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Complexity in Human Systems

Dave Snowden

Many of the readers of this blog will know that one of the drivers behind the creation of the Cynefin framework was a desire to break the fad cycle.

Using Agile Processes to Develop AI-Based Solutions

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In the waterfall development model , a project is broken down into a set of sequential phases, - e.g., conception, analysis, design, construction, testing, deployment, maintenance, - each dependent on the completion of the previous phase.

The roots of LXD

Clark Quinn

Instructional design, as is well documented, has it roots in meeting the needs for training in WWII. User experience (UX) came from the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) revolution towards User Centered Design.

sensemaking in a liquid world

Harold Jarche

The printing press changed the world. It introduced new forms of expression and enabled better and faster information sharing. Print enabled individual interpretation of the bible and resulted in the questioning of the established Christian church and later the Protestant Reformation.

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Thinking about design ‘thinking’

Dave Snowden

I’ve been thinking about the whole approach we are adopting to design thinking as the Whistler retreat approaches. We started a journey on this at the same location last year and we are currently shifting into a formal method with associated tools and training.

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Dan Pontefract August 2019 Music Playlist (Homage to the Beatles)

Dan Pontefract

I grew up with a record player in the house. The amp was kick-ass. The speakers were of the “blow the roof off” variety. It was heaven. One of my … Continue reading "Dan Pontefract August 2019 Music Playlist (Homage to the Beatles)".


Level of polish?

Clark Quinn

A debate broke out amongst some colleagues the other day about the desirable level of polish in our elearning. One colleague was adamant that we were undermining our position by using low quality production. There was a lot of agreement. I had a slightly different view.

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Turning truth into myths

Dave Snowden

My original intent for today was the write a post about a new event for all those interested in the application of complexity theory in human systems. But the web site isn’t ready yet so all I can say for the moment is keep the 7th/8th November in Washington DC.

Why my brain hurts

Euen Semple

Why my brain hurts. In many ways the actual driving is the easiest bit of my truck driving day. Getting stuff on and off can be challenging and hard work but by far the hardest thing is the sums!

Jane’s Top 10 Tools for Learning 2019

Jane Hart

The Top Tools for Learning 2019 survey will close on Friday 13 September. Have you voted for your favourites yet? If not, you can do so here. You will need to list your top 10 tools and say how you use them – (a) for personal or professional learning, (b) at work or (c) in […]. Modern Workplace Learning

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My Sunday Seven

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

If you take a look at this George Couros post, you'll learn that the "Sunday Seven" is by the Burgess Consulting community, of which “IMPress Books” is a part of as a subsidiary company. I have nothing to do with either - but you can get my Sunday Seven without waiting for Sunday, buying a book or signing up for a publisher's promotional mailing list.

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Organic Agility: powered by SenseMaker®

Dave Snowden

There being no rest for the wicked I hoped on the sea bus from our Airb&b in North Vancouver to teach on an Organic Agility course. For those not familiar, Organic Agility was one of the first Powered by SenseMaker® developments.

The last mile

Euen Semple

Whenever I say that I am setting out on a career in truck driving people invariably say something like “you must be mad - that is all going to be automated soon”. Err…no…. Maybe the long haul stuff between Regional Distribution Centres, maybe in American cities with their more regimented grid systems, but everything else? You must be kidding. Most of my work is what is known as multi-drop.

3 LMS Hacks that Improve Retail Training


In a recent study by Axonify, just 35 percent of retail employees described their training as “very effective.” 1 This indicates that well over half of all retail training programs are in need of some upgrades.

A year later … (3 of 3)

Dave Snowden

So its over, and in terms of process and engagement one of the best retreats we’ve had. Banner picture shows the group and the intext picture (from yesterday) has se several layers of irony. We had a full half day to complete the process so were less rushed than previous years.

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A year later … (2 of 3)

Dave Snowden

So its now Wednesday and we’ve had a whole day of synthesis here at the Cynefin retreat in Whistler, focused on decision making in human (and non-human) organisations. Mike Cardus tweeted a page of his notebook which I replicate here to give some idea of the creativity in process!

A year later … (1 of 3)

Dave Snowden

So its Tuesday, second day of this years retreat at the Brew Creek Centre near Whistler in Canada. We’ve just come back from an afternoon walk to the ‘train wreak site’ which makes for a good break.

A good start to any day

Euen Semple

My current driving job starts at 5am each morning. This means getting up at 4am. This is a non-trivial challenge! But…. I get to see the sun come up every day! This morning as I was driving round the M25 towards Watford the mist was settling in the valleys around Rickmansworth and The River Colne. Trees were poking above the mist and the low sun was catching the hedgerows and field edges and glowing on the golden stubble left after the newly harvested crops. Beautiful


3 Benefits of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) for Employee Training


The learning experience platform (LXP) market has exceeded $350 million, and it’s doubling yearly, according to Josh Bersin, a leading corporate learning analyst. 1 Why is it growing so quickly? Because a learning experience platform is more than an LMS and delivers a better experience for employees.