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Disruption Debate: Be open with change

Jane Hart

As part of Totara’s ongoing Disruption Debate series, Lars Hyland has been speaking to thought leaders and experts from the L&D world. A few weeks ago he talked to me, and this is the summary of that conversation that appears on their website. Social learning

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In the Tricotocon …

Dave Snowden

Over the years I’ve developed a range of facilitation and workshop techniques based on the underlying principles anthro-complexity. Ritual dissent is probably one of the best known but we also have large group facilitation based on Cynefin, Silent listening and a few others.

Gender Diversity, Empathy and Technology

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

What’s the value of gender diversity in technology-based disciplines? Is gender diversity an asset for technology-based companies? Are men inherently better than women at technology-based jobs? These are questions that have long been discussed.

the future of work is perpetual beta

Harold Jarche

Automation is a force that is continuously changing the nature of human work. First it replaced brute force with powerful machines, changing the nature of agriculture, mining, construction, and other fields of human activity.

Should Bombadier Join Siemens-Alstom?

Nine Shift

This post is about you Canadians. The big merged European train company Siemens Alstom is also considering adding Bombadier to its corporation. We have to assume the Canadian train and plane maker Bombadier is thinking about it as well.

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U.S. Falling Behind, Again

Nine Shift

The reason you don't care about the big train merger and success of Europe is because you probably live in the United States. . The United States is falling behind in this century. Certainly with respect to trains and light rail travel. But the U.S.

[liveblog][bkc] Algorithmic fairness

David Weinberger

I’m at a special Berkman Klein Center Tuesday lunch, a panel on “Programming the Future of AI: Ethics, Governance, and Justice” with Cynthia Dwork , Christopher L. Griffin , Margo I. Seltzer , and Jonathan L. Zittrain , in a discussion moderated by Chris Bavitz. NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong. Missing points. Omitting key information. Introducing artificial choppiness. Over-emphasizing small matters. Paraphrasing badly. Not running a spellpchecker.

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Simple Insufficiency

Clark Quinn

As things get more complex, organizations are looking to get more agile. And they’re looking at a wide variety of approaches in different areas. It can be agile, digital transformation, design thinking, and more. And, by and large, these are all good things. And all of them are quite simply insufficient. Why do I suggest this insufficiency? Because the solution is complex. Organizations are complex organisms.

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The Perils of Fake News, Coordinated Misinformation, and Social Media Addiction

Beth Kanter

There have been many news articles recently about social media for evil: How Facebook, Twitter, Google, and even Instagram have been abused for coordinated misinformation paid social media or advertising to influence our political system.

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It's Not Just Trains, But Europe That is Competing

Nine Shift

The Siemens Alstom company merger is also the story about Europe competing with China. . Europe, which has been positioned to be the world's most influential superpower in this century, is now moving ahead to make that claim, and reality.

Another Huge Story You Probably Missed

Nine Shift

H ere's another huge story you probably missed. The German train maker Siemens will merge with the French train maker Alstom. . The reason is to compete better with China's train maker, China Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC).

Yes, Coddle the Kids - - at all Ages

Nine Shift

Recreation departments, county fairs and everyone else who gives out so-called 'participation awards' to young children are right. . Last summer James Harrison of the NFL, Dan Patrick and a host of other guys paid for talking nonsense all came out against participation awards. .

Radical Coherency

Clark Quinn

Tied to my last post about insufficient approaches, I was thinking again about the Coherent Organization . Coherency is powerful, but it could be a limiting metaphor. So I want to explore it a bit further. First, coherency is powerful. Lasers, for example, are just light, the same as comes from your lightbulbs. Except that the wavelengths are aligned and focused. When they’re at the same frequency, in the same direction, suddenly you can cut steel!