Sat.Sep 25, 2021 - Fri.Oct 01, 2021

Of people, roles and ritual (2 of n)

Dave Snowden

To continue from my post of yesterday, and with less intent to be polemical, but definite intent to disturb, I want to advocate an approach to design and development within organisations that is based on creating an ecology in which good things (some of which cannot be anticipated) are more rather than less likely to emerge.

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Meta-ethics of learning design

Clark Quinn

I’ve addressed ethics elsewhere , but I’m looking at it a different way now. I”m thinking from the perspective of situated cognition, and recognizing that there are certain things we can do. For better or worse. Further, these choices have ramifications beyond the initial impact.

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aligning before learning

Harold Jarche

This week I took Alastair Somerville’s workshop on Network Thinking. The format is based on a podcast, followed by a discussion on Zoom, supported by a card designed by Alastair. I must say it was quite effective.

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Ralph Stacey 10/9/1942 – 4/9/2021

Dave Snowden

I can’t imagine that anyone interested in complexity in organisations will not know the work of Ralph Stacy, or not be saddened to learn of his death earlier this month.

Of people, roles and ritual (3 of 3)

Dave Snowden

In bringing this three-part series of blog posts to an end I just want to remind readers that they are in effect an extension of the original post on learning which identified seven steps for mapping, three pervasive practices and three things to pay attention to.

Of people, roles and ritual (1 of n)

Dave Snowden

From time to time I am invited to speak at The Stoa, a group that got together at the start of the pandemic and has continued since. Always an interesting group although some of their sessions verge on the esoteric end of new-age fluffy bunnydom.

What gives you hope for the future?

Dave Snowden

What gives you hope for the future? That’s what we’re asking communities around the world. Introducing A New Community Engagement Demo SenseMaker® Collector. .

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