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Clark Quinn

I’ve talked before about the power of ritual, but while powerful, it also seemed piecemeal. That is, there were lots of hints, but not a coherent theory. That has now changed.

Course 184

a variety of finds

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. Top Influencers in knowledge management by @cronycle [Long list to curate your own feed on KM].


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America’s Obsession with Economic Efficiency

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The belief that efficiency is fundamental to competitive advantage has turned management into a science, whose objective is the elimination of waste, - whether of time, materials, or capital, - wrote Roger Martin in “ The High Price of Efficiency ,” a January 2019 article in the Harvard Business Review.

Class 154

Webinar: Personalizing Content at Scale? 3 Reasons an LCMS is Essential for Success


What if, instead, we created content in flexible, reusable chunks that we could essentially use as independent building blocks? Content personalization is no longer an option–it’s an expectation.

Cynefin® – weaving sense-making into the fabric of our world

Dave Snowden

This weekend, we unveiled the first Cynefin book formally published by Cognitive Edge. It is a beautiful publication that chronicles the origin story and historical evolution of the framework, personal vignettes where network members share how it has impacted their lives, and reflections by practitioners on how they have applied it across many diverse contexts. More than anything though, it is a testament to the passion and goodwill that exists in the global Cynefin network.

still standing and learning

Harold Jarche

I spent the first 21 years of my working life with a regular pay cheque, lots of formal training, and a fairly regular schedule. Leaving the Army I worked at a university and a few years later for an e-learning startup.

PKM 182

Why we must have faith in humanity, now more than ever

Trends in the Living Networks

One of the deepest questions we can ask is: Are humans fundamentally good or bad? Of course the answer is neither and both. Yet day by day how we feel about this question fluctuates with our moods and what we observe in the world. Certainly the more we watch the news the more evil we see.

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Around Asia with Cynefin – Sitting at the mouth of the Dragon with Les Hales, Hong Kong

Dave Snowden

I have just finished reading this amazing book cover-to-cover: In the Dragon’s Shadow: Southeast Asia in the Chinese Century. I absolutely loved the book. It’s written beautifully, and is very well researched. I read it, of course, with the keen interest of someone who is a denizen of the Southeast Asian region, and feeling the tides shifting around me. The smaller regions such as ours have always had to be sensitive to the shifting winds that are caused by major powers.

#AI4Good: Artificial Intelligence & Wellbeing, Ethical Dilemmas, and More

Beth Kanter

Allison Fine and I have been looking at artificial intelligence, nonprofits, and philanthropy. Our most recent research, Unlocking Generosity with Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Giving. with support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Data 71

Should Companies Create eLearning Content In-House or Hire an Instructional Designer?


eLearning content is critical to the success and ROI of a company’s training programs, and many companies are now designing their eLearning content internally. According to, “.the the eLearning market is projected to reach a value of $275 billion worldwide by the year 2022. Experts say that this big explosion is due to the increasing number of organizations that are taking training development efforts in-house.”

Simple Ways To Reduce Virtual Fatigue for Nonprofit Leaders

Beth Kanter

Introduction to the series from Computer and Text Neck Stretching Exercises by Desk Yogi. Since the pandemic started and the shift to all virtual, I have found myself sitting in front of a screen for longer stretches.

3 Tips to Build A Connected Workforce


As of April 2020, 66 percent of employees were working from home due to the coronavirus crisis. 1 This has not only created logistical problems for employers but also caused many employees to feel disconnected from their coworkers.

Tips 63

Future of Giving: Coordination, Donor Retention & Artificial Intelligence

Beth Kanter

spark and honey: Future of Giving Report. This report explores the question: What are the cultural shifts impacting the future of giving, and what are the critical implications and opportunities for individuals and organization now and in the future?

Philgorithms: Two Examples of Data Mapping to Guide Donor Decisions

Beth Kanter

As COVID accelerates innovative uses of AI in many areas, we are also seeing more development of AI-powered data mapping tools for philanthropic advising and to support donor investment decisions.