Mon.Aug 12, 2019

A Quarter Century into the Digital Age

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The digital age was born around 25 years ago with the public release of the Netscape browser in 1994. The browser made it much, much easier for the average person to access information over the Internet, sparking the explosive growth of users, websites and online applications.

Survey 183

Swarm ‘intelligence’ 1 of 2

Dave Snowden

Today is the 13th anniversary of my starting to edit Wikipedia. I’m now up to 34,937 edits at an average of 7.4 a day. Most of what I do is to patrol a broad range of articles.

Here’s a cool project: completely revolutionize shopping online

Doc Searls

This was to be my September column for the subscriber edition of Linux Journal, which was terminated last week after 25 years in business. The theme for that month’s issue was to be Cool Projects. The website is still up, however, so now the coolest project for its owner is to save it, so none of that long and valuable history gets 404’d.