January, 2019

Exploring synergies and interaction between the Cynefin Framework and Theory of Constraints

Dave Snowden

As our business contexts become increasingly complex, the success rate of large scale transformation efforts and projects are rapidly decreasing. Many have been looking for answers to improve their performance and results, often jumping from one method to the next in search of “The Answer”.

Institutional Innovation - I Have a Dream

John Hagel

Everyone talks about transformation these days, but the term is used so loosely that it’s begun to lose all meaning. I recently wrote a blog post suggesting that the ultimate test of transformation is whether the caterpillar became a butterfly – is it so different that it’s unrecognizable? That’s a useful metaphor, but many have asked me to make it more tangible in the world of institutions. OK, you asked for it, so watch out!

Will Humans Be Better Off in an Increasingly AI-Based Future?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

After decades of promise and hype, artificial intelligence is finally becoming one of the most important technologies of our era. As AI continues to both spread and advance, will it enhance human capacities or will it lessen human autonomy and agency?

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My Big Beef With The Term “Soft Skills”

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: There is no such thing as "soft skills." Why do companies keep using the term? Dan's Related Posts: LinkedIn Skills – Useful or Useless? Docking Employee Pay to Improve Their Skills is Dubious if not Dumb. For every fall there is a spring in our step. My Definition of Work and an Update on Book Two. Our Three Young Children Blog … Here’s Why. Thanks for reading. visit the original at [link].

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learning in complexity and chaos

Harold Jarche

Most of our current work structures are designed to address complicated situations, such as constructing a building, launching a campaign, or designing a piece of equipment. But more of our challenges are complex and cannot be solved in a standard way — inequality, refugees, populism, racism.

Learning Electron - Part 2

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Continuing from Part 1 The story so far In Part 1 I covered the basics of Electron up to and including building executable applications from the Node.js application.

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Twelvetide 18:09 habits & the soul

Dave Snowden

One of those quotes from the bible that most people are, at least in the western tradition, aware of comes from Mark 8:36 “ For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

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Beyond Machine Learning: Capturing Cause-and-Effect Relationships

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming one of the most important technologies of our era. Every day we can read about the latest AI advances from startups and large companies.

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Executive Assistants Are The Real Heroes

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: I have worked full-time for five different organizations in telecommunications, high-tech and academia over twenty-five years. The employee population in those organizations has ranged from.

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Y A (Yet Another) Misleading Mobile Marketing Post

Clark Quinn

Is this YAMMMP? I suppose I can’t address every one, but I think picking a few here and there are perhaps instructive. And, maybe, a bit fun. So there was a post on 5 mobile learning strategies. I’m a wee bit opinionated on mobile learning, so I thought I’d have a look.

gaining insight at work

Harold Jarche

With increasing complexity in most aspects of a network society, the way that we support organizational learning must change. With low levels of complexity, knowledge can be codified into documentation and distributed throughout the organization.

Twelvetide 18:12 lle i enaid cael llonydd

Dave Snowden

Writing this series has been an interesting process – a few of the posts were planned but in the main I just started writing with a view to seeing what would emerge. Speaking can be like that as well and allows you to respond to the audience in the moment.


Doc Searls

This is a game for our time. I play it on New York and Boston subways, but you can play it anywhere everybody in a crowd is staring at their personal rectangle. I call it Rectangle Bingo. Here’s how you play.

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The Rise of Global, Superstar Firms, Sectors and Cities

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In the 1990s, t he Internet was supposed to usher a much more open, decentralized, democratic economy and society. Startups with innovative business models where now able to reach customers anywhere, anytime.

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Time After Time: The Importance Of Time

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: In this episode, Dan Pontefract discusses the critical importance of time. Are you in control of your time? What is the relationship between time and. Dan's Related Posts: What’s The Definition Of Love As A Leader?

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What to evaluate?

Clark Quinn

In a couple of articles, the notion that we should be measuring our impact on the business is called out. And being one who says just that , I feel obligated to respond. So let’s get clear on what I’m saying and why. It’s about what to evaluate, why, and possibly when.

the democratization of media

Harold Jarche

“You’re just hearing about it [microaggression] more, because the people who have been suffering it for a long time have decided that they aren’t going to suffer it anymore. The disempowered recognize that it’s time for them to be heard.

Twelvetide 18:11 the numinous

Dave Snowden

I first came across the idea of the numinous when I picked up a second hand copy of Rudolf Otto’s book The Idea of the Holy which I picked up on one the Ampleforth retreats I mentioned in a previous post.

NineShift 2019 Predictions. #6 Gen Y Revolt

Nine Shift

Gen Y will have one more play; they will change one more thing for the good of the 21st century. . Their modus operandi is online, so that is the likely organizing and force they will use. The issue: no idea. .

