Mon.May 07, 2012

Social Business – Where Bosses and Managers Become Servant Leaders

Luis Suarez

In the past we have talked a couple of times about the undeniable impact that social networking (for business) is having in traditional management and thought leadership by helping reshape and redefine some of their various long time existing conceptions.

Take us to The Rivers

Doc Searls

News rivers were a brilliant idea in the first place. Perhaps, now that at least one high-profile publisher has embraced them, the rest might follow. But first, some history, in the best chronological order I can muster —.

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How regularly are you “learning” in the workplace?

Jane Hart

Learning in the workplace is not just about taking courses or other training workshops to acquire new skills and knowledge, but is also about. keeping up to date with what is happening outside the organisation – in your industry or profession.

Failure School: Metacognitive Reframing Boosts Working Memory

Eide Neurolearning

What's a quick way to boost a student's working memory? Tell them that learning is difficult and failure is common. At least that's a conclusion from a French research study that tested 111 6th graders with a series of difficult anagram puzzles. None of the 6th graders could solve them and then. ".

Real Insights about Artificial Intelligence

Andy McAfee

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Fast falls the even tide

Dave Snowden

When we put CalmAlpha together back in January I was somewhat shamed by Joseph Pelrine talking about his use of ABIDE, something that I developed as a pairing for ASHEN the best part of a decade ago, but then left it to go into decline. Others, Viv Read for example, argued that it should be brought back into the mainstream but it wasn't until a month or so that I started to realise why I was blocked on it, and how to use it. But I get ahead of myself, I should explain what.

[everythingismisc] Scaling Japan

David Weinberger

MetaFilter popped up a three-year-old post from Derek Sivers about how streeet addresses work in Japan. The system does a background-foreground duck-rabbit Gestalt flip on Western addressing schemes. I’d already heard about it — book-larnin’ because I’ve never been to Japan — but the post got me thinking about how things scale up. What we would identify by street address, the Japanese identify by house number within a block name.

Social business takes social learning

Jay Cross

Join Jane Hart and me for an online conversation on Wednesday 23 May 18.30-19.30 pm GMT, 13.30-14.30 pm ET, 10.30-11.30 am PT. We will talk about whatever you want to talk about. Leave your questions below. Better still, become a member of the Social Learning Centre ( free ) and leave your questions in the In Conversation with Jay Cross group there. Just Jay

We did it again! Another big Prediction Comes True!

Nine Shift

We nailed it! This time we got the exact year right! . Two years ago we predicted in writing that suburbs would go into decline in 2012. Last month the government came out with statistics showing that suburbs are now starting to retreat.