February, 2019

Learning from Experimentation

Clark Quinn

At the recent LearnTec conference, I was on a panel with my ITA colleagues, Jane Hart, Harold Jarche, and Charles Jennings. We were talking about how to lift the game of Modern Workplace Learning , and each had staked out a position, from human performance consulting to social/informal.

Becoming well?

Dave Snowden

I returned from two fruitful days in South Africa working on what we have temporarily named the new cognitive edge but suffering from a bad cold.

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The Current State of AI Adoption

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

AI is seemingly everywhere. In the past few years, the necessary ingredients have finally come together to propel AI beyond early adopters to a broader marketplace: powerful, inexpensive computer technologies; advanced algorithms; and huge amounts of data on almost any subject.

education does not destroy creativity

Harold Jarche

There is a certain irony that the most popular TED Talk — Do schools kill creativity? — is seriously questioned in a TEDx talk over a decade later. Ken Robinson’s talk on creativity has had over 55 million views. Basically he says that our schools suck the creativity out of children.

Video: Doc Rivers, Champion Of Being Human

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Dan's Related Posts: Podcast: Helping Others In Times Of Need. Drucker Forum – Video Update #2 – Day 1 Morning Keynotes. Drucker Forum – Video Update #1 – Conference Overview.

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Small moves, smartly made

John Hagel

Small moves, smartly made, can set big things in motion – that’s the sub-title of my last book, The Power of Pull. It’s been a key theme of my work for decades, but it’s coming back to bite me. I find that a lot of people have grabbed on to this message to justify incremental actions with limited funding, while holding out the expectation that they will potentially lead to big results.

Fish & Chips Economics

Clark Quinn

A colleague, after hearing my take on economics, suggested I should tell this story. It’s a bit light-hearted, but it does make a point. And I’ve expanded it here for the purposes of reading versus listening.

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The Business Value of Resilience

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The Industrial Revolution was “as much about process innovations that reduced waste and increased productivity as it was about the application of new technologies,” wrote Roger Martin in a recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, - The High Price of Efficiency.

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what it’s all about

Harold Jarche

Three things are essential for meaningful work in the network era — diversity, learning, and trust. Diversity. While there is much talk about information overload, it has never been easier for us to find diverse opinions, experiences, and perspectives.

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Dan Pontefract February 2019 Playlist (for the lovers)

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: My latest project is centred on love. I’m spending an entire two years or so noodling on the word love, and its relationship to leadership. Dan's Related Posts: For The Love Of.

The Spinner’s hack on journalism

Doc Searls

The Spinner* (with the asterisk) is “a service that enables you to subconsciously influence a specific person, by controlling the content on the websites he or she usually visits.” ” Meaning you can hire The Spinner* to hack another person.

Getting brainstorming wrong

Clark Quinn

There’s a time when someone takes a result, doesn’t put it into context, and leads you to bad information. And we have to call it out. In this case, someone opined about a common misconception in regards to brainstorming.

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Being labeled as ill …

Dave Snowden

One of the concerns I raised in yesterday’s post was the danger of assuming the need of a therapeutic approach in organisational, or for that matter individual wellbeing. I’ve long railed against the unthinking transfer of techniques and theories from one field into another.

Despite All the Bad News that Surround Us… Is the World Actually Getting Better?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

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toward a network society

Harold Jarche

Our current triform society is based on families/communities, a public sector, and a private market sector. But this form, dominated by Markets is unable to deal with the complexities we face globally — climate change, pollution, populism/fanaticism, nuclear war, etc.

Podcast: Ways To Be An Intentional Leader

Dan Pontefract

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February Report: War Against Boys

Nine Shift

A few more positive stories about boys this month. Society still firmly anti-boy and the young men are still dying. One of the boys we mentor/help just lost his best high school friend to despair. suicide by intentional overdose). So yeah, we got some skin in this game.

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Surprise, Transformation, & Learning

Clark Quinn

Recently, I came across an article about a new explanation for behavior, including intelligence.

Narrative: exploring the world

Dave Snowden

The first time I saw the Aran Islands was back in the 70s from the Cliffs of Mohr. I was part of a weekend house party organised by Mary Condren (one of the faculty or our retreat) on the west coast of Ireland.

Fostering an Innovation Culture: Talent, Discipline and Leadership

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Innovation has been a hot topic for the past few decades. Companies all over the world have integrated innovation into their overall strategies and marketing campaigns.

extracting human value

Harold Jarche

Automation + Capitalism makes for a perfect storm that many of us will not weather.

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When Our Values Run Counter To Our Employer

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: As sportscasters go, Bob Costas is legendary. Be it basketball, golf, hockey, NASCAR, the Olympics or his beloved baseball, Costas has reported on, commentated over.

