Sat.Oct 17, 2020 - Fri.Oct 23, 2020

Yesterday I Did Three Things For The Very First Time…

Dan Pontefract

Yesterday, I did three things I’ve never done before. 1) I voted by mail. 2) I got a flu shot. 3) I visited a newly… The post Yesterday I Did Three Things For The Very First Time… appeared first on Pontefract Group. leadership

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What is wrong with (higher) education?

Clark Quinn

I was having a conversation with a colleague, sparked by dropping enrollments in unis. Not surprisingly, we ended up talking about flaws in higher education. He suggested that they don’t get it, and I agreed. He was thinking that they get the tech, but not the learning.


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After Years of Promise and Hype, Is AI Once More Failing to Deliver?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

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cynefin and pkm

Harold Jarche

I am following up from thoughts on the cynefin framework and how it has informed my own work since 2009.

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Time to unscrew subscriptions

Doc Searls

The goal here is to obsolesce this brilliant poster by : I got launched on that path a couple months ago, when I got this email from The_New_Yorker at Why did they “need” a “confirmation” to a subscription which, best I could recall, was last renewed early this year? So I looked at the links.

Around Asia with Cynefin – Organisational Development & Coaching in Japan, with Yoichi and Chikako

Dave Snowden

We have taken a bit of a gander around South Asia and Southeast Asia, and now we will point our focus to North and East Asia. In today’s session, we go to Tokyo, Japan to meet with Yoichi Tamura and Chikako Moriyama to discuss how Cynefin has been applied and introduced into their work. Yoichi and I also co-authored a book on Cynefin for the Japanese market, with a focus on how this can be used in organisational development, personal coaching and consulting.

How To Lead Your Industry in Online Employee Training During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Employee training has fallen by the wayside for many companies as they have scrambled to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Others have continued to deliver robust remote training due to having a dispersed workforce.

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On KERI: a way not to reveal more personal info than you need to

Doc Searls

You don’t walk around wearing a name badge. Except maybe at a conference, or some other enclosed space where people need to share their names and affiliations with each other. But otherwise, no. Why is that?

Around Asia with Cynefin – Agile in India, with Naresh Jain

Dave Snowden

Naresh Jain is an internationally recognised Technology & Product Development Expert. He started the Agile movement in India by creating the Agile Software community of India. In our conversation, we discuss the way he has implemented safe-to-fail experiments in his own start-ups, and how he has managed constraints to create interesting outcomes. With the Cynefin Framework as backdrop, we also discuss Naresh’s projection for the future of Agile.

3 Tips to Stop the Pandemic From Negatively Impacting Employee Training


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, some companies have put employee training on the backburner. COVID-19 has taxed company leaders and added many new tasks to their daily to-do lists. In these cases, employee training will inevitably suffer. This is a mistake that companies can avoid.

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Around Asia with Cynefin – Agile in the Philippines with The Escañans

Dave Snowden

I met Ealden and Lhiza Escañan, both Agile coaches, when the husband and wife team attended a Cynefin Foundations training session in Hong Kong in 2018. In this interview, we discuss the application of complexity principles to their work, as well as life in the Philippines. Ealden and Lhiza will also share some of their takeaways from the Cynefin training session they attended.