Tue.Sep 03, 2019

LXD Strategy

Clark Quinn

In the continuing process of resolving what I want to do when I grow up (rest assured, not happening), I’ve been toying with a concept. And I’ve come up with the phrase: Learning Experience Design (LXD) Strategist. Which of course, begs the question of just what LXD strategy is.


Euen Semple

Should be earned, not assumed; conferred, not taken. Fascinating watching this playing out on the streets of Hong Kong and the front benches of Parliament

Retail Management Training: Online Learning Secrets to Turn Star Employees Into Managers and Reduce Turnover


Turnover in the retail industry is high: nearly 70 percent for part-time retail employees, according to the Hay Group. 1 Since it costs over $3,000 to find, hire, and train a replacement for a retail employee earning $10 per hour, retail companies lose big money each year to staff attrition.