Tue.Sep 15, 2020

A heuristic approach to motivation

Clark Quinn

I’ve been pondering more about curiosity and ‘making it meaningful’ and how we might work on motivation to make learning truly meaningful. I’v come up with a rough cut. So, here’s a proposal for a heuristic approach to motivation.

Create Learner Buy-In with an LXP During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, companies have adopted different forms of virtual learning technology. The pandemic made virtual learning a necessity as many workforces were forced to disperse for health and safety reasons.

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Owain Glynd?r Day

Dave Snowden

Most readers will not be aware that today is Owain Glynd?r r Day, celebrating the day in 1400 when he was named Prince of Wales. Four years later in 1404 he created the first Welsh Parliament in Machynlleth and held out against the English until 1409 despite having no artillery or ships.

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Wait, Why Did He Pick That?

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Wait, why did he pick that ? My newsletter is called OLDaily, which is short for 'Online Learning Daily', a title I ripped off from 'Arts & Letters Daily', which started publishing just a bit before mine. Readers know by now, after almost 20 years , that I cover a wide swath of territory, maybe learning to the question in the title. The official explanation can be found in the newsletter's About page , but I want to look a bit more closely at it.