February, 2020

The State of AI Adoption - High Performers Show the Way

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For the past few years, the McKinsey Global Institute has been conducting a yearly survey to assess the state of AI adoption. Its 2017 survey of over 3,000 AI-aware executive found that outside the technology sector, AI adoption was at an early, often experimental stage. Only 20% of respondents used any AI-related technology in a core part to their business.

Wherefore, part the first

Dave Snowden

We tend to read ‘ wherefore ’ as a question asking where something is, but the meaning is actually for what , or why as in “ Wherefore was I born” (Shakespeare, Richard III Act 2 scene 3) and Juliet’s more famous rendering which is attempting to locate her love but to ask why does he have to be a Montague; remember it is followed by “What’s in a name?


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Death to Zombies!

Clark Quinn

Last week, I ranted about a myth that seems inextinguishable. And I ran across another one in a place I shouldn’t have. And I keep seeing others, spotting them roaming around loose. Like zombies, they seem to rise from the dead. We need death to zombies. Particularly learning myth zombies! There are several that seem overly prolific. I’ve already ranted about learning styles , but it’s pernicious. And others keep cropping up.

Flying to Conferences

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I just want to take a few moments to consider Bryan Alexander's comments about flying to conferences. As most readers know, I have flown to hundreds of academic conferences over the years. So I guess I would be considered a prime offender in this regard. Except - I don't see myself as an 'offender' per se. Flying to conferences is just one of the things I've done over the years.

learning in the flow of work

Harold Jarche

Networked humans in a connected society: Our increasing inter-connectedness illuminates the need for cooperation. Simple work keeps getting automated, but still needs human oversight. Complicated work gets automated, outsourced, or contracted to the lowest cost of doing business. Complex work can provide a unique business advantage — but complex work is difficult to copy. Creative work can find new opportunities — but creative work is often intangible and constantly evolves.

Mobile Learning: Making Content Available Anytime, Anywhere


Mobile learning, also called M-learning or mLearning, is any type of content that is developed or consumed on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and including anything from podcasts to full eLearning courses. According to Pew Research , virtually all Americans — an overwhelming 96% — currently own some kind of cellphone, an increase of 35% since 2011. Regardless of the industry, organizations need to pay attention to these numbers and prioritize designing for mobile consumption.

Conceptualizing AI in Human Terms is Misleading and Potentially Harmful

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

“We speak of machines that think , learn , and infer.

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More Myths-Based Marketing

Clark Quinn

Is it the rising lack of trust in what anyone says? Have we turned into a society where any crazy marketing works? It certainly seems that way. It was only a couple of weeks ago I went on a rant , and yet, here we are again. A new twitter account (*not without controversy) @badlearning , has started taking on posts citing myths. And one caught my attention (not least because the stream mentioned the myths book ;). It got interesting when the marketing manager responded.

Data 134

How to Learn Using Technology

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Learning with technology is different from learning with textbooks or learning with classroom instruction. In these, the focus is on understanding and remembering. It is content based. The learning objective is defined as mastery of this body of knowledge. Learning with technology, by contrast, is outcome based. It is defined in terms of skills or competencies, as how to achieve a certain outcome using technology as a tool. There’s a distinctive way to learn using technology. Here are the steps.

learning about machine learning

Harold Jarche

Why is machine learning [ML] important for your business? If you work at Nokia, your Chairman can explain it to you in a one hour presentation he developed over six months of research. Risto Siilasmaa helped make his network smarter. Everyone needs to know if ML can help with their business problems, but first they have to understand the basics, says Siilasmaa. Digitization has created an explosion of information. ML is based on logistic regression , which is fairly easy to understand.

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Saving the Internet—and all the commons it makes possible

Doc Searls

This is the Ostrom Memorial Lecture I gave on 9 October of last year for the Ostrom Workshop at Indiana University. Here is the video. The intro starts at 8 minutes in, and my part starts just after 11 minutes in.) I usually speak off the cuff, but this time I wrote it out, originally in outline form*, which is germane to my current collaborations with Dave Winer , father of outlining software (and, in related ways, of blogging and podcasting). So here ya go. Intro.

