Sat.May 11, 2019

All hail the Houston Rockets—especially next year

Doc Searls

I thought the Rockets were great in last night’s game—and say that as a Warriors fan. (I I even had season tickets back in the Run TMC era, when tickets were still affordable).

Here’s how Google can save podcasting from getting silo’d

Doc Searls

Give podcasting full respect by making it a search heading. Bing should do it too. Also DuckDuckGo. In fact all search engines should make podcasts a search heading. Simple as that. If they make podcasts a search heading, they’ll make podcasting too big a category to fracture into a forest of silos. This doesn’t mean Apple, Spotify and others can’t continue to offer subscriptions and other forms of aggregation. Or that ListenNotes will go out of business.

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