Sat.Jan 23, 2021 - Fri.Jan 29, 2021

The wonderful world of the wiki

Dave Snowden

For those who don’t know Wikipedia is twenty years old tomorrow. It started in 2001 and I became an active editor five years later, User ID 1,988,889 which is the year it celebrated its millionth article and it is now well over fifty million.

Wiki 176

MWL 2021: New roles and responsibilities

Jane Hart

In MWL 2021 Back to Basics we looked at the 3 key strands of work: (1) Promoting continuous self-learning, (2) Supporting continuous learning from the work, and (3) Modern Training. But this will not be the sole responsibility of the L&D function.


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Buzzwords and Branding

Clark Quinn

I was reflecting on a few things on terminology, buzzwords and branding in particular. And, as usual, learning out loud, here are my reflections. The script: So I’ve been known to take a bit of a blade to buzzwords (c.f. microlearning ).

PKM 150

walking the leadership talk

Harold Jarche

I was a speaker at Amazon’s Global Learning Day in 2016 and one thing that struck me was how often one of the 14 principles of leadership would crop up in regular conversations I had during my three days in Seattle.


Dave Snowden

I’ve given a fair number of talks over the last year around the general theme of Rewilding Agile. And while this post is going to start with the Agile movement which is hitting its twentieth anniversary shortly, the post has much wider applicability which I will develop shortly.

Just in case you feel safe with Twitter

Doc Searls

Just got a press release by email from David Rosen ( @firstpersonpol ) of the Public Citizen press office. The headline says “Historic Grindr Fine Shows Need for FTC Enforcement Action.” ” The same release is also a post in the news section of the Public Citizen website.

Upcoming Webinars

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Webinars for the new year. I did the first one last week and the rest are upcoming. All in cooperation with Maskwacis Cultural College. See [link] January 18, 8:30-9 am MT Edmonton Description Join the National Research Council's Stephen Downes, a specialist in online learning technology and new media, for an interactive session to assist faculty and instructors on how to help students succeed by using new tech tools and apps.

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Thinking about resilience

Dave Snowden

The most controversial aspects of most online hiking groups is the question of what gear to buy. As for recommendations as to the best trekking poles and you will be inundated with suggestions and then the competing camps will move into open conflict.

Feed 169

Pandemonium’s friendly demons

Mind Hacks

Oliver Selfridge was an early pioneer of artificial intelligence, and in 1959 wrote a classic paper outlining a system by which simple units, each carrying out a specialised function, could be connected together to perform complex, cognitive tasks.

Questions to Ask Vendors Before Choosing an LMS Platform


A survey shows that 48 percent of companies that use a learning management system (LMS) want to find a new or different learning technology.

The Surprising Power of Business Experimentation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

We’ve long associated innovation breakthroughs with science and technology coming out of R&D labs, e.g., the transistor, penicillin, DNA sequencing, TCP/IP protocols, and so on. Such major lab-based breakthroughs are at one end of the innovation spectrum.

Data 219

Looking back at the Acorn Study; Part 3: Small actions

Dave Snowden

Before going into the meat of this section, let’s talk about triads and dyads a little bit, and the representation of patterns on them, so people know what they are looking at.

Study 151

six ways to make sense

Harold Jarche

One of the big consultancies is promoting ‘six ways’ to make sense of these complex times, or words to that effect. If you believe you are getting leading-edge thinking from these types of businesses, think again. Here is a story about a major consulting company, from one of its own.

Resilience is sinuous

Dave Snowden

HOLDING POST. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Acknowledgements . Banner picture of a Sea Wall in Rethymnon on Crete is by Alistair Young and used under a CC licence and has been cropped from the original.