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Honest Conversations - The Key to a Winning Transformational Strategy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Wherefore, part the second

Dave Snowden

In the first of these articles, I looked at Borton’s W³ question from the 1970s and more recent adaptations (with varying degrees of acknowledgment of their source) by Driscoll, Eoyang and Liberating Structures.

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learning in the flow of work

Harold Jarche

Networked humans in a connected society: Our increasing inter-connectedness illuminates the need for cooperation. Simple work keeps getting automated, but still needs human oversight. Complicated work gets automated, outsourced, or contracted to the lowest cost of doing business.

How to be a world-class educational technologist

Clark Quinn

On LinkedIn, I was asked: “I would like to ask sir, how can I be a world-class educational technologist?” ” And I thought that was a very interesting question. (Of Of course, my immediate response should be “how should I know? ;) But I thought I’d do a bit better.

Class 167

Modern Training Online Workshop

Jane Hart

Next public workshop runs 2 March – 10 April 2020 This 6-week will look at how to design, deliver and manage a number of modern training content, events and experiences for the workplace, and consider how and when they might best be employed. Modern Workplace Learning

Solving the Content Explosion Problem


What do many major organizations have in common? A content problem — specifically, a content explosion problem. Writing and delivering content that can scale effectively is a tall order, and the more audiences an organization serves, the more complicated it becomes.

PKM in practice

Harold Jarche

What is cognitive load? “When the brain has to deal with multiple elements of information, difficult material, and you have to manipulate or process those different elements, working memory can struggle.

PKM 215

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4 Easy Ways to Train a Diverse Workforce with eLearning


A diverse workforce provides a multitude of benefits to any organization. Better decision-making abilities among staff, increased innovation, heightened employee performance, and increased profits are just a few benefits.

Going on a journey

Dave Snowden

With the odd exception, I always enjoy a long train journey. In the past month, I’ve done trips from Berlin and London to Amsterdam and got a lot more work done than I would ever have managed with flights. Every now and then I get a chance to make a journey that carries with it many memories.

the end of control

Harold Jarche

Did print enable democracy, and is that why the founders of the USA put freedom of the press into their Constitution? “ … just invent the printing press. Wait a couple of hundred years while literacy spreads, and presto!

Report 183

How to Use Fastpages (2)

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This is part two of a series. If you haven't read part one, you should do so now. Click here to read part one. OK them welcome back. Let's begin by reviewing what we've done in part one, because it's not obvious. First , we created a repository on GitHub.

How To 130

How Nonprofit Training Delivered via LXP Drives Employee Engagement


There are many benefits to providing various types of training to nonprofit employees. Nonprofit training topics can include leadership, customer service, and fundraising. James W. Shephard, Jr.,

Five Tips For Dealing with Online Harassment

Beth Kanter

Click for Full-Size Version of Infographic. Note from Beth: Online harassment is a problem especially for nonprofits that are doing advocacy for controversial issues.

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