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Representation Matters

Clark Quinn

There is a deep sense of where and how representation matters. Then there are less critical, but still important ways in which presentation counts. It includes talking about stereotypes, and calling out inappropriate labeling. Concepts matter, clarity matters, transparency matters.

The Transformation of Logistics in the Retail Industry

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In the spring of 2018, MIT launched the Work of the Future Task Force to understand the impact of our increasingly intelligent machines on the future of work, and how to best harness these technological innovations for social benefit.


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Siphonophorae not hybrid (1 of 2)

Dave Snowden

I am indulging myself a little with the title to this post. For those who don’t know it describes a type marine entity which, while it appears to be a single organism is in fact a colony of different zooids that are different morphologically and are functionally specialised.

Speaking of character

Doc Searls

It seems fitting that among old medical records I found this portrait of Doctor Dave , my comic persona on radio and in print back in North Carolina, forty-five years ago. The artist is Alex Funk, whose nickname at the time was Czuko (pronounced “Chuck-o”).


Webinar: Optimizing Content Operations: Reimagining Your Learning Content Lifecycle


Content is a vital competitive advantage, but it’s rarely treated as such. For customer learning content, the push toward a 100% digital experience is creating challenges—and opportunities—for your education services team.

leadership in a distributed workplace

Harold Jarche

Distributed, remote, and even hybrid work have one similar quality — they expose cracks in the system that could be covered over in face-to-face settings. They make dysfunctional workplaces transparently obvious. Distributed work, like online teaching, has to be much more explicit.

Spotting anomalies

Dave Snowden

From time to time I get very frustrated at the ability of consultants and academics to correctly diagnose reasons for failure or success with the benefit of hindsight but fail to realise why the diagnosis of itself is not enough to make a difference the next time round.

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Organizations cannot thrive without training their employees. According to, employee training promotes knowledge, skills, and compliance. These motivators cause companies to spend millions of dollars each year on L&D programs. LMS remote training engaging learning content TOPYX LMS

Maps or charts?

Dave Snowden

I’ve always talked a lot about maps and the importance of managing the evolutionary potential of the present. I’ve also emphasised the importance of starting journeys with a sense of direction rather than having goals, and by the way, talking about how things should be is a form of goal.

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Siphonophorae not hybrid (2 of 2)

Dave Snowden

Yesterday I raised the idea of using a colony of different organisms that have evolved to collaborate as a single entity as a metaphor for new forms of organisation.

Change 130

Natural science as counter-factual

Dave Snowden

I originally intended to publish this post way back in May and got all the notes together but a mixture of work pressure and ill health (a bad foot infection now resolved) have hit the backlog.

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