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Will Humans Be Better Off in an Increasingly AI-Based Future?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

After decades of promise and hype, artificial intelligence is finally becoming one of the most important technologies of our era. As AI continues to both spread and advance, will it enhance human capacities or will it lessen human autonomy and agency?

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Institutional Innovation - I Have a Dream

John Hagel

Everyone talks about transformation these days, but the term is used so loosely that it’s begun to lose all meaning. I recently wrote a blog post suggesting that the ultimate test of transformation is whether the caterpillar became a butterfly – is it so different that it’s unrecognizable? That’s a useful metaphor, but many have asked me to make it more tangible in the world of institutions. OK, you asked for it, so watch out!

learning in complexity and chaos

Harold Jarche

Most of our current work structures are designed to address complicated situations, such as constructing a building, launching a campaign, or designing a piece of equipment. But more of our challenges are complex and cannot be solved in a standard way — inequality, refugees, populism, racism.

Y A (Yet Another) Misleading Mobile Marketing Post

Clark Quinn

Is this YAMMMP? I suppose I can’t address every one, but I think picking a few here and there are perhaps instructive. And, maybe, a bit fun. So there was a post on 5 mobile learning strategies. I’m a wee bit opinionated on mobile learning, so I thought I’d have a look.

Time After Time: The Importance Of Time

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: In this episode, Dan Pontefract discusses the critical importance of time. Are you in control of your time? What is the relationship between time and. Dan's Related Posts: What’s The Definition Of Love As A Leader?

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Doc Searls

This is a game for our time. I play it on New York and Boston subways, but you can play it anywhere everybody in a crowd is staring at their personal rectangle. I call it Rectangle Bingo. Here’s how you play.

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filter failure is a human failure

Harold Jarche

There was an explosion on social media over an incident between school boys, on an official school trip to demonstrate in Washington DC, shown in a video vocally berating a Native American elder.

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Are You Recognizing Your People?

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: In this episode, Dan Pontefract highlights the importance of recognition. 87 percent of employee recognition focuses on tenure-based awards. you get a 10-year plaque. Dan's Related Posts: Are You Empathetic? Shame On You If Not.

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NineShift 2019 Predictions. #6 Gen Y Revolt

Nine Shift

Gen Y will have one more play; they will change one more thing for the good of the 21st century. . Their modus operandi is online, so that is the likely organizing and force they will use. The issue: no idea. .


Euen Semple

The process of thingification (turning a useful idea into the latest thing and thereby rendering it useless) appears unstoppable. In the context of work it happened with collaboration, innovation, and creativity. It is even happening with disruption! It happened with blogging, it happened with YouTube, it's happening with podcasting. All these potentially powerful attempts at building a new world using new tools being rendered safe by assimilation into the old.

losing by winning

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds.

A Proven Way To Be A Better Sales Account Executive

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: If you are an account executive on the sales team of your organization, no doubt you live and die by a few key factors. There. Dan's Related Posts: Selling Yourself & Your Ideas is the New 20 Percent Time. Corporate Culture in a Venn Diagram. An Engaged Culture Improves Performance, Not The Other Way Around. The Lost Trust Of Millennials With Big Business. Artificial Intelligence Might Help Both Employees And Employers.

Nine Shift - Untitled Article

Nine Shift

Breaking news. A new Facebook Page devoted to parents and boys has just started this week, with over 400 engagements already. If you want to advocate for gender equality in education, or want tips for your boy, please join us.

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Burnout, Resilience and Nonprofits: The Latest Research, Trend, and Insights

Beth Kanter

Photo by Norbert Reimer. My book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit , was published a month before the presidential election.

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On writing

Euen Semple

I write every day, whether blog posts, longer articles, journaling, or even working on another book. The tools I use, Scrivener and Drafts, allow me to write in chunks and get ideas down quickly and easily. Pretty much all of my writing is intended for the web. As a result, the idea of documents, especially documents printed out on paper, is for me a thing of the past.

Onboard Financial Services Professionals More Effectively With an LMS


Seventy-six percent of human resource leaders say onboarding practices are underutilized in their organization, according to an onboarding study that involved over 350 companies.