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February Report: New Green Deal

Nine Shift

Top story of the month: New Green Deal. Old people say there's no ROI in saving the human race, informing their grandchildren they won't make it past 2200. Sorry, kids, it's just too expensive for the world's richest country to save the human race. . But Gen Y is not buying the cost.

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Danielle Feinberg #Trgconf Keynote Mindmap

Clark Quinn

Danielle Feinberg of Pixar shared her story of using computer science to create the visual art and storytelling for Pixar movies.

Narrative: paying the piper

Dave Snowden

One of my motivations in devising the Tricotocon approach to trans-disciplinary learning, which we will use in the coming narrative retreat, was to allow disputation between peers and subsequent reflection.

Xyleme Named to 2019 Training Industry Top 20 Authoring Tools Companies List


Raleigh, NC – February 7, 2019 – Training Industry today announced that Xyleme has been selected as part of the 2019 Top Training Companies lists for the Authoring Tools sector of the learning and development market.

“taking responsibility for our own work and learning”

Harold Jarche

“To a great extent PKM [personal knowledge management] is about shifting responsibility for learning and knowledge sharing from a company to individuals and this is the greatest challenge for both sides.

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$6 trillion In Assets And This CEO Says Purpose Is The Company’s Fundamental Reason For Being

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Larry Fink is the CEO and chairperson of New York-based BlackRock, an investment management firm. BlackRock manages roughly $6 trillion in assets on a global basis.

Could this be the Gen Y Revolt We Predicted?

Nine Shift

This week AOC is getting a lot of support for her publicizing efforts to save the planet. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the 20something congresswoman from New York who seems to be representing her generation as well as her district.

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What’s the CEO want to see

Clark Quinn

This issue came up recently, and it’s worth a think. What would a CEO hope to see from L&D? And I think this is in two major areas. The first is for optimum execution, and the other is for continual innovation. It’s easier to talk about the former, so we’ll start there. However, if (or, rather, when ;) L&D starts executing on the other half, we should be looking for tangible outcomes there too. Optimal Execution.

Toxic workplaces

Euen Semple

Well, let's face it, it's not the workplaces that are toxic, it is people. Not just any people but particular people. And more often than not we all know who they are. But will anyone do anything about it? Will anyone have those early conversations about behaviour before it builds into an apparently insurmountable problem? Will anyone care enough to ask what is driving those troubled individuals to behave in ways that can do so much damage both to themselves and those around them?


Images Matter - Shaping Our Current Social and Political Discourse

John Hagel

I recently wrote about the growing fear produced by the mounting performance pressure of the Big Shift. As fear grows we have a natural human reaction to hold onto what we have. While very understandable, that reaction can also be very dangerous and lead us to miss the expanding opportunities created by the Big Shift. The two most prominent images – walls and safety nets - dominating much of our conversation these days are manifestations of our fear and desire to hold onto what we have.

we all need an inner circle

Harold Jarche

Work has always been about who you know, more than what you know. That’s why the rich and powerful send their children to elite schools. It’s not about the education but rather the connections.

Isn’t CEO Activism Simply Doing What’s Right?

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Merriam-Webster defines the word activism as “a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial. Dan's Related Posts: My Employee Engagement Advice to a Stranger. Collaboration Is Not Just A Technology. It’s A Behavior. $6 6 trillion In Assets And This CEO Says Purpose Is The Company’s Fundamental… The CEO That Was Out Of Touch.

How SAP's partner ecosystem is built for long-term growth

Dion Hinchcliffe

Large software vendors frequently depend on partners for the last mile of customer success. As enterprise applications shift to the cloud and digital transformation is the top game in town, here's how IT giant SAP is wielding one of its most valuable market assets to grow and succeed

Transformative Learning & Transformative Experiences

Clark Quinn

In my quest to not just talk about transformation but find a way to go beyond just experience, I did some research. I came across a mention of transformative experiences. And that, in turn, led me to transformation learning. And the distinction between them started me down a path that’s still evolving. Practicing what I preach, here’s how my thinking’s developing. I’ll start with the reverse, transformative learning, because it came first and it’s at the large end.

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February Report: Trains

Nine Shift

H ere's our February Report: Trains. We move closer to the end of our story. Society enters fully into the new economic age of the Knowledge Society of the 21st Century, and the countdown begins. . World. Trains are gaining on cars. -Eurostar is adding another train from London to the continent, promoting the train's 80% less pollution as a way to save the human race (it is). The Netherlands announced a 2040 plan to connect its 9 biggest cities with trains leaving every 10 minutes.

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