December, 2018

The Threat and Opportunity of Lifelong Learning

John Hagel

Our conversations and media are increasingly consumed by the topic of the “future of work.” And, within this topic, one of the buzzwords that has emerged and acquired increasing prominence is “lifelong learning.” The message is that, in a more rapidly changing world, we’re all going to have to abandon the traditional notion of going to school to learn and then going into a career to apply the learning we’ve received.

Redefining Work - Leveraging Human Capabilities in a Future of Expanding Automation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

How will labor markets evolve in our 21st century digital economy? What’s the likely future of jobs, given that our increasingly smart machines are now being applied to activities requiring intelligence and cognitive capabilities that not long ago were viewed as the exclusive domain of humans? How will AI, robotics and other advanced technologies transform the very nature of work? Over the past few years, a number of papers , reports and books have addressed these very important questions.

Report 182

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Big News! I’m Leaving TELUS (sorta) And Going Solo

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Just a few weeks ago I passed my 10-year service anniversary at TELUS. What a blast. What a decade. I remember working with some team. Dan's Related Posts: Fifteen Years After My MBA. My Next Role Is … Sheri Quit Her Job And Regained Her Purpose Sweet Spot. Three Tough Questions Answered About Purpose. Download Chapter 1 of “The Purpose Effect” For Free. Thanks for reading. visit the original at [link].

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Culture 2 of 7: the canvass

Dave Snowden

I’m using the metaphor of a painting to provide structure to this series and all paintings have to start somewhere. One of the reasons for this is the sense of doing something with intent. I’m not attempting an anthropological treatise here, my focus is on the ubiquitous attempts to engineer culture change in organisations a task that matches the original meaning of a forlorn hope , a mistranslation of verloren hoop whichmeans a lost heap!

saving democracy

Harold Jarche

Why do younger people generally think it is less essential to live in a democracy? Perhaps it’s because the times are changing. The first democracies (USA, France, and gradually the UK) emerged about 300 years after the invention of the printing press. A free press was a cornerstone of American democracy. All of these are representative democracies, electing people to go to a central location and represent a constituency. Maybe they are no longer suitable for a network era society.

The 10 most read articles in the Modern Workplace Learning Magazine in 2018

Jane Hart

Here are the 10 most read articles in the Modern Workplace Learning Magazine in 2018. 1 – Classroom training and E-Learning are the least valued ways of learning. This is what it means for L&D Jane Hart, 22 May 2018. Modern Workplace Learning

Learning Experience Portals?

Clark Quinn

What is a learning experience platform? Suddenly the phrase seems ubiquitous, but what does it mean? It’s been on my mental ‘todo’ list for a while, but I finally spent some time investigating the concept. And what I found as the underlying concept mostly makes sense, but I have some challenges with the label. So what am I talking about? It’s ImPortal!

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Highlights From The 2018 Global Peter Drucker Forum

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: November 29 and 30 witnessed over 1000 people descending on Vienna, Austria for the 10th annual Global Peter Drucker Forum. Vienna was the birthplace of. Dan's Related Posts: My Hopes for the Drucker Forum #gpdf14. Video Review of Drucker Forum 2013. Can Humanism Replace Capitalism? The Great Transformation of the Organization Still Needs the How.

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Twelvetide 18:04 empathy through perspective

Dave Snowden

As you may have gathered over the first few posts in this series I’m not seeking to solve the meta issues surrounding ethics and aesthetics but I am trying to inch way way to a generic approach that avoids the Scylla and Charybdis of accepting the norms or creating rules; in my lexicon extreme moral relativism and absolutism have a lot in common.

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work in 2018

Harold Jarche

When we look at the future of work, the loss of current jobs, and the effects of automation, we should use a compass to guide us, not a list of what the skills of the future may look like. That compass is self-determination theory which states that there are three universal human drivers: autonomy, competence, and relatedness. We need some control over our lives, we want to be good at something, and we want to feel that we belong with other people.

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Jane Hart’s Pick of the Year

Jane Hart

My 30 favourite posts and articles in 2018. I think you will quickly spot the the theme running through them all. Modern Workplace Learning


Thinking Strategically

Clark Quinn

Repurposed from another use. In today’s increasing rate of change and competition, coupled with growing ambiguity and uncertainty, L&D just can’t be about delivering courses on demand. Optimal execution, the result of formal learning, is only the cost of entry, and continual innovation will be the necessary element for organizations to thrive. Organizations have to move faster, be more agile, and adapt more effectively.

Course 132

The World Bank’s Human Capital Index

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Last week I wrote about a recently published World Bank report, The Changing Nature of Work. The report highlights the increasing importance of investing in human capital by both the public and private sectors. All around the world, the demand for workers who are good at complex problem-solving, interactions with clients and colleagues, and able to adapt to new tools and technologies is rising, while the demand for less advanced skills that can be replaced by technology is declining.