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University of Missouri Does Another Violation of Title IX

Nine Shift

A new University of Missouri initiative to help black female students in STEM intentionally excludes black male students, another violation of Title IX. Black male students are the most disadvantaged minority in higher education, constituting only around 1.6% of graduates; far fewer than black female students. At the same time, black male students are even more interested in STEM than black female students, according to National Science Foundation statistics which MU actually cites. .

5 Ways to Find Happiness and Inspiration at Work

21 Days to Happiness

Are you happy and inspired at work? If you spend eight hours a day, five days a week at work, you will spend more than 2,000 hours on the job in a year. That's a lot of time! If you enjoy your job, then 2,000 hours probably flies by.

The sound of silence

Euen Semple

I enjoy the comment threads I get on my posts on Facebook. It is these sort of interactions that attracted me to the social web in the first place. Interestingly I get much less response on LinkedIn and Twitter despite the fact that I am connected to many more people on those two platforms. And my blog is the place where I get least response as the numbers of people using RSS aggregators has diminished over the years. But of all them, it is my blog that I will keep going.

SME Training: 5 Reasons to Publish Content with an LMS


In the past two years, the corporate training market in the U.S. has risen to $90.6 billion. 1 A variety of professionals contribute to the creation of corporate training.

NineShift 2019 Predictions: #7 Recession Will Happen

Nine Shift

T h e 100 Year Parallel continues. We will have a recession. And for the same reasons. In 1919-1920 we had a deep but relatively short 18 month recession because the government (President a Democrat) financially shot itself in the foot, causing the recession. . Today we predict a recession for the very same reasons: the government will cause it. Things will also get better economically for most people in society after the recession.


MWL Newsletter No 99

Jane Hart

Articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) for the week 13-19 January. [HE HE and jobs, how top performers stand out, self-directed learning highlights, leaders need nudges, a measure of social learning, & more]. Modern Workplace Learning

NineShift 2019 Predictions. #5 Democracy is Saved

Nine Shift

The year 2019 will be the turning or tipping point where democracy in America is saved. America will still fall behind Europe in positioning itself for prosperity in the 21st century. The United States will still be in decline, relinquishing its role as THE superpower in the world and becoming just another superpower. .

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NineShift 2019 Predictions. #4 Mental Health Crisis Continues

Nine Shift

The current mental health crisis continues this year. Young men (see our #1 prediction above) are particularly hit hard by the despair (Center for Disease Control word describing the situation) of depression, anxiety and panic. But young women, and older adults are also being affected. . Gen Y has more panic, depression and anxiety than any other generation in history. The issue for those smart young people denied college won't go away soon.

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NineShift 2019 Predictions. #3 America Still Clueless on Infrastructure

Nine Shift

It's getting late folks. 2020 is coming in a few months. And yet America is still clueless about what kind of infrastructure the country needs to position itself for prosperity in this century. The big one is transportation, where the U.S. is more than a decade behind the rest of the advanced world. Our leaders, business and government, still don't understand that trains have to, and will, replace cars as the primary mode of transportation.

NineShift 2019 Predictions. #2 Feminists Fiddle While Gender Pay Gap Narrows

Nine Shift

Gen Y women, and men, are actively working to narrow the gender pay gap. Good news: the gender pay gap is narrowing. Meanwhile, older feminists (both women and men who subscribe to the awful third wave belief system that 'boys should be raised like girls' and women somehow have superior traits than men) are fiddling with every slight and perceived offense other than the real issue: gender pay.

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NineShift 2019 Predictions. #1 Some 100,000 More Young Men Will Die This Year

Nine Shift

Some 100,000 more young men will die this year than usual. The cause: college denied. . The death toll is staggering. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says the number is so huge that life expectancy is now going down in the U.S. The extra 100,000 deaths last year, and now this year, is more than the death total in World War I. It will be 4 times more than the death total in the Vietnam War.

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Another Train Advantage: Save the Planet

Nine Shift

E urostar is targeting potential converts to high-speed rail by saying a London-Amsterdam Eurostar journey emits 80% less carbon than the equivalent flight. From Europe, a land of the 21st century where there are trains, and more and more trains, Eurostar is adding another train to its London to Amsterdam route. The third service will bring Eurostar’s capacity on the route to the equivalent of 12 flights a day, more than 75 flights a week and 3,900 flights per year.