Tue.Mar 22, 2011

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The REAL transformative package: iPad plus wireless keyboard

Ross Dawson

The iPad has changed my life. It feels like I have been waiting for it since I became conscious. However the iPad alone doesn’t do the job. It is the iPad together with a wireless keyboard that has transformed my life.

Embrace chaos

Harold Jarche

Tweet When I discussed Emergent Value , some very good comments ensued, from Jon Husband , Gordon Ross , Peg Boyles, Ollie Gardener and Monika Hardy.

The Power of Conversations

Charles Jennings

“we tell ourselves stories in order to live” Haruki Murakami Jerome Bruner (1915- ) is one of the greatest educational psychologists the world has ever produced. He has spent his long lifetime studying learning and the human mind. Still active and in post as a Research Professor at New York University in his 95th year, Bruner has long realised the value of conversations and

The prepared mind

Dave Snowden

One of the key points I have been making in the new seminar (and a few keynotes) over the last week is that resilience requires not just a prepared mind, but also a prepared organisation. That means building network connectivity and cross silo deployment capability before it is needed not during the event. Creating mass employee engagement requires familiarization with the process before it is needed in a crisis.

LinkedIn reaches 100 million members worldwide

Jane Hart

LinkedIn have just announced they have reached 100 million members worldwide. – and also shared this infographic with key statistics. LinkedIn

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[berkman] Larissa Mann on copyright colonialism

David Weinberger

Larissa Mann (AKA DJ Ripley ), a doctoral candidate at Berkeley Law, is giving a Berkman talk titled “Decolonizing copyright: Jamaican street dances and globally networked technology.&# [ I had to talk a phone call during the first ten minutes :( ]. NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong.

[doep] Daily (intermittent) Open-Ended Puzzle: Why do moths fly the way they do?

David Weinberger

My understanding (possibly bogus) is that moths spiral into flames because evolution has designed them to fly in straight lines by noting celestial lights. When the light is nearby, keeping its position fixed in their visual space causes them to spiral inward toward it. But why is it an evolutionary advantage for moths to fly in a straight line? Where are they trying to get to so quickly? And isn’t there a metaphor for MBAs somewhere in here

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