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Dan Pontefract December 2018 Playlist (Christmas Edition)

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: I am a big fan of Christmas. So much so, I have collected over 20 glühwein (hot mulled wine) Christmas mugs over the years. Dan's Related Posts: What John Lennon Taught Me About Thinking. Dan Pontefract February 2018 Playlist. Favourite Posts of 2013 That I Wrote & Published. A Shooting Dallas Star. Dan Pontefract April 2018 Playlist. Thanks for reading. visit the original at [link]. Music Christmas Dan's Music Playlist Xma

Twelvetide 18:01 introducing axiology

Dave Snowden

I’ve managed to attempt, and sometimes complete, a series of Christmas posts most years on a range of subjects. I think I started in 2009 with a series of foods, then skipped to Children’s Books in 2012. Back in 2013 (strange to think it is five years ago as it was a transforming moment) I was celebrating reversal of Type II Diabetes and didn’t write a series per se. A very popular series in 2014 took an curmudgeonly approach, attacking things I didn’t like.

nine shifts — one is critical

Harold Jarche

Nine Hours. In 2004 Bill Draves and Julie Coates wrote Nineshif t: Work, life and education in the 21st Centur y. That was the same year I started blogging here. Nineshift is based on the premise that there will be a major shift in how we spend 9 hours of each day. “There are 24 hours in a day. We have no real discretion with roughly 12 of those hours. We need to eat, sleep, and do a few other necessary chores in order to maintain our existence.

The role of the Modern Learning Advisor in today’s workplace

Jane Hart

The work of the modern Learning & Development function is no longer just about designing, delivering and managing training experiences, but about enabling and supporting continuous improvement, learning and development. To do this, therefore, requires a different type of learning professional from the standard roles found in the workplace, i.e. instructors, facilitators and instructional designers. Modern Workplace Learning

Design 134

The pain of learning

Clark Quinn

My dad , in his last years, lost the use of his hands and most of his hearing. It seemed like he then gave up. I finally challenged him on it, and he said “when you’re in constant pain…” And I got it. So, turns out I’ve a misbehaving disk in my back, and it started pressing on the nerve over the summer. Pain scales are 1-10; this ultimately got to an 8 when I was trying to walk or even stand (from my lower back down my leg to my toes).

Blockchain Beyond the Hype

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A recent issue of The Economist included a special report on cryptocurrencies and blockchains. The Economist ’s overall conclusion was that “Bitcoin has been a failure as a means of payment, but thrilling for speculators.” Its assessment of blockchain was somewhat more positive. “For blockchains, the jury is still out,… For all the technology’s potential, though, most attempts to use it remain tentative,… The advantages of blockchains are often oversold.” .

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Did GM Have To Fire 14,000 People?

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: General Motors made a large and stunning announcement recently, confirming roughly 15% of its global workforce will be terminated or bought out. More than 14,000. Dan's Related Posts: This IBM Employee Quit Her Job. I Commend Her For Doing So. The CEO That Was Out Of Touch. Lessons In Culture From United Airlines. Four Key Actions To Change Your Organization’s Purpose. Sheri Quit Her Job And Regained Her Purpose Sweet Spot.

Twelvetide 18:07

Dave Snowden

I’ve managed to pass the half way point in this series and I’m feeling confident about completion. But I’m heading up to North Wales today for a pre-dawn ascent of something (will check weather forecast) on New Years Day and then a week of walking and writing so time may be tight, but the reflective quality of mountain walking should improve the content! Today I want to pick up on the question of choice and also look at that in the context of obligation and need.

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“the number one critical skill set”

Harold Jarche

“Imagine you’re trying to fix a problem, dealing with a crisis, or even just replying to someone, responding to a query, thinking about a possible solution. Most people deal with the issue at hand. That’s great already! But if your KM meta reflex kicks in, all of a sudden you see another arc: Hold on a minute! Is this a one-off? Or something likely to happen again? What can I do here and now that will not only help in the moment, but save time for me, and possibly others, in the future?

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Modern Workplace Learning 2019

Jane Hart

Modern Workplace Learning 2019 is now available in web and PDF formats. Modern Workplace Learning


From instructor to designer & facilitator

Clark Quinn

Someone on Quora asked me about the instructor role: How would the role of a teacher change in this modern online learning world? While I posted an answer there, I thought I’d post it here too: I see two major roles in that of the ‘teacher’: the designer of learning experiences (pre), and the facilitator of same (during/post). I think the design changes by returning to natural learning approaches, an apprenticeship model (c.f. Cognitive Apprenticeship).

