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Exploring synergies and interaction between the Cynefin Framework and Theory of Constraints

Dave Snowden

As our business contexts become increasingly complex, the success rate of large scale transformation efforts and projects are rapidly decreasing. Many have been looking for answers to improve their performance and results, often jumping from one method to the next in search of “The Answer”.

Beyond Machine Learning: Capturing Cause-and-Effect Relationships

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming one of the most important technologies of our era. Every day we can read about the latest AI advances from startups and large companies.

citizen sensemaking

Harold Jarche

Finland has taken a private-sector initiative to introduce people to Artificial Intelligence and turned it into a state-supported program to train 1% of the population.

PKM 204

Executive Assistants Are The Epitome Of Class

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: In this episode, Dan Pontefract highlights the incredible support, savviness, and abilities of the executive assistant. Love Based Leadership provides insights, thoughts, stories and truth. Dan's Related Posts: Are You Empathetic?

Class 130

Idea: Woodstock vs. TED.

Doc Searls

So I just read about “a 50th anniversary Woodstock celebration that would include TED-style talks.” ” Details here and here in the Gothamist. This celebration doesn’t have the Woodstock name, but it does have the place, now called the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

Confused Professor Asks Great Question about Shift #7

Nine Shift

The time for inventing the 21st century is over. It's now history. A confused university professor asked a great question about Shift #7, boys lead a change in values. We noted one of those new 21st century values boys first pioneered was collaboration.

embrace the snowflakes

Harold Jarche

Why in the age of the internet does the British army need the ‘snowflake generation’ more than ever? Their compassion in dealing with local populations, and their technological prowess, are essential qualities in any modern military operation.

Skills 204

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The new together

Doc Searls

I want to point to three great posts. First is Larry Lessig ‘s Podcasting and the Slow Democracy Movement. A pull quote: The architecture of the podcast is the precise antidote for the flaws of the present. It is deep where now is shallow.

Feed 130

Sixties the Nostalgia Decade for Gen Y?

Nine Shift

A leading contender for Gen Y nostalgia and interest might be the 1960s. -I I told my son Willie I had this great record, In A Gada Da Vida, by Iron Butterfly, recorded in 1968. "No No you don't, he replied. I took it years ago.". -I

Issues 130

Bringing Transformation to Life

Clark Quinn

I’m going to be delivering a mobile learning course for a university this spring. Consequently, I’m currently beginning the design. I need to practice what I preach in the sense of good learning design, so I’m working through the usual decisions.

Course 157

first finds of 2019

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. “To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” ” —Kurt Vonnegut, via @ShaunCoffey.

Price 143

Getting annoyed

Euen Semple

One of the aims of mindfulness and practicing meditation is to get better at responding to things rather than reacting to them. To take calm, appropriate action when needed rather than to get bent out of shape because things aren't how we expect them to be. This isn't to say that you end up as some chilled out, passive, punch bag for the world.

High School Leads with New Grading Policy

Nine Shift

A high school in Idaho is leading the way with a new grading policy. Of course the school board and school officials are meeting resistance from students and parents who have no idea about the research and evidence. But that's ok. Someone has to lead, to try, to fail before new grading finally wins for everyone in society. Here's the story. Rocky Mountain Principal Mike Hirano said the school already had the gears in motion to make these changes.

A foolish inconsistency

Clark Quinn

Here, a foolish in consistency is the hobgoblin of my little mind. While there are some learnings in here (for me and others), it’s really just getting stuff off my chest. Feel free to move along. This is just a lack of consistency that I suggest is unnecessary and ill-conceived.

Increase Your Productivity and Your Happiness

21 Days to Happiness

Increase your effectiveness with this simple technique We all seem to be so busy these days! Being busy can add extra pressure to our schedules and mean that we need to be extra productive.

Fear, and loss of control

Euen Semple

We love the idea that we have control over our lives and the world around us. A lot of work goes into maintaining this fiction. How much time and effort is spent in business attempting to convince ourselves that we know what is going to happen next and the reasons why? But do we? How many ten year, even five year, strategies come to pass as so confidently predicted? How many carefully spreadsheeted cashflow predictions turn out exactly as planned?

Foreign Planes Are Prohibited, but Foreign Trains Are Fine?

Nine Shift

T ell me if I am wrong here. But my understanding is: -A foreign airline cannot fly from one U.S. city to another U.S. city. -A foreign train company can build and run passenger trains from one U.S. city to another U.S. city. . KLM, British Airways, Air France, etc. are deemed a risk to our national security since they are not owned by a domestic company. Domestic companies are presumably subject to the laws and regulations of the U.S.

How Retail Companies Can Reduce Employee Turnover


The retail sector sees more turnover than any other, except for the technology industry. 1 In 2018, one-third of HR and compensation professionals at 53 retailers reported an 81 percent turnover rate among their combined 2 million employees, according to Retail Dive.

MWL Newsletter No 97

Jane Hart

Articles & news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) for the week 30 Dec – 5 Jan. [A A new world of learning, Jane Hart’s Pick of the Year, Promoting continuous learning in the workplace Workshop, & more]. Modern Workplace Learning

Doing the right thing

Euen Semple

One of the first questions in BBC staff surveys used to be "Would you defend the BBC?" " My first thought was always "That depends on whether we screwed up or not" It seemed such a stupid question that I struggled to take the rest of the survey seriously. But how often do we really think about whether our organisations are doing the right thing or not? And do we do anything about it if we feel that they aren't?

Survey 109

How to Create a Sales Training Program with an LMS


Almost 13 percent of jobs in the United States are full-time sales positions, according to the Brevet Group.¹ But it comes as no surprise that companies experience a high level of turnover among their salespeople. Sales is demanding, stressful, and highly performance-based.