Honest Conversations - The Key to a Winning Transformational Strategy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

“Nearly every organization - whether private, social, or governmental - is grappling with huge strategic challenges, often with a need to reimagine its very purpose, identity, strategy, business model, and structure,” writes Harvard emeritus professor Michael Beer in his recently published book Fit for Competition. “Most of these efforts to transform will fail. And in most cases, they miss the mark not because the new strategy is flawed, but because the organization can’t carry it out.”.

Modern Training Online Workshop

Jane Hart

Next public workshop runs 2 March – 10 April 2020 This 6-week will look at how to design, deliver and manage a number of modern training content, events and experiences for the workplace, and consider how and when they might best be employed. Modern Workplace Learning

How to be a world-class educational technologist

Clark Quinn

On LinkedIn, I was asked: “I would like to ask sir, how can I be a world-class educational technologist?” ” And I thought that was a very interesting question. (Of Of course, my immediate response should be “how should I know? ;) But I thought I’d do a bit better. So here’s a recast of my response. First, I get requests about how to get started as an instructional designer (particularly offers to come work for me).

Class 123

Educational Research in Learning Technology

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

In this post I discuss the nature (and weaknesses) of research in our field. I am broadly sympathetic with the arguments offered by Philip J. Kerr in this recent post , about how research in educational technology could be improved, but I have disagreements around the edges, enough that I think more discussion is warranted. Kerr begins with a discussion of systematic reviews of research and comments that they "did not paint a very pretty picture of the current state of AIEd research."

leadership through cooperation

Harold Jarche

One of the few areas where most nations cooperate is in infectious disease control.

Going #Faceless

Doc Searls

Facial recognition by machines is out of control. Meaning our control. As individuals, and as a society. Thanks to ubiquitous surveillance systems, including the ones in our own phones , we can no longer assume we are anonymous in public places or private in private ones.

Can Democracy and Free Markets Survive in the Coming Age of AI?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Can technology plan economies and destroy democracy?

Data 136

Solving the Content Explosion Problem


What do many major organizations have in common? A content problem — specifically, a content explosion problem. Writing and delivering content that can scale effectively is a tall order, and the more audiences an organization serves, the more complicated it becomes. For example, delivering a small piece of content, such as procedure steps for a job aid, is a relatively simple task — a “one and done.” But is it really done?

Spam Silliness

Clark Quinn

(Ok, so I’m feeling silly , and feel free to tune out.) On my home computer, I have a spam filter. However, I can’t put one on my tablet and phone, so there I see much more of the spam. And I’m often on those devices, not the computer. So…I can’t avoid seeing the things that come in. The very silly things. So, here’s a ‘toast’ to spam silliness. And, of course, I can’t really tell why I’m getting these.

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How to Use Fastpages

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This is a really interesting project that allows you to write posts in markdown, MS Word or Jupyter notebooks and publish them in a blog using GitHub pages. No website needed! But the instructions are far from clear, so here's a step-by-step version. Login to GitHub. If you don't have a GitHub account, register for one, then login to it Click this link: [link] This gives you an option to create a new repository in your own GitHub account.

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when trust is lost

Harold Jarche

When trust is lost, knowledge fails to flow. When knowledge flow is stemmed, trust is lost. There is widespread outcry in China over the death of Doctor Li Wenliang who identified the novel corona virus, was reprimanded by the police for discussing it in public, and then died from the virus.

4 Easy Ways to Train a Diverse Workforce with eLearning


A diverse workforce provides a multitude of benefits to any organization. Better decision-making abilities among staff, increased innovation, heightened employee performance, and increased profits are just a few benefits. 1 Whether you are intentionally creating a diverse workforce or your staff is becoming more diverse organically, you must be prepared to train your employees in a way that is effective and supports your company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

RIP John Haydon

Beth Kanter

The nonprofit tech & marketing world has lost one of its legends, John Haydon, from cancer. If you do any work on digital strategy for nonprofits, you most likely knew John’s work and influenced by it. I had the honor of knowing John for more than 12 years and working with him – he also did the graphics design for my first Facebook Page. He was loved by so many of us in the field.

Webinar: Five Ways to Future-Proof Your Content


In this joint webinar with Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), Xyleme COO Leslie Farinella and TSIA VP of Technology Research John Ragsdale break down how to develop, manage, and maintain high-quality content as delivery channels, user expectations, and available technology continue to evolve.


elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog

Back on January 20th, I celebrated ( quietly ) my 23rd anniversary in the IT industry. Quite an achievement, indeed, if you would ask me, for someone who graduated as an English teacher back in the day and who didn’t have much of an interest in technology in the first place. Sometimes, I still don’t ! It feels like a long time has passed by since I started working in this space in early 1997, but the thing is that it hasn’t.