Design 113

The Jobs Outlook for 2022

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A few weeks ago, the World Economic Forum (WEF) released The Future of Jobs Report 2018. T he report takes an in-depth look at the world of work in what the WEF calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The report is based on a survey of over 300 chief human resource officers and top strategy executives from large global companies across 12 industry sectors.

Survey 139

Three Ways To Take Back Control Of Your Time

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: Normally I have a 10-minute rule. If I am scheduled to have a virtual meeting with someone (telephone, Skype, Zoom, etc.) I’ll give him or. Dan's Related Posts: Is Your Corporate Culture The Root Cause Of Bad Meetings? Sadly, The Importance Of Importance Is Now What’s Most Important. Maybe We Should Be More Like a Fridge at Work. Effective Leaders Operate Like This.

Twelvetide 18:08 meaning making

Dave Snowden

Some years ago I was at an Academy of Management meeting in Washington DC to receive an award for original contributions to the field of knowledge management. As a part of that I had to make a presentation of an early version of Cynefin to a well educated audience and get immediate responses from Max Boisot and J C Spender, neither of who take prisoners. Many years later JC and I shared a stage in Barcelona to give tribute to Max’s life.

democracy and equality

Harold Jarche

Will technology empower or frustrate learning and will established powers control individuals or will something new emerge? These were the questions asked during the The Edinburgh Scenarios in 2004. The resulting scenarios were as follows. Web of Confidence: Technology advances, power shifts to emergent players. U Choose: Technology frustrates, power shifts to emergent players. Virtually Vanilla: Technology advances, power retained by established players.

MWL Newsletter No 96

Jane Hart

Articles and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) for the period 16-29 December 2018. the case for PKM, threat & opportunity of lifelong learning, truth act behavioural change, & more]. Modern Workplace Learning

The case for PKM

Clark Quinn

Apparently, an acquaintance challenged my colleague Harold Jarche’s Personal Knowledge Mastery (PKM) model. He seemed to consider the possibility that it’s a fad. Well, I do argue people should be cautious about claims. So, I’ve talked about PKM before , but I want to elaborate. Here’s my take on the case for PKM. As context, I think meta-learning, learning to learn, is an important suite of skills to master.

PKM 113

The Wrong Choice

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Joanne Jacobs links to an article titled Why I Wish I Hadn’t Gone to College by Keri Savoca. Savoca writes that she would have been a lot better off had she spent the 11 years doing something else. "I I watched my peers who didn’t go to college establish businesses, get into specialized trades, become social media influencers, or do exactly what I was doing, but without the student loan debt."

Skills 143

Thanks for a Great NineShift Year!

Nine Shift

For the 19th straight year, Thank You for a great year with NineShift. . We now enter the last year of the 2000-2020 transition from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Society. All 9 of the major shifts we predicted are taking hold on society. And over 500 hundred NIneShifters continue to read our book, attend NineShift presentations, read this blog, and tell us how meaningful NineShift has been to their lives. . Here's the Top 5 NineShift Stories of the Year.

Twelvetide 18:05 metaphor

Dave Snowden

Yesterday’s post looked at a case in which narrative techniques were used to present individual leaders with multiple challenging perspectives; seeing themselves as others see them. It described a concrete and at times brutal method of connecting people with a reality that might otherwise conveniently ignore. Today I want to look at the way in which art can help us disconnect from reality to gain perspective, to see things in a different light.

our echo-chambers can kill us

Harold Jarche

Cultural Echo-chambers. Innovation is about making connections — connecting people and connecting ideas. The broader and deeper the connections, the more potential for serendipity. This is why systemic factors like gender or racial bias put organizations and societies at a disadvantage. They lose diversity and they become less innovative. History has shown us this, such as the chase for the atomic bomb during the Second World War.

MWL Newsletter No 94

Jane Hart

Posts and news about Modern Workplace Learning (MWL) for the week 2-8 December 2018 [who’s responsible for reskilling future workers? guide employees to own their own learning. MWL 2019] . Modern Workplace Learning

Application-based Instruction

Clark Quinn

A number of years ago, I wrote about activity-based learning. And I firmly stand behind the model there. It’s not a major campaign, but quietly permeates the things that I do. However, I realize that there’re two misnomers in the label, and it’s time to rectify that. It’s about instruction, and it’s about application. I need to make those distinctions clear.

Google vs. Bing

Doc Searls

In search , Google has a 90%+ share worldwide. But I’m not sure that makes it a monopoly, as long as it has real competition. With Bing is does. For example, recently I wanted to find a post Andrew Orlowski wrote for The Register in the early 00s. I remembered that it was about The Cluetrain Manifesto (which he called “Candide without the irony”—a great one-liner I can’t forget), and also mentioned John C. Dvorak , another Cluetrain non-fan.

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