Tue.Apr 07, 2020

Two learning engineerings?

Clark Quinn

So, I’ve written before about ‘learning engineering’ And, separately, it’s become an issue just what the term means. It appears there are two ‘learning engineerings’, and the issue is how to resolve them. So, let’s look at the contenders.

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entangled thinking

Harold Jarche

If this pandemic is teaching us anything, it’s that experts disagree, nobody has all the answers, and we are mostly making things up as we go. In a crisis it is important to act but even more importantly to learn as we take action.

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Lle i enaid gael llonydd

Dave Snowden

Some time ago while watching one of Iolo Williams reflections on the Welsh Landscape I noted his use of the above welsh phrase which means ‘a place for the soul to find peace’. It is linked to Cynefin (the place of your multiple belongings) but it isn’t the same thing.

Ask Dan: Any Advice For Leaders Leading Teams Related To The Pandemic?

Dan Pontefract

Q: What advice do you have for business and community leaders who are faced with the challenge of leading teams in times of economic uncertainty and uncharted territory like we’re … Continue reading "Ask Dan: Any Advice For Leaders Leading Teams Related To The Pandemic?".


The Problem With 'A National Effort in Online Education'

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Alex Usher points out quite correctly that universities will need to be online by the fall. We're not likely to be out of the Covid woods by then, and in-person classes will likely be limited and few. So he proposes this: for each of the (say) 100 courses with the highest enrolment taught across Canadian universities is to create, in common, a large basket of very good online resources which each institution could then incorporate into its own learning platforms.

How a Nonprofit LMS Drives Revenue and Membership During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Organizations of all kinds, including nonprofit associations, are being hit hard fiscally by the Coronavirus pandemic. Nonprofits often rely heavily on their members, as they generate income from membership fees.

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