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The landscape of narrative

Dave Snowden

Back in 2014 I wrote the entry on organisational story telling for the Sage Handbook on Action Research. I wasn’t wild about the title at the time as I felt that was only one aspect of the field.

Now Available: Paperback Versions of FLAT ARMY and THE PURPOSE EFFECT

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Lost in the shuffle of releasing my third book, OPEN TO THINK, is the news my first two books are now available in paperback. Dan's Related Posts: Download Chapter 1 of “The Purpose Effect” For Free.

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Building a culture of continuous improvement, learning & development at work

Jane Hart

Building a culture of continuous improvement, learning & development at work. Modern Workplace Learning

a personal learning model

Harold Jarche

The Seek > Sense > Share framework of personal knowledge mastery was the result of many iterations over almost 15 years. It is simple to understand but under it are many layers.

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Social Physics - Reinventing Analytics to Better Predict Human Behaviors

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Social physics first emerged over 200 years ago as an attempt to understand society and human behavior using laws similar to those of the physical sciences.

The People That Made OPEN TO THINK Come Alive

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Today is “pub day,” one where an author annoys his or her network about the release of a new book. While I may be proud. Dan's Related Posts: Sadly, The Importance Of Importance Is Now What’s Most Important.

Revisiting personal learning

Clark Quinn

A number of years ago, I tried a stab at an innovation process. And I was reminded of it thinking about personal learning, and looked at it again. And it doesn’t seem to aged well. So I thought I’d revisit the model, and see what emerged.

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Webinar: Implementing a New Learning Environment at Rogers Communications


Rogers Communications is Canada’s largest provider of wireless communications services and a leading provider of cable television, high-speed Internet, information technology, and telephony services to consumers and businesses.

Everything Is Urgent! Everything Is Urgent! Everything Is Urgent!

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: It’s the middle of a client meeting. There are six of us. We are discussing the rather dismal results of a team’s level of engagement. Dan's Related Posts: Maybe We Should Be More Like a Fridge at Work.

Labels and roles

Clark Quinn

I was just reflecting on the different job labels there are. Some of the labels are trendy, some are indicative, but there’s potentially a lot of overlap. I’m not sure what to do about it, but I thought I’d explore it.

autonomy, competence, relevance

Harold Jarche

If we seek diverse or divergent views, will the opinions of others change our minds? A recent study seems to indicate that paying attention to views opposed to our own may actually harden our existing perspectives.

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Nonprofits and the Age of Automation: AI, Machine Learning, Bots Link Roundup

Beth Kanter

My Networked Nonprofit co-author Allison Fine and I have been actively researching and writing about the Age of Automation with an eye towards our next book.

The Choice Engine

Mind Hacks

A project I’ve been working on a for a long time has just launched: The Choice Engine is an interactive essay about the psychology, neuroscience and philosophy of free will. To begin, reply START. — ChoiceEngine (@ChoiceEngine) September 10, 2018.

Young Voters Gaining On Older Voters?

Nine Shift

To follow up on yesterday's blog entry, here's some statistics to back up the hoped-for claim that Millennials are voting more this year. Pennsylvania is leading the groundswell, with registered voters 34 and younger now outnumbering those 65 and older, according to the latest statistics from the Pennsylvania State Department issued Aug 13. States like Arizona, New York, Florida and Virginia have also seen sharp increases." Here's the NYT story

the agile sensemaking model

Harold Jarche

“Research shows that teams will organize themselves in different ways in response to how different types of complexity strains their sensemaking capacities. In order to increase their sensemaking potential, teams will reorganize their relationships in recognizable ways.

MWL Newsletter No 81

Jane Hart

Articles & news aboutt Modern Workplace Learning for the week 2–8 September. Jane working with LearnTec team, Building a HR dept without HR people, Lifelong learning in unexpected places, The personality test that conned the world & more]. Modern Workplace Learning

staying alive in the modern world

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. “I’m convinced that people think freelancers have their lives funded by some kind of freelancing fairy, and that invoices are therefore an exercise in comedy.”

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You Win Net Neutrality Battle!

Nine Shift

You and I have not yet won the Net Neutrality war, but we won a big battle last week. The State of California legislature passed a very tough pro-Net Neutrality bill and sent it to Gov. Brown. California has led the nation in many areas because it has 10% of the nation's population and other states often follow California's lead. Corporations know this, and thus often redesign their products or business practice based on California law. .

Millennials Impacting Change Via Voting

Nine Shift

Millennials, especially the downtown college oriented knowledge worker Gen Yers, may be impacting change by also stepping up to vote. After being quiet at the 2014 polls, and disheartened by the rigged 2016 nomination, they might just turn out big this fall. The election this month of Ayanna Pressley to Congress carried all the indications, with an urban area "new Boston" being cited, and this very-Gen Y style quote from one young high tech worker, . “It

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