Tue.Jun 05, 2012

A wicked problem

Harold Jarche

All levels of complexity exist in our world but more and more of our work deals with real complex problems (in which the relationship between cause and effect can only be perceived in retrospect), whether they be social, technological, or economic.

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Should companies drive their traffic to Facebook?

Dion Hinchcliffe

Social networks like Facebook seemingly have a vast, ready-made audience for businesses to do just about whatever they need. Or are they just honey traps that make it easy for businesses to set up shop and lose control over their relationships and data? I explore the issues and strategies for making the most of external social networks

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The absent market for personal data

Doc Searls

I was interviewed for story recently. (It’s It’s still in the mill.) In the correspondence that followed, the reporter asked me to clarify a statement: “that the idea of selling your data is nuts.” ” I didn’t remember exactly what I said, so I responded, I think what I meant was this: 1) The use value of personal data so far exceeds its sale value that it’s insane to compare the two.

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Good Curation VS Bad Curation

Beth Kanter

What is good curation versus bad curation? The image is a remix of a presentation entitled ” Link Building by Imitation ” and authored by link building expert Ross Hudgens — and explains the skill set pretty well.

On bubbles within bubbles

Doc Searls

In When bubbles burst… , Dave writes, When any hamster-based startup can raise $50 million on a $1 billion market cap, there’s not much market for new ideas. Why bother, when the same-old-stuff can make you rich. But when the bubble fades , it’s time to get creative. Because tech will reboot. The question is, what’s the next wave.

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Stop Overlooking Father's Day

Nine Shift

G en X, the generation that reinvented family, has also done the most to bring fathers more into the family picture. It's reason to celebrate Father's Day this year. Maybe we should honor this generation's contribution by starting to recognize Father's Day more.


HTLGI2012: on the edge

Dave Snowden

The phrase I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it, attributed to Voltaire, has entered the lexicon of liberal thinking. Of course very few countries have ever sustained such as position, legislation or social pressure acts as a constraint. Its a phrase I have always found ambitious.

Hard drivings

Doc Searls

The hard drive is crapping out on my main laptop. I’m backed up, so that much is cool. Installing a Seagate Momentus XT 750 GB drive later today. We’ll see how it goes. Gear Personal problems