Wed.Nov 18, 2020

Flexuous focus (1)

Dave Snowden

This post (which will be several parts) is an extension of my posts on contextual strategy that started with a post updating my Apex Predator theory entitled Flexuosity untangled which continued on the next two days with The Ystwyth-curve and then Flexuous landscapes.

Webinar: 3 Ways a “Building Block” Approach Supports Content Personalization at Scale


Content personalization is no longer an option—it’s an expectation. But when serving large volumes of content to diverse audiences, effective personalization is almost impossible (let alone sustainable) without the right strategy and tools in place. What if it was streamlined and simplified?

The Difference Between A Boss and a Leader – 3 Tips!

KCC Business Psychology

The Difference Between a Boss and a Leader – 3 Tips! Every leader is a boss, but not every boss is a leader. What’s the difference between a boss and a leader? It all comes down to how you do it. A boss is in charge because of his or her position and title.

Tips 56