Sat.Aug 31, 2019 - Fri.Sep 06, 2019

Musings on Blake

Dave Snowden

One of the few good news items yesterday (don’t ask but it involves more tests) was my discovery that we have a major exhibition of the work of William Blake in London over the Christmas period, which means I can make it and daughter is also interested which is a bonus.

top tools 2019

Harold Jarche

Since 2007 Jane Hart has asked working professionals for their top tools for learning — TopTools4Learning — and creates three lists from thousands of responses. Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning. Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning. Top 100 Tools for Education.

Tools 253

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The Digitalization of the American Workforce

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

“Over the past half century, wave after wave of digital innovation has ensured that digitalization - the diffusion of digital technologies into nearly every business and workplace and pocket - has been remaking the U.S.

Skills 171

LXD Strategy

Clark Quinn

In the continuing process of resolving what I want to do when I grow up (rest assured, not happening), I’ve been toying with a concept. And I’ve come up with the phrase: Learning Experience Design (LXD) Strategist. Which of course, begs the question of just what LXD strategy is.

Mayr’s lemma

Dave Snowden

I’ve just started reading Mark Fedyk’s 2017 book The Social Turn in Moral Psychology which I picked up on an impulse in the MIT bookshop on my last visit to Cambridge. I’m only one chapter in but I suspect it will end up on The bookshelf. .

insights over processes

Harold Jarche

Process improvement, like Six Sigma, stifles innovation. Process improvement is a tool set, not an overarching or unifying concept for an organization. Process improvement is a means — for certain contexts like manufacturing — and not an end in itself.


Euen Semple

Should be earned, not assumed; conferred, not taken. Fascinating watching this playing out on the streets of Hong Kong and the front benches of Parliament

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LXD Roles

Clark Quinn

In my thinking about LXD strategy , I also was thinking about what roles are necessary. While you can do handoffs, what are the core skills you need to make this happen? And it’s not that you need all these people, but you need these roles.

system views

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. The ingenuity of the average worker is sufficient to outwit any system of controls devised by management.” Douglas McGregor, via @flowchainsensei.

System 158

Choosing the company that you keep

Euen Semple

I like having a large group of online friends and the variety of viewpoints that I am exposed to as a result. I am also very sensitive to the risk of avoiding criticism or dissent, only hearing views that I agree with, and ending up in an echo chamber. However. A couple of times recently people from my past have asked to be friends on Facebook and without so much as a "Hello, how are you?" have waded in with critical, snide, smart arse comments.

Retail Management Training: Online Learning Secrets to Turn Star Employees Into Managers and Reduce Turnover


Turnover in the retail industry is high: nearly 70 percent for part-time retail employees, according to the Hay Group. 1 Since it costs over $3,000 to find, hire, and train a replacement for a retail employee earning $10 per hour, retail companies lose big money each year to staff attrition.

Will Artificial Intelligence Augment Nonprofit Staff or Replace?

Beth Kanter

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, bots, and other automation technologies offer many benefits to nonprofit professionals because it can perform basic and mundane tasks. As a result, it frees up staff time to focus on higher value activities.

There are better ways to save journalism

Doc Searls

In a Columbia Journalism Review op-ed , Bernie Sanders presents a plan to save journalism that begins, WALTER CRONKITE ONCE SAID that “journalism is what we need to make democracy work.” He was absolutely right, which is why today’s assault on journalism by Wall Street, billionaire businessmen, Silicon Valley, and Donald Trump presents a crisis—and why we must take concrete action. Real journalism is different from the gossip, punditry, and clickbait that dominates today’s news.

"Should" is such a toxic word

Euen Semple

Thinking that you know what other people should do is naive and arrogant. Tormenting yourself with beliefs about how you should behave is the source of most unhappiness. The seeds of both are planted by family and society as a means of control, their effects are corrosive. It's hard to think of a situation where the word should should be used


Into the unknown

Euen Semple

One of the consequences of being an agency driver is that I am working for different clients all the time with different processes and different products. This keeps things interesting. But it also means that most of the drops that I do are for the first time. As a consequence I rarely know what is in store for me at the start of the day. Locations that can become easy when you have done them even once can be really testing when you have no idea what is involved.

The engine of dissatisfaction

Euen Semple

As I was recording a podcast for Paul Sutton this morning I described marketing as "the engine of dissatisfaction". I may use that phrase more often. Feel free to spread its use


So what *do* you do?

Euen Semple

At the dentist's today I was asked to fill out a form which included a question about what my occupation was. I have always struggled with this question but today struggled even more than previously. There was a strong temptation to just write "Lorry Driver" and be done with it. More often than not I have described my self as a writer and speaker which normally satisfies people. In the past I have occasionally used "consultant' but that never felt right.