October, 2020

Yesterday I Did Three Things For The Very First Time…

Dan Pontefract

Yesterday, I did three things I’ve never done before. 1) I voted by mail. 2) I got a flu shot. 3) I visited a newly… The post Yesterday I Did Three Things For The Very First Time… appeared first on Pontefract Group. leadership

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Personalized and adaptive learning

Clark Quinn

For reasons that are unclear even to me, I was thinking about personalized versus adaptive learning. They’re similar in some ways, but also different. And a way to distinguish them occurred to me.


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AI Technologies Are Fundamentally Changing How Work Gets Done

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

After decades of promise and hype, artificial intelligence is finally becoming one of the most important technologies of our era. AI technologies, like machine learning, are clearly having a major impact on the very nature of work.

when training is the wrong solution

Harold Jarche

Training is too often the proverbial hammer in search of nails. It’s an easy check mark to show that action has been taken, assuming that improving individual skills is the core issue that needs to be addressed. But training does not improve diversity.

The Future of Online Learning 2020

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This is an edited text transcript from my presentation from April 27, 2020. Presentation page (audio, video, slides): [link] This talk is about change. It's about the change we see individually in our homes and in our workplaces and it's about the larger changes sweeping through society.

Xyleme is Proud to Partner with Content Rules


Technology & Content Strategy Go Hand-in-Hand. We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Content Rules , the well-known leader in content strategy.

Now Available: LEAD. CARE. WIN. Online Learning Course Outlines

Dan Pontefract

In just a few short days the LEAD. Online Learning Program will be released to the wild. I am super excited to compliment… The post Now Available: LEAD. Online Learning Course Outlines appeared first on Pontefract Group. leadership Lead.

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The Real Business of Blockchain

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

complexity rules

Harold Jarche

We live and work in a complex system. Simple, traditional linear models do not work in complex systems. Campbell’s Law is a real thing – people change their behavior to meet targets. These ‘corruption pressures’ often have unintended consequences.

Time to unscrew subscriptions

Doc Searls

The goal here is to obsolesce this brilliant poster by Despair.com : I got launched on that path a couple months ago, when I got this email from The_New_Yorker at e-mail.condenast.com: Why did they “need” a “confirmation” to a subscription which, best I could recall, was last renewed early this year? So I looked at the links.

Webinar: Personalizing Content at Scale? 3 Reasons an LCMS is Essential for Success


What if, instead, we created content in flexible, reusable chunks that we could essentially use as independent building blocks? Content personalization is no longer an option–it’s an expectation.

How I Conduct Keynotes From Home

Dan Pontefract

Here’s how I have conducted keynotes since the beginning of May. Wall-mounted TV. Apple TV air playing slides from Mac 1 while Mac 2 has… The post How I Conduct Keynotes From Home appeared first on Pontefract Group. keynotes LEAD. leadership speaking

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Learner-centered, or…

Clark Quinn

I saw a post the other day that talked about ’empathy’, and I’m strongly supportive. But along the way they cited another topic that I’ve had mixed feelings about. So I thought it was time to address it. I’m wondering about ‘learner-centered’, and it may seem churlish to suggest otherwise. However, let me make the case for an alternative.

May the Network Force Be With You

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

May the Force Be With You has become part of popular culture since the words were first uttered in the 1977 Star Wars film.

cynefin and pkm

Harold Jarche

I am following up from thoughts on the cynefin framework and how it has informed my own work since 2009.

PKM 202

Higher education adrift

Doc Searls

In Your favorite cruise ship may never come back: 23 classic vessels that could be laid-up, sold or scrapped , Gene Sloan (aka @ThePointsGuy ) named the Carnival Fantasy as one those that might be headed for the heap.

Around Asia with Cynefin – Organisational Development & Coaching in Japan, with Yoichi and Chikako

Dave Snowden

We have taken a bit of a gander around South Asia and Southeast Asia, and now we will point our focus to North and East Asia. In today’s session, we go to Tokyo, Japan to meet with Yoichi Tamura and Chikako Moriyama to discuss how Cynefin has been applied and introduced into their work. Yoichi and I also co-authored a book on Cynefin for the Japanese market, with a focus on how this can be used in organisational development, personal coaching and consulting.

Why I Wrote LEAD. CARE. WIN.

Dan Pontefract

Five years ago, I was coming off the stage from a keynote in the US when a woman approached me. She was mid-to-late 30’s and… The post Why I Wrote LEAD. appeared first on Pontefract Group. leadership Lead.

Groups 163


Clark Quinn

I’ve talked before about the power of ritual, but while powerful, it also seemed piecemeal. That is, there were lots of hints, but not a coherent theory. That has now changed.