How to Use Fastpages (2)

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This is part two of a series. If you haven't read part one, you should do so now. Click here to read part one. OK them welcome back. Let's begin by reviewing what we've done in part one, because it's not obvious. First , we created a repository on GitHub. We did this by 'cloning' the original Fastpages repository. Then we updated the repository by 'merging' an automatically-generated 'pull request'.

How To 100

the cooperative imperative

Harold Jarche

Collaboration is working together for a common purpose, often directed externally by a boss or client. Cooperation is freely sharing with no expectation of direct reciprocity — quid pro quo. Nicholas Christakis’s ‘social suite’ is a blueprint of a range of traits that are common among all human societies, though not always manifested in the same way. One of these common traits is cooperation. In our society, the market currently dominates how we organize. It is competitive.

6 Microlearning Tactics to Include in Your Corporate eLearning


Microlearning is one of the most effective types of corporate training employers can leverage. Whereas traditional training can be draining to some learners, microlearning is a different story. Microlearning , which eLearningIndustry.com defines as, “The more engaging, less time-consuming, and cheaper-to-produce sibling of regular eLearning,” is beneficial to learners as well as employers.

Human-Centered Design & AI: Google AI Impact Summit

Beth Kanter

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Google Impact AI Summit that shared the learning and case studies from Google AI Challenge winners. The Summit included presentations, panel discussions, and a “science fair” where we could see demos from and talk with the winners. CrisisTxt Line Booth at “Science Fair” The Summit kicked off with an overview from a report on what they learned about the evolving field of AI4Social Good.

Going on a journey

Dave Snowden

With the odd exception, I always enjoy a long train journey. In the past month, I’ve done trips from Berlin and London to Amsterdam and got a lot more work done than I would ever have managed with flights. Every now and then I get a chance to make a journey that carries with it many memories. I’ve blogged on a few over the years including this extended trip through mid-Wales and back to Swindon back in 2009. They are popular with some readers but less so with others so you have been warned!


elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog

If I were to describe with a single word the last three years since I wrote a blog post over here, that word would definitely be Transitions. You know what they say, change is hard; change is a constant, and, therefore, the only thing you can do is delay the inevitable. Change will, eventually, happen. Regardless.

The Sustainable Development Goals and Me - Part One

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

With even the World Economic Forum embracing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) I thought it would be an appropriate time to check my own activity and see whether I'm supporting the goals in what I do. It's also a good time to review just what they are and maybe look forward a bit. Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere This matters quite a bit to me and I would like to think that the work I do in education is helping with this.


Harold Jarche

If you find that people on social media have a tendency toward anger and outrage there is one action we all can take to diffuse the situation. It’s simple, but first we have to stop and think. If there is but one practice that will help make social media more civil, it is to always read the full article or reference before sharing and especially before commenting. In short — RTFM.

Class 181

How a Learning Experience Platform Improves Retail Staff Productivity


Employee productivity is important across all industries, especially retail. Retail companies rely on the performance of their staff to generate sales and attract and retain customers. Without a productive workforce, a retail organization can’t survive. One of the most common barriers to retail employee productivity is the lack of training and continued education. When retail training is insufficient, employees are unable to perform their job roles effectively and their productivity declines.

An ATD TK2020 retrospective #ATDTK

Clark Quinn

This past week, I spent two days at ATD’s Techknowledge conference. I gave a talk on ‘ transforming learning’, and another (largely) on myths. And I participated in a couple other things, including helping out a colleague for her session. But I want to reflect on the rest of the event. So here’s an ATD TK2020 retrospective. First, I should note, I did not mindmap the keynotes (in case you missed them). I used to do it all the time.

Five Tips For Dealing with Online Harassment

Beth Kanter

Click for Full-Size Version of Infographic. Note from Beth: Online harassment is a problem especially for nonprofits that are doing advocacy for controversial issues. My colleague Hannah Brennan, Senior Manager at Social Misfits Media , has written this post to share with a useful infographic on how to deal with trolls online. A Guide to Dealing with Online Harassment for Non-Profits. One in eight Britons have been harassed online, according to a recent YouGov report.

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