouldn’t just be stressed in the classroom - they are equally important in the workplace. However, employers are experiencing a critical thinking skills gap.

Single Most Important Way That Nonprofit Leaders Make Personal Resilience A Habit

Beth Kanter

This week I was honored to facilitate a mini-workshop, “ The Happy Healthy Woman Leader, at the Women Funded 2019 conference in San Francisco.

Nice people

Euen Semple

I am meeting a lot of new people at the moment. People from very different walks of life. People I would have been unlikely to encounter in the past. Would you believe me if I told you that they have all been nice? Even the ones who, on first encounter, come across as gruff or aggressive soon start to open up if you take the time to chat to them. It is interesting to speculate just how far this principle could be extended. Who are the people who, from a distance, you most dislike?

Trainer’s Notebook: Making Accommodations In Workshops

Beth Kanter

Last week I facilitated a workshop in Detroit hosed by Co-Act , a nonprofit collaboration space in Detroit. The workshop was focused on personal resilience and self-care based on my book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit and was part of series of workshops on resilience.