Course 172

After Years of Promise and Hype, Is AI Once More Failing to Deliver?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Data 174

debunking handbook 2020

Harold Jarche

The Debunking Handbook 2020 has just been published and is an excellent free guide to address the mass amounts of misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda that flow through our digital communications everyday and then influence real life behaviours.

Webinar: Achieving Personalization at Scale with Xyleme’s LCMS


Content personalization is no longer an option—it’s an expectation. Whether you’re serving content to internal or external audiences, learners expect content to be personalized to them and their unique needs. In this session you will learn how Xyleme’s award-winning Learning Content Management System (LCMS) helps enterprise organizations standardize content development, delivery and maintenance processes in order to simplify content reuse and personalization at scale.

Around Asia with Cynefin – Innovation & Digital Transformation with ThoughtWorks China

Dave Snowden

We are coming to the end of our 21 days of Cynefin, and we are now on the last stop of our tour. In this session, we sit down for a chat with our friends from ThoughtWorks China. With me on this session are Xiao Ran, who is the Head of Innovation, and David Wang , who is the Lead of Digital Technology Strategy. In our chat, we discuss how the manufacturer of the world is managing innovation and complexity.

My Music Playlist In Honour Of Eddie Van Halen

Dan Pontefract

I guess I was a closet Van Halen fan. The news of Eddie Van Halen’s passing this week shook me more than I thought it… The post My Music Playlist In Honour Of Eddie Van Halen appeared first on Pontefract Group. Music Dan's Music Playlist Eddie Van Halen music

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Why we must have faith in humanity, now more than ever

Trends in the Living Networks

One of the deepest questions we can ask is: Are humans fundamentally good or bad? Of course the answer is neither and both. Yet day by day how we feel about this question fluctuates with our moods and what we observe in the world. Certainly the more we watch the news the more evil we see.

America’s Obsession with Economic Efficiency

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The belief that efficiency is fundamental to competitive advantage has turned management into a science, whose objective is the elimination of waste, - whether of time, materials, or capital, - wrote Roger Martin in “ The High Price of Efficiency ,” a January 2019 article in the Harvard Business Review.

Class 156

still standing and learning

Harold Jarche

I spent the first 21 years of my working life with a regular pay cheque, lots of formal training, and a fairly regular schedule. Leaving the Army I worked at a university and a few years later for an e-learning startup.

PKM 186

On KERI: a way not to reveal more personal info than you need to

Doc Searls

You don’t walk around wearing a name badge. Except maybe at a conference, or some other enclosed space where people need to share their names and affiliations with each other. But otherwise, no. Why is that?

Around Asia with Cynefin – KM in India with Rudolf

Dave Snowden

Rudolf D’Souza ‘s journey with Cynefin started in 2004 with a KM Asia Conference in Singapore. He has been a practitioner of Knowledge Management since 2003. In this interview, learn more about how Rudolf uses gamification to stimulate knowledge sharing, and to stimulate dynamic flow between the Complex and Complicated. Rudolf has worked with Cognitive Edge to co-organise Executive Sessions with some of the largest Indian corporates. Learn more about our Executive Briefing sessions.

Simple Ways To Reduce Virtual Fatigue for Nonprofit Leaders

Beth Kanter

Introduction to the series from Computer and Text Neck Stretching Exercises by Desk Yogi. Since the pandemic started and the shift to all virtual, I have found myself sitting in front of a screen for longer stretches.

The shift to ‘virtual first’ organizations will undoubtedly continue

Trends in the Living Networks

COVID-19 has shifted most organizations in the developed world to predominantly virtual work. The question is what happens from here.

3 Tips to Build A Connected Workforce


As of April 2020, 66 percent of employees were working from home due to the coronavirus crisis. 1 This has not only created logistical problems for employers but also caused many employees to feel disconnected from their coworkers.

Tips 63

supporting workplace performance

Harold Jarche

Many workplace performance issues cannot be solved through training, such as: Poor communications. Unclear expectations (such as policies & guidelines). Inadequate resources. Unclear performance measures. Rewards and consequences are not directly linked to the desired performance.

dwindling jobs

Harold Jarche

In Only Humans Need Apply , the authors note that one phenomenon of machine automation and augmentation is a decrease in entry-level jobs. “We seem to have automated away the first few rungs of the traditional career ladder.

Skills 180

a variety of finds

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. Top Influencers in knowledge management by @cronycle [Long list to curate your own feed on KM].

engaging with reality

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight, since 2009, I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. EmilyHaber [German Ambassador to USA] — “Hannah Arendt, a German Jew, political theorist and philosopher, was born on this day in 1906.

hopes and fears

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.” ” — Maya Angelou. Tom_Peters — “Sunday reminder to leaders.