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cooperative leadership

Harold Jarche

Last week I hosted a video chat on the changing nature of leadership. Part of the discussion was on the changing needs of society as the dominant organizing forms shift — from Tribes to Institutions to Markets, and now to Networks.

The 2018 MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In 2016, MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy launched its first annual Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC).

Gratitude for Spiritset

John Hagel

In my last blog post , I explored the need to expand beyond our current focus on mindset and to appreciate the role that heartset plays in shaping our beliefs, choices and actions. In reflecting on this framing, I’ve come to realize I left out a third element that provides a foundation and context for both mindset and heartset – it’s our spiritset. What’s that? Well, it’s a made-up word, but I’m looking for symmetry with the word that dominates most of our discussions today – mindset.

Trends for 2019?

Clark Quinn

It’s already started! Like Christmas (which morally shouldn’t be even be thought about before Thanksgiving), requests for next year’s trends should be on hold until at least December. Still, a request came in for my thoughts.

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The gap

Euen Semple

Viktor E. Frankl once wrote: "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." " Hannah is currently studying Psychology as one of her A Levels and yesterday we were chatting about neuroscience's discovery that our subconscious reacts to stimuli before our conscious brain is aware that we have had that thought.

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In Con Text

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: In Con Text The goal was to survive the storm, For then we might truly transform, Along came a text Oh my, “what is. Dan's Related Posts: Sweet Spot Synergy. Do We Need Textpectations? In Progress . “It’s

Credit where overdue

Doc Searls

The original pioneer in space-based telephony isn’t @ElonMusk (though he deserves enormous credit for his work in the field, the latest example of which is SpaceX ‘s 7,518-satellite Starlink network, and which has been making news lately).

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Drifting off

Euen Semple

Doing anything new always requires more attention than something we are familiar with. Once an activity has become routine it is so easy to slip into auto-pilot. Once the auto-pilot is on we can indulge in the endless chatter with which we fill so many of our waking hours. The constant churning of regrets about the past and worries about the future. Driving is for many of us the most common example of this.

Elephants Have Long Memories. So Should You.

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: As far as favourite pets go, for me, it was probably my orca whale. In a modest neighbourhood where I grew up, for some reason, Dan's Related Posts: Amidst Uncertainty the Inuksuk Surfaces. Our Three Young Children Blog … Here’s Why. Magnanimous: The Word of 2017. Can We Truly Be Happy At Work? Thanks for reading. visit the original at [link]. Career leadership elephants memory revenge Thinking

Tulsa Latest City Recruiting Telecommuters

Nine Shift

Tulsa, in a smart move, is recruiting telecommuters by offering them/you $10,000 to move there. A Washington Post story reports " To qualify for Tulsa Remote, applicants must be at least 18 years old and employed with a company that allows them to work remotely. Entrepreneurs who do not reside in Tulsa County can also apply.

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Spotlighting the “Hacking uncertainty through continuous learning” interactive workshop in the MWL track at LearnTec 2019

Jane Hart

In the afternoon of Wednesday 30th January Harold Jarche will run an interactive workshop on Hacking uncertainty through continuous learning in which he will present frameworks for sense-making in complex and chaotic environments. Modern Workplace Learning


Clark Quinn

I’m a fan of the notion of ‘learning experience design’ (not so sure about platforms; I need to investigate them more ;). The idea of integrating effective education and engaging experiences is something I’ve been on about for a very long time.

Dan Pontefract November 2018 Playlist (for MRHM)

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Mood music for the hardest two weeks of my life. And it’s not over… Dan's Related Posts: Dan Pontefract July 2018 Playlist. Dan Pontefract March 2018 Playlist. Dan Pontefract September 2018 Playlist. Dan Pontefract April 2018 Playlist. Dan Pontefract May 2018 Playlist. Thanks for reading. visit the original at [link]. Music Dan's Music Playlist music playlist

An Open letter to Crowdfunding Companies from the California Association of Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: The crowdfunding industry has sponsored legislation in California to clarify what is legally permissible. The legislation signals the need for more responsible and ethical practices that support nonprofits, donors, and platforms.

Spotlighting the “Promoting Continuous Learning in the organisation” session in the MWL track at LearnTec

Jane Hart

On Wednesday 30 January, the morning session will be focused on Promoting Continuous Learning in the Organisation and I very pleased that we have two great speakers in that session: Anca Iordache will first be talking about Using a learning campaign to promote continuous learning in the organisation where she … Modern Workplace Learning


The Lessons Of Customer Service And Culture From Apple’s Angela Ahrendts

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Back in 2014, Angela Ahrendts had a decision to make: remain as CEO of British fashion retailer Burberry or say yes to Apple CEO Tim. Dan's Related Posts: Apple CEO Tim Cook and his Moment of Open Culture. Defining A Leader’s Duty Of Care. Artificial Intelligence Might Help Both Employees And Employers. How Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Explains Culture, Purpose & Employee Engagement.

AI for Nonprofits and Social Good: Link Roundup

Beth Kanter

Allison Fine and I have been actively researching and writing about AI for Social Good and Nonprofits with an eye towards our next book. Most recently, we co-authored a policy brief for the Toda Peace Institute on the age of automation and it implications for civil society.