The True Value of a Good Education: Adaptability to a Changing Environment

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In his 1945 seminal report, Science The Endless Frontier , presidential science advisor Vannevar Bush laid out the blueprint for R&D in post-war America: “New knowledge can be obtained only through basic scientific research” conducted in universities and research labs, which is then applied to develop new products by the private sector and new and improved weapons by the defense sector.

Are You Recognizing Your People?

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: In this episode, Dan Pontefract highlights the importance of recognition. 87 percent of employee recognition focuses on tenure-based awards. you get a 10-year plaque. Dan's Related Posts: Are You Empathetic? Shame On You If Not.

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Euen Semple

The process of thingification (turning a useful idea into the latest thing and thereby rendering it useless) appears unstoppable. In the context of work it happened with collaboration, innovation, and creativity. It is even happening with disruption! It happened with blogging, it happened with YouTube, it's happening with podcasting. All these potentially powerful attempts at building a new world using new tools being rendered safe by assimilation into the old.

citizen sensemaking

Harold Jarche

Finland has taken a private-sector initiative to introduce people to Artificial Intelligence and turned it into a state-supported program to train 1% of the population.

PKM 191

Twelvetide 18:10

Dave Snowden

In my opening post I mentioned integrity as one of the key words I wanted to address and in this post I want to link it to the idea of virtue – Philosophers amongst you will anticipate a reference to Aristotle here and I’ll come to that.

Skills 141

Idea: Woodstock vs. TED.

Doc Searls

So I just read about “a 50th anniversary Woodstock celebration that would include TED-style talks.” ” Details here and here in the Gothamist. This celebration doesn’t have the Woodstock name, but it does have the place, now called the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

Confused Professor Asks Great Question about Shift #7

Nine Shift

The time for inventing the 21st century is over. It's now history. A confused university professor asked a great question about Shift #7, boys lead a change in values. We noted one of those new 21st century values boys first pioneered was collaboration.

Executive Assistants Are The Epitome Of Class

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: In this episode, Dan Pontefract highlights the incredible support, savviness, and abilities of the executive assistant. Love Based Leadership provides insights, thoughts, stories and truth. Dan's Related Posts: Are You Empathetic?

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The wisdom of instruction

Clark Quinn

I was listening in to a webinar on trends in higher education. The speakers had been looking at different higher ed pedagogy models, within and external to institutions. It became clear that there was a significant gap between a focus on meeting corporate needs and the original goals of education.

Skills 171

embrace the snowflakes

Harold Jarche

Why in the age of the internet does the British army need the ‘snowflake generation’ more than ever? Their compassion in dealing with local populations, and their technological prowess, are essential qualities in any modern military operation.

Skills 191

Learning Electron - Part 1

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Over the holidays this year I indulged myself in some guilt-free play: learning Electron. I ran across it reading my Medium feed, via this article demonstrating how to build a sound-machine app using Electron. I didn't build the sound-machine, but I built a bunch of other stuff.

The new together

Doc Searls

I want to point to three great posts. First is Larry Lessig ‘s Podcasting and the Slow Democracy Movement. A pull quote: The architecture of the podcast is the precise antidote for the flaws of the present. It is deep where now is shallow.

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Sixties the Nostalgia Decade for Gen Y?

Nine Shift

A leading contender for Gen Y nostalgia and interest might be the 1960s. -I I told my son Willie I had this great record, In A Gada Da Vida, by Iron Butterfly, recorded in 1968. "No No you don't, he replied. I took it years ago.". -I

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Dan Pontefract January 2019 Playlist (homage to Peaky Blinders)

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: I don’t know what took me so long, but I finally sat down and began watching Peaky Blinders, the epic family gangster series from BBC. Dan's Related Posts: Dan Pontefract July 2018 Playlist. Dan Pontefract April 2018 Playlist. Dan Pontefract November 2018 Playlist (for MRHM). Dan Pontefract September 2018 Playlist. Dan Pontefract February 2018 Playlist. Thanks for reading. visit the original at [link].

Redesigning Learning Design

Clark Quinn

Of late, a lot of my work has been designing learning design. Helping orgs transition their existing design processes to ones that will actually have an impact. That is, someone’s got a learning design process, but they want to improve it.

Design 158

filter failure is a human failure

Harold Jarche

There was an explosion on social media over an incident between school boys, on an official school trip to demonstrate in Washington DC, shown in a video vocally berating a Native American elder.

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What is Digital Literacy?

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Short response to a questionnaire. What is Digital Literacy Digital literacy is a type of literacy, specifically, the type of literacy that arises in the digital context. By 'the digital context' we mean the multimedia and inter-networked context enabled by digital technology.

Venus, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury in the dawn’s early light

Doc Searls

Walked out on the front deck this morning and grabbed a photo set of the Moon between conjunctions with Venus (that was yesterday), Jupiter (tonight and tomorrow) and then Mercury (Saturday), before passing next to the Sun as a new moon on Sunday. More about the show at EarthSky.

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