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Narrative: picking up the scallop shell

Dave Snowden

Narrative has been an ever-present aspect my work over many decades now. I was lucky in that I initially entered the field in the pursuit of knowledge.

education does not destroy creativity

Harold Jarche

There is a certain irony that the most popular TED Talk — Do schools kill creativity? — is seriously questioned in a TEDx talk over a decade later. Ken Robinson’s talk on creativity has had over 55 million views. Basically he says that our schools suck the creativity out of children.

The Business Value of Resilience

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The Industrial Revolution was “as much about process innovations that reduced waste and increased productivity as it was about the application of new technologies,” wrote Roger Martin in a recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, - The High Price of Efficiency.

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Dan Pontefract February 2019 Playlist (for the lovers)

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: My latest project is centred on love. I’m spending an entire two years or so noodling on the word love, and its relationship to leadership. Dan's Related Posts: For The Love Of.

Narrative: exploring the world

Dave Snowden

The first time I saw the Aran Islands was back in the 70s from the Cliffs of Mohr. I was part of a weekend house party organised by Mary Condren (one of the faculty or our retreat) on the west coast of Ireland.

extracting human value

Harold Jarche

Automation + Capitalism makes for a perfect storm that many of us will not weather.

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The challenges of Twitter

Euen Semple

Really interesting Joe Rogan podcast with Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter. link]. Fascinating to hear the two of them work out the challenges and ethics of this vast network of conversations. It was also fun to hear Dorsey talk about the early days when we were all making it up, and I mean all, Twitter felt very much a group effort in those days. But the monster that it has become has never been seen before and working out what to do, why, and when is clearly non- trivial.

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Narrative: paying the piper

Dave Snowden

One of my motivations in devising the Tricotocon approach to trans-disciplinary learning, which we will use in the coming narrative retreat, was to allow disputation between peers and subsequent reflection.

learning myths & superstitions

Harold Jarche

In Millennials, Goldfish & other Training Misconceptions my colleague Clark Quinn has written a handy guide for every training shop or L&D department.

Fish & Chips Economics

Clark Quinn

A colleague, after hearing my take on economics, suggested I should tell this story. It’s a bit light-hearted, but it does make a point. And I’ve expanded it here for the purposes of reading versus listening.

What is the Value of OLDaily?

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

OK, before you panic, I'm not thinking of quitting OLDaily. It's not that kind of post. But still. When I changed email providers a few months ago I lost a lot of readers and my totals never did recover. (*) Nor am I being invited to speak at conferences any more.


Euen Semple

I used to have to attend NAB, the largest broadcasting convention in the world, in Vegas every year when I worked at the BBC. The massive show floors spanning about six huge buildings, crammed with brash, noisy stands trying to entice you to look at the latest systems were such an assault on the senses. We used to chat with the guys on the stands about whether it was more stressful for us than them coping with the onslaught of the week.

Images Matter - Shaping Our Current Social and Political Discourse

John Hagel

I recently wrote about the growing fear produced by the mounting performance pressure of the Big Shift. As fear grows we have a natural human reaction to hold onto what we have. While very understandable, that reaction can also be very dangerous and lead us to miss the expanding opportunities created by the Big Shift. The two most prominent images – walls and safety nets - dominating much of our conversation these days are manifestations of our fear and desire to hold onto what we have.

Getting brainstorming wrong

Clark Quinn

There’s a time when someone takes a result, doesn’t put it into context, and leads you to bad information. And we have to call it out. In this case, someone opined about a common misconception in regards to brainstorming.

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Podcast: What’s The Definition Of Love As A Leader?

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Dan's Related Posts: For The Love Of. A Shooting Dallas Star. Dan Pontefract February 2019 Playlist (for the lovers). Time After Time: The Importance Of Time. Dear Mister Dylan Benson, you are the Definition of Class. Thanks for reading. visit the original at [link]. In this episode, Dan Pontefract shares his definition of love, as it relates to being a leader; a leader of self and of others.

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On renting cars

Doc Searls

I came up with that law in the last millennium and it applied until Chevy discontinued the Cavalier in 2005. Now it should say, “You’re going to get whatever they’ve got.” ” The difference is that every car rental agency in days of yore tended to get their cars from a single car maker, and now they don’t.

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Xyleme Named to 2019 Training Industry Top 20 Authoring Tools Companies List


Raleigh, NC – February 7, 2019 – Training Industry today announced that Xyleme has been selected as part of the 2019 Top Training Companies lists for the Authoring Tools sector of the learning and development market.

AI for Nonprofits and Social Good: Link Roundup

Beth Kanter

Allison Fine and I have been actively researching and writing about AI for Social Good and Nonprofits. Most recently, we co-authored a policy brief for the Toda Peace Institute on artificial intelligence and its implications for civil society.

MWL Newsletter No 100

Jane Hart

In this 100th MWL Newsletter here are posts, articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) selected by Jane Hart for the period 20 January – 9 February 2019. Modern Workplace Learning

3 Ways LMS Training Programs Reduce Turnover for Retail Companies


Retail companies experienced a 65 percent turnover rate among hourly employees in 2018, according to Daily Pay. 1 Retail distribution positions and corporate positions also had significant rates of turnover.

Can AI & Bots Help Create A More Positive Nonprofit Workplace Culture?

Beth Kanter

. Much of my training and facilitation work lately has been centered around the ideas in my recent book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit. The nonprofit organizations I’m working with are are seeking out ways to create collective resilience in their workplaces.

4 Tips for Using Blended Learning to Deliver Effective Corporate Training


Blended learning is becoming one of the top learning approaches companies use to deliver employee training programs with.¹

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How Learning Management Software Improves Competency Management


Forty percent of U.S. employers are unable to find workers who are skilled enough to fill entry-level positions.¹ This points to a skills, or competency, gap that can cause serious problems within an organization. Learning